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It is important to give a detailed description of the hairstyle that you need during a visit to your barber. For today’s many hairstyles trending, it is of paramount importance to choose one that suits your hair type and head shape. Comb over haircuts provide the perfect choice for different types of hair and options for different occasions. Common comb over looksfeature a faded sides where the style may be short, curled, wild or straight. In addition to hair treatment and styling options, a parting line is also incorporated to deliver the desired and projected results. Here’s a list of 100 leading styles to choose from.

Close-Cropped Fade

Close-cropped fade haircut features top strands that are long in the comb over style setting. The sides are equally important and give the necessary highlight to ensure the lookis. A close-cropped fade with a comb over provides a display of the style’s expertise and technique.

Bleached Comb Over

Classified among new trendy trends that are both casual and elegant, bleached textured fashion is one that is expected to trend longer. The style features an elongated top with the middle shaved sides clean. This two parts are separated by a part that, when worn, gives it a distinct and unique modern feel.

Textured Comb Over with Double Parting

Given the increasing popularity of different hairstyles, many people remain conservative about their chosen cuts. Long curly top hair at the top with the sides and the back trimmed in this fashion. On one side, double dividing lines are formed. This is a traditional style that has been one of the trending haircuts for casual events throughout different generations and sill remains.

Clean Good OfficeCut

The goal of every man is to look good at the office. The lookis perfect for office guys depicting a look of a professional office worker ready and willing to serve, featuring clean cut sides and medium size top skin. It remains a popular style for most men despite the trend for years. The hairdostill looks awesome regardless of the individual texture of the body.

Twisted cap

This is a unique style for those with blond hair, with medium-sized hair twisted from the end. It is important to keep the edges short for a better appearance-a factor that makes the style more pronounced and gives it a cap-like look.

Edgy Comb Over

In some places, holding long facial hair is considered to be a fashion of its own. Edgy comb over features slightly curled and twisted long top hair on the top front. To offer the hair a more attractive attribute, the sides and back are faded to ensure that it stays outstanding in its own way.

Spiky Sides

This is an ideal style for those willing to look cool and confident. Shaved sides with the top hair combed to one edge forming a spike are featured in the style. Not only does wearing the cut give a trendy impression, it also gives a sexy look making it a choice for men and women who want to look classy.

Parted Sides with a Fade

This is the ideal choice for those who want to see the debut of a celebrity. The haircut often includes a clear line between the top and side hairs with medium size top hair and short shaved sides and back hair. This clear-cut line defines the contrast, hence the name, between the two sections.

Gelled Comb Over

This look is ideal and easy to customize, whether it is blond, black or any other hair colour. In a variety of designs, long top hair can be handled with the sides spotting an undercut or fading finish. Styling gel is easily created by adding designs to fit different occasions, making it one of the most suitable styles for young adults interested in experimenting with new and creative design to create an identity.

Model and Calm Style

The terms used to describe this style may have a bright and revealing appearance. The top hair is combed to the back with a tilt to one side of the face with high top maneand fading sides. The styles allow one to be recognized by exposing and making the face clear and noticeable.

Clean Shaved Sides

Comb over haircuts are versatile and offer a variety of different factors-based choices. However, one of the trending fashions is to leave long top hair running and brushed backwards. This is done for the top hair that is usually taller than the smooth shaved sides. Long hair on the face works as a great style enhancement.

Classic Vision Style There are old dying habits. That’s what this lookdepicts-a tradition that has been on the rise among men of all ages for decades. The style features a polished side part fade, the part is created opposite the direction the top hair is combed to create a clear line between the two sections and give it a classic outlook.

Tapered Men’s Comb Over Style

Featuring long layers of tapered hair, haircut is an ideal option to give the look of a bad boy as most high school and college lads want. Top hair is let in loose strands that allow the fingers to pass through without significantly affecting their appearance. A well-trimmed beard acts as a great enhancement to the style that makes it look wilder and more composed.

Ponytail On top

This hairdog offers the most sports and entertainment stars a more hipster look. Long top hair in a ponytail facing upwards is featured in the style. To give the style a more pronounced look, a dividing line and a fade are also created. Facial hair comes as an extension to the fashion where the use of waxing products makes it easy to maintain curled ends of hair and facial hair.

