long-face hairstyles

Haircut side parts

This should be the first haircut option for long-faced people. The side section is combined with the undercut that gives men a classic look.

Elegant Bowl Cut

Though elegant, a bowl haircut may be elegant. Add some bangs of different length to the front to balance the shortness on the back. With platinum shades any undertone can be involved to absolutely rock this haircut.

Powerful Pixie

This slightly edgy pixie can make your face even more stunning with the longer fringe in front. A two-tone balayage or a few bold streaks will add some oomph to this style. Apply your favorite styling product and thermal protective blow dry with a styling brush to style and straighten with a flat iron the longer sections. Apply a product that is textured.

Layered Rainbow Waves

Rainbow hair looks stunning regardless of the shape of your face. But if you have long, wavy hair, if not more, the effect will be doubled. Free yourself of boundaries!

Puffed Look

This hairstyle makes a mans long face look smaller than his actual size. Its a special haircut that can be adapted by any person with an oblong head. The sides of the head are slightly shaved in this hairstyle to make the features more prominent. After a styling product or cream is applied to repair the puffy look, the top hair of the head puffed with the aid of the blow dryer.

Glam Girl

This sophisticated style combines the old-fashioned elegance of Hollywood with a modern and flirtious flair. For any length longer than the length of the shoulder and any hair texture, this look works great. To style apply to damp clean hair your favorite styling cream. Use a paddle brush to blow dry to create a smooth look. Share your hair to the side of your preference and start curling your hair on that side to ensure that your hair is curled away from your face. Use a one-inch curling wand to curl your hair vertically and work around to the back of your head. Until they are cool, do not touch the curls. Next on the opposite side of your head curl your hair to your face starting at the point of your eyebrow. Use your fingers to gently break them apart to create soft sexy waves once all of your curls are completely cool. With a flexible hold spray, lightly mist allows a gentle movement and flow.

Sleek A-Line Bob

If youre looking for ways to add more drama to your look, its the perfect idea. Whats more, your hair looks silky and nice when straightened, not to mention the indescribable coloring!

Long Layers With Choppy Bangs

This style will really stretch your face with its longer layers on the cheekbones and eye-grazing choppy fringe. Only the mid-length and roots of your hair add volumizing mousse in look. Use a medium round brush to blow dry and then wrap the hair around a large curling iron in sections vertically. Make sure your cheekbones start no higher and curl away from your face. Use your fingers gently to loosen when the curls are cooled. Finish with a lightweight spray for carrying.

Fringe Hairstyle

In this haircut the long side fringe covers the forehead, making the mens long face low. This haircut can also be paired with a short beard to look even more stylish as shown in the photo.


This haircut gives men with a long face an elegant appearance. All about perfection is this hairstyle. Once youve learned to perfectly make the comb-over, you cant beat your sparkling personality.

Beachy Waves

Beach waves will look extremely smooth and elegant if you add some natural highlights to them. Is there someone who is going to stop this look?

Brush Up

Short brush up makes a long-faced mans classic characteristic more famous than anyone can beat his rank.

Crew Cut

is the easiest hairstyle for long-faced men. The head sides are trimmed, but not completely shaved, and the top is slightly longer on the side.

Sexy Silhouette

This sleek look can help to round off longer faces with a subtle sultry appeal. This works best for the hair of moderate to full volume. Apply your favorite styling item to still damp hair washed just to style. Lift side sections with a round brush while blowing to create volume. Then the rest of the hair blow dry as normal. Apply serum brightness and spray finishing medium hold.

Middle part style

A middle part will save the day if you combine it with light bulky waves to make your hair look bright.

Delightfully disconnected

This look will gracefully stretch your face, but with a slightly edgy feel, with a long side-swept fringe and a long piece detached to the side. Add a bright streak to the longer side piece and some thinner matching streaks on the fringe to make this look pop even more. Apply a thermal protective to your hair to style and blow dry with a styling brush straight. Then complete the look for a smooth, sleek finish with a flat iron. D brilliant serum and medium spray finish hold.

Voluminous Vixen

This cut will make you look like the vixen you are with an additional volume on the side rather than on the top of the head. It works best for those whose hair density is slightly thicker. To style, add slightly damp hair to the volumizing mousse. Then use a large round brush to dry your hair and create extra volume on the sides of your face. For added texture, use a flat iron to smooth the ends and apply a product.

Layered Wavy Bob

This look will flatter your face and highlight your cheekbones with thin, subtle layers and plenty of size. Apply volumizing foam uniformly for style and then blow dry with your hands. Make sure the areas between your cheekbones are turned out. First, just pull the segment closest to your neck straight and down with your hands. If necessary, use a medium-sized curling wand to curl the ends and alternatively flip them out and under. Then use pomade to take the ends out.

Big Bouncy Curls

This look is ultra-chic and stylish with a center part and voluminous long curls and works best for people with natural curly or wavy locks. Apply a thermal protective to dry hair section to style your hair and spray with a styling spray each section. Then wrap each section around a curling wand with a medium barrel. Attach each curl to the top of your head and allow it to cool and fall every curl before unpinning. Use your fingers to form perfect ringlets and add a curling product to create extra curls.

Buzz Cut

This haircut is a combination of short beard trimmed side and top hair trimmed on the head. The beards purpose is to draw attention from the shape of the long face.

Short Spiky Hair

This is one of the long-face mans suitable hairstyles. This haircut is always fashionable and gives an elegant look.

Flippy And Fab

This super cute short style with its flipped edges will create sufficient width to complete your face. Its feminine and chic. Use a medium round brush to flip the ends when blowing drying to add a performance blowout cream to style. If you want more volume and definition for your flirty flip, finish with a flat iron. D shine serum and medium retain spray finish for subtle movement.

Straight Bangs For Long Faces

At least blunt bangs should be sought by those with long faces. Theres nothing better than some nice straight bangs that will shorten your face! Main Marooshk