Haircuts for Baby Boys

Choosing haircuts for baby boys is no longer a simple exercise. Well, it might have been a couple of years ago, but not now when there are so many styles, and children also have their say. The basic thing is to give the best haircut to your boy that not only looks great on him but also complements his looks. Of course, the final decision is yours, but you can opt for something better for your boy kid with a little professional help. There are top baby boy haircuts that will make him happy and you will be proud of being his mom or dad.

Curly Style

The boy with curly hair is never an easy choice. To him, curly style is the most natural style, so don’t seek haircuts that can ruin his look. Let his curls grow back and forth. To make it look rough, you can let it be soft or add some gel. Whichever of the two you choose; it’s going to be an impressive look.

Medium Wild Wavy

This is a wild style that allows side hair to grow downwards. The top part is then changed to medium size with a slight tilt to one direction. It is left to grow rapidly, but to maintain it in the medium size with daily trims. For those with curled hair, it’s better because that way it seems natural and wild.

Spikeless Mohawk

Maybe a real Mohawk isn’t suitable for a young man, but if he insists he wants that style, he has one. A spikeless mohawk is close to the real thing, but at the edge it’s not spiked. The side hair is shaved to a length of one inch, and the top remains to grow but is trimmed or grooved to give it a blunt edge. It achieves its impact and will love this even more for your child.

Vintage Style

This is a style for children who want short but fashionable hair. You can let your hair grow and cut it down to a short length. Giving it one piece on one side and let each piece expand downwards. It’s such a simple look that your boy would love it. It needs no modifications, so you can let the lock expand along the divided lines naturally.


If you’re looking for something stylish for your daughter, the medium-length style should work its magic. The medium-sized hair is split on the left with a short line, and a larger piece of hair goes to the right. You should allow it to run down, but to keep it intact with little trimming. This is a great style that will make him stand out from a

Pull-Up Look

crowd.boy haircuts, but it’s much easier for a little boy to name it the style of the little ones for afro. The hair is left to grow at the same lengths upwards and sideways. On the tips, you can give it a trim, but better naturally grow it. The good thing is it can be short as well as long skin. This separates your boy from the rest with an unusual style.

Popstar Cut

This is a fantastic style that leaves your child’s natural hair dropping. It’s easy: just let the locks grow into a hood-like cover downwards. It’s even bigger to make one hand longer than the other when you split it on one side. This is a pop star look that will make a distinction between your child’s hairstyle.

If babies don’t have curled hair, they probably don’t need one. The short and straight style is a natural choice for him. Naturally let his hair grow, but give it a trim. Do not let it fall on the front or one inch below the hairline of the back. This is an easy to maintain simple style. When you’re not there to warn him, he can even handle it.

Punk Boy

Indeed, you need a punk look for your little boy and you can let him get it. The punk hairstyle is something that gives a trendy look to one of the ayoung. The sides are shaved clean while the top is left with two not – so-broader parts: the bottom facing forward while the second facing backwards slightly. To keep both layers in their desired positions, you can add some gel.

Top-Head Locks

Not only grown men and boys can have hair locks. You can have your own baby boy. The hair is made of plain zigzag-like locks beginning from the top of the head. You can shave the side lock from the scalp nearly one inch. You can let the strandsgrow all over the head in other situations. To children with naturally curling hair, it is best suited, but you can also use gels to trigger basic curls.

Side Sweep

For young boys, side sweeping is a favorite hairstyle. You may have trimmed aside to a considerable size and then lowered to one side the top hair. It gives him a look that is confident. Do not allow it to expand beyond the chin because it can have a dull impact. Medium will be appropriate to bring out beautiful kid’s syoung so keep it with standard trims at that volume.


is the best style for your kid. One side of the head is shaved smooth (where the top hair falls) while the other side may have a single stripe or pattern that may be appealing to you. The top hair is set to fall to the cleared side. In one hand it leaves an undercut while the other shows off the pattern of drawing.

Classic style

Classic hairstyle looks great not only for people, but also for children. Just let his strandsgrow and then uniformly trim it to make him look simple yet stylish. You can trim the sides to be shorter than the top if you want to add a funky look on it. But even leaving the same size, it already gives the kida a bigger look.

Front Spiky Hairdo

This is another Mohawk style but a sweet and confident look for your boy. Reduce the side hair from the scalp to nearly an inch and comb it to lie low. Growing up is left to the top center. If he doesn’t have a curling skin, the spike effect can be accomplished by using styling gels.

Long Side Sweep

If your boy prefers long hair, it may be a good choice to sweep the side. Split his hair in the middle of one hand and fall on the opposite side the longer wave. Let the strings beyond the ears expand downwards. Leave the natural tips to add a touch of interest to this style. A comb will hold each strand in its place, and it will look fresh at all times.

Positive Quiff

This sort of quiff gives a positive look to your baby boy just like his name. The sides are trimmed, and one or both sides are carved with an innovative line pattern like Z-sign. The top is slightly touched and then pulled to the front. At the front end, it can be a pointed tip or a blunt tip.

Rockers Top

You can flatten or shave your side hair to an inch. The top is left for spikes to grow or forwards groomed. It gives a star look to your boy, and it makes him exceptional. As long as the top does not fall sideways, you can have it for medium and long hair.
Long Shaggy Cut

You should look astar from the beginning. You may openly let hisstrandsgrow down with this style: back, sides and forehead. Do not change the edges but allow them to form natural curls. This is a look that is best for your child who wants to keep their long hair. It’s a bold lookthat gives him confidence, and he’s going to be the star of other little boys in your neighborhood or class.

Faux Mohawk

This is your little boy’s look. The side hair is not shaved, but rather flattened to run downwards, unlike the conventional Mohawk. The top part for your kid is lifted to the size you might want. You should try adding sleek spikes if he wants to keep his long hair and he’ll be a great look at school or aplayground.

Rock Racing Stripes Your young kid has good haircut stripes. Next, shave an inch or so of the side hair. Trim the top to a medium size and naturally let it rest or add some contact by letting it grow to the front. Allow at most three strips on the sides separated by a thin line of clean-shave. Let the stripes end after the ear somewhere, but not at the end of the back hairline.


This is one of modern children’s most stylish hairstyles. It’s going to look great on your baby. It requires cutting the sides of the scalp to almost an inch, then sweeping the top hair of medium size to one side. It gives him a funky feel, and his colleagues will be happy to show off his style. It’s better not to let the top hair grow wild and thick.

Natural Curl

The gimmicks around your child’s curly hair can be avoided and let be. Natural curls, as long as you let them take their rhythm, will never be a disappointed look on his face. You can trim the sides ‘ lower front without having to touch the back. They are better kept in medium size because it gives the curls a stronger appearance.