Cool and bright

Considered one of the best comb over all time styles, the cool and bright look features well trimmed sides and a fading back. The top hair is kept tall and curled to one side of the face slightly. This makes the style one of the best models for those who want an excellent presence in the workplace without finding designs that cause outrage from colleagues.

Smart Blond

Most men tend to keep their hair short. With this consideration, most hairstyles are developed to provide a variety of options for individual desire and prevailing circumstances. This style features a simple long hair brushed to one side and medium trimmed sides turned into an elegant, classy hairdo. To enhance the appearance, a dividing line is created between the tall and trimmed hair. The look is defined by short hair on the sides and longer hair on the top.


Also known as an ideal gentleman’s style, this is one of the styles that has been and continues to rock amongst generations of men. This does not have a faded or cut sides, unlike most of the comb over designs. On the sides, however, the hair is trimmed slightly shorter than the top hair and on one side a unique part is created.

Comb Over for Office Guys

While most men’s comb over styles are appropriate for all occasions, it’s a great fit for office guys. Long top hair and trimmed sides characterize the haircut. The top hair is brushed backwards to hold it in place and gelshould be used. For a more natural feel, the edges are cleanly trimmed.

Sexy Wavy

It is easy to spot any form of comb over haircutstrending in modern times, irrespective of the hair texture of the person. Sexy wavy is one of the common trends of long top hair subjected to a wavy theme. The sides and back needed to be short to give a smooth outlook to the theme. Cutting other facial hair into a short outline or design will give you the option to modify the style to make it special.

Brownish Awesomeness

Every man wants to be different and attract the attention of women, coloring and combing strands backwards will help to achieve this unique look. Because it has natural color, Brown looks stylish. All you need to do is dyethe and brush the strands backwards.

High-Low Style

In some situations, having thick hair causes fashion problems. A crispy top and trimmed sides provides the high-low feel. A clear line between the top hair and the sides adds glamor to the well-trimmed facial hair on the cutalongside. In some situations, as it drips to the edges where a clear-cut line is drawn, the sides may be trimmed in a fading pattern.

Side pieces

This is a great look for image enthusiasts. The haircut where the fade progresses to abeard with no line to give a distinction often features long top hair and, combed to the back, fading sides are also featured. The model also features bright spikes that make the style of wearing a component that improves this fashion’s final results more pronounced.

Razor Sharp Line

A look of many great stars-one that is gaining popularity all over the world. The haircutis is tailored to fit individual tastes and face shape with medium side top hair and shaved sides. The top maneis twisted into waves by the use of styling gel and other hair products, which are also preserved by the use of hair products.

Short Textured Hair

Everyone does not like long hair. This is more so for those who always want to maintain a professional appearance. It does not, however, exclude the option of enjoying great comb over available designs. Applying texture with a short hair makes it more attractive and visible when improved by rubbing the top and back side. Reliable styling products, however, are needed to ensure the desired results are successful.

Hawk Style

Curly hair is considered as one of the trends with a large number of different patterns. The curls were created and maintained using the correct styling gel to characterize this haircut. The sides are thoroughly rasped, leaving long hair running from top to back and curled on both sides.

Casual Short Sides Style

It is popular to try to keep long hair over the top with a comb. Nevertheless, the class represented by fading cut on the sides must be preserved. This haircut features well-cut edges that provide a fashionable perspective for the top hair to be more pronounced and visible.

Old School

Long hair-brushed look features from the top and back side. A parting line with the brushed hair tilted to the opposite side is created on one side. On the sides there is no significant trimming, but the edges are trimmed to give a clear finish.

Sexy side part with a sculpture

An appropriate design for almost every form of head, Sexy side part with a sculpture style features a sculpted front name hence. Fading can be extended to sides and back where the top of the hair is marked by a clear cut. It is more appropriate for those with long faces where the option of not wearing a long style is used for all face styles.

Elegant comb over

The characteristics that characterize this model are unique, stylish and elegant. This features curled top hair on the forehead and the rest in a fading pattern brushed backwards. Using this haircutis a sign to portray real men with a classy and valued style. By using appropriate styling products alongside a high shine finish, the look requires creativity to accomplish giving personality an added claim.

