long face haircut

A bun

A bun is a simple way to stretch your face. However, the smartest way to use it is to create it on top of your head for women with round faces. Its fun with big buns! Perfect short haircuts for women with round faces

Tucked curls

While curls are not a smart idea for women with round faces to have a medium hairstyle, they can minimize their effect by tucking them backwards. For any occasion, including a wedding, this is a wonderful picture.

Round Face Bob

Round bob is one of the hairstyles that should be avoided for women with round faces. Some women, however, look great with any haircut. Theyre able to try it.

Lift it up

Lift your hair up for a particular hair face look more oval leaving a few strands hanging in front. For a better effect, you can curl them.

Silver highlights

Some outrageous hair tricks such as silver highlights can be easily distracted from the face shape. In young girls, silver hair is a new trend, so why not try it?

Long bob

For girls with round eyes, a long bob is a popular hairstyle option. The option to make the frontal stands longer than the back to make it more effective. A stacked bob is an excellent choice.


Make sure theyre pretty long when youre a big fan of waves. Girls with round faces should forget the short waves and curls. We visibly improve every faces roundness.

Small waves

Small waves are a good choice if you can not leave without volume. Only if the face is not too round will Blunt bangs be a good addition. This hairstyle is great for

Straight Bob

special occasions. A straight-shoulder bobis a wonderful choice for women with round faces. This smooth and impressive hairstyle will lengthen your face and awe-inspiring the overall image.

Asymmetric bangs

Fashionable asymmetric bangs can only become part of a haircut for round-faced women if they are short. A thin, stylish fringe is a great addition to any hairstyle.

Special braids

Wedding hairstyles for round-faced women look amazing when adding special braids and accessories. The tougher the hairstyle looks, the more impressive it looks.

Ear tuck

Forgirls with round heads may not be a good idea to wear a short bob. But this hairstyle can be a very good option if you include a side part and practice an ear tuck.

Low curls

Clipping your hair back is a perfect way to open your eyes. Letting down your shoulders the rest of the locks and curling them will create a stunning hairstyle. Medium and soft hairstyle for round-faced women

A simple long bob is a great way out for wavy-faced girls. This hairstyles simplicity gives it a certain zest thats hard to identify. With this haircut, Asian girls look particularly good.

Loose curly bun

This is a great hairstyle for women who dont have long hair for a special occasion. Sweeping your locks backwards and curling the ends will make you shine a very special image.

There is a huge variety of medium hair trendy hairstyles will give you an idea of how you can innovate your hairstyle based on your face shape. Dont worry about the shape of your face now getting a new picture!

Fun curls for teen girls with a round face

Fun curls for teen girls with a round face look great enough. You just have to sweep your hair back and curl the bottom. Keep the curls at your ears level. Do you have a close-up face to Oval? Try the Best Oval Haircuts

Sleek waves

If you opt for sleek waves then you can be sure that your medium-length hair will make the greatest impression. All you need to do is hug them your face and keep them really clean.

Sweep them up

Its a great idea to move your locks up in a complicated style. Youll have to use some hair gel to keep the tresses in place and make an amazing impression.

Complicated hairstyles

You can opt for all sorts of complicated hairstyles, like high hair, if you have a round face and medium-length hair. The higher the top of your locks, the longer the appearance of the face.

Donut Bun

Donut buns are a common medium-length hair treatment method. You can create a bun that looks like you have long tresses if your hair reaches your shoulders.

Straight Strands

If you choose to lift your hair but do not put it on top of your head, consider leaving a few strands in front of you. Theyll stretch your face visually, but only if theyre long enough.

Round Face Womens Layers

If you want your hair to look slightly more voluminous and smoother, consider making layers. Girls should go for the longest possible layers with round faces. Theyre going to have an elongating effect.

Curly Bob

For women whose face shape borders on theoval, a short and curly bob is a great idea. When styled smoothly, it looks very good. This haircut can turn into a mess if youre not a fan of the daily styling.

High and beautiful

Try various types of hairstyles by sweeping the medium-length locks backwards and playing with braided ponytails and so on. Just make sure the hairstyles top part is high.

A weave

If you cant find a perfect medium hairstyle for round-faced women, consider a long hairstyle. A weave is a great way to make your image diversify and make your face look oval.