Groomed and SimpleLook

A lookthat fits all ages, this is one of the simplest of haircuts to be styled and maintained. Long hair is curled slightly to the back, leaving iteasy to run through the texture of the fingers. The sides are slightly trimmed and brushed backwards. Applying blond dye gives the model more importance. Short facial trimmed hair also works as an enhancement.

Comb Over Style For Rounded Faces

Face is critical in hair styling. The top hair stays long and fades away, the sides are cut short, leaving the face with a tall attribute. Long top hair is combed upwards exposing more of the front and thus reducing the face’s rounded outlook. The look is more like a Mohawk style.

Rugged haircut

There are some excellent designs of long hair like the rugged comb. This looks like gel application and the top and sides are brushing to meet at the back of the head. On both sides, the top edges are left out while brushing and curling to the top. Applying the gel gives the hair a brilliant, extraordinary finish.

Cute waves

Having long hair gives you the chance to wear and enjoy a variety of hairstyles. Different choices are also available with an elongated curly hair, hence an opportunity to style with comb over cute curls. The sides can take advantage of a clean shave on the sides applied or faded. The application of texture enhancements can also greatly benefit this look to give it a more unique and customized result.

Straight Hair

It is one of the most common and easiest to maintain straight hair. Long hair peg over offers a conservation alternative and produces an impressive look with ease. It features long, straight to the back manebrushed end. This gives a perfect opportunity to use the hand to sweep the hair back without fear of ruining the hairdo.

Curly side part with an undercut

This is the perfect look for those who want to keep part of their hair long. This does not require fade haircuts to make it noticeable, unlike most other comb over hairstyles. A classic fade disappearing midway on the sides and back, however, can be a real enhancement to the style that gives it a more pronounced outlook. A well-trimmed beard and a variety of other customizing options can further enhance this.

This is the most common hairstyle customizable comb. Artistic patterns on the fading sides and back create a unique shape. The top features long hair swept on different sides in alternating spikes.

Undercut Comb

The lookgives the curly blonde-haired person a rocking appearance in which the hair on top is brushed to one side or to the back and the style is characterized by faded sides. There is a dividing line between the top and the sides. This is one of the new and trending comb cuts used to define the modern man and give people with curled hair a taste of comb-over experience.

Mid Skin Fade

It is an excellent way to ensure further flexibility after making the perfect comb over cut. A distinctive styling pattern is added with long top hair and fading sides to give it the outstanding feature. With the remaining part clearly shaved, the fading hair ends midway down.

Curled and Groomed Waves

This style works well to match a man’s appearance with a round head. The lookfeatures twisted and split on one side of the top hair. The style helps elongate the eyes, making it ideal for young lads who during their formative years are more mindful of their looks.
Parting the Brown-Side

With the appearance of a sailor resulting from this appearance, it features a long top hair peeled on one side. A partition cut between the top hair and the side of the head is applied on one side. Improving this haircut with long beard gives women a sexy look.

Long Waves

This is a unique haircut that can be worn every time. The style of the long wave features long top hair peeled over to the back with a weaves focus. The sides and back are shaved to the edges of the rough region in a fading pattern that covers the hairline.

Spiky Shine

A cool style for college and high school lads, the spiky brilliance features what might be called a traditional undercut. The top hair stays long and is rolled over to the head. This is then continued in a fading pattern that makes the edges of the hairline invisible to the side and back.

Bold Brunette Bangs

This is a special and extraordinary look that joins fashionable modern-day hairstyles. The haircut features an appearance between a false hawk and the side part. Long top hair and faded sides and back characterize it. On top of the hair just above the fade, a dividing line is made. Then the hair is combed to the opposite side of the line. Spotting a beard offers a more pronounced appearance and a greater design opportunity.

Caesarwith Short Sides

Considered to be a style appropriate for all occasions, it’s perfect for those with blonde hair and people who go bald. This features long top hair styled to cover the balding areas, offering a business look for those who wear this style. The sides are trimmed in a way that is not too explicit, thus making long and short hair easy to integrate.

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