men’s eye-catching bowl cut designs

See the bowl slicing music and acting stars and you want it to be you? It’s something that happens to every other great hairstyle and it’s such a development that has never lost its popularity for many years since its inception. If you’re impatient to look at the pan, you can choose from styles. There’s something for your face and head type, so make yourself comfortable with your preference;

Medium Size Bowl

You look ready to rock any event you’re attending with the top bowl falling over the sides undercut. Sides are shaved to nearly half an inch and brushed to create a smooth and flat look. Top is cut to medium size and cropped by the sides to fall. It is a look for the stars and the sideburns and mustache that are closely trimmed add the expertise to the cut.

Brown Long

Brown, shiny-looking hair would make a greatness you’ve never had in the past. You’re leaving your hair thick and dropping it around your head. It is left to go long on the back while the sides and the front are bent to a bundled finish inward. For the fun-loving man or the next music performance you have, it’s an easy-going style.

Blond Modern

Blonds never lack an easy-going body. Sides are rasped leaving traces of soft hair layers and then rubbed to smooth downward. Top is cut to medium size and then split on one side, allowing each side to drop to the bottom. This is a style to consider for an acasual guy on a long holiday because of its simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Free Forehead

This gives you the impression of sweet cheeks and great cheekbones. Over the edges of the hair, the top and side hair is coiffed to great roundness. The front patch is layered into what appears to be bangs, but swept aside to give the front a clear view that is easy to see for its cuteness.

Brown Shrine

This cutis, made popular by Justin Bieber, has never lost its modern hairstyle top mark. It seems that the thick brown top originates from

Faded Nape

would make a great impact on you among the best bowls. This begins at the edge with a thick mop fading as the drop falls. It’s trimmed to a smooth close cut at the beginning of the sides and that’s what causes the fading effect. A curving impression is given to the fade that rises to the front. Making such a break is a disconcert.

White Slits

A bowl cut is not such a difficult cut for those with sparse top hair. Drop starts at the head’s back drop to the arms, front and back. Cutting the front and sides leaving the head and ears in the open. The fall back is not trimmed as it covers the region of the neck. Strands are divided into split bundles and it looks great.

Colored Textured

If it is colored and textured, a medium bowl drop would be amazing. Before being painted to a different hue of fading purple and pink, it is given a rough brush. In the field, tips are trimmed to leave the front while the sides are as low as the ears. This is a perfect look for the round face that would leave you exuding confidence and natural beauty.

Uneven locks

It’s not what you’d call locks but what’s going to happen as an ancient style modernity. Sides are trimmed and bundled in thick glued bundles to form the basis on which the top ‘ locks’ would fall. Top is drawn downwards with its wavy interlocking bundles, but only to go as far as the center of the arms. A front is given the appearance of a shallow cave with bangs forming the impression of tri-bangs. Every single strand leaves Aforehead untouched, and it’s a beautiful cut that would bring the berserk ladies.

Neatly Tapered

As the name says, in this style there is a spectacle of neatness. In preparation for the top patch, the sides are closely rasped and brushed smoothly, which will be a direct contrast. Ball starts at the back head fall. A short section of it goes backwards as the larger section moves forward. A gap is formed at the division of the front and back sections, and it appears as a smooth division expected. Sides don’t have any major bowl influence, but live to the name is there.


Undercuts are top football types and you could also try one. With a close shave on the bottom, the top is left to fall, but given a trim to reveal the sides of the undercut. Hair is left with the brushed sides to go straight. This is a confident look of the guy and one of these would make good use of it.

Colored Bangs

The application of color and pomp to your bangs is something you’ve done for a long time. Perhaps you didn’t know how to do it with a pot, and that’s why your best bet is this type. Thick top mop is colored to a bright brown and dropped to cover the whole head. To leave them in the open is grooved to the sides of the ears. A slight side twitch is felt by the front bangs and it’s a finish that would give you a cute look for any occasion.

Bleached Bowl

If the hair were bleached to spotless white, a bleached bowl will make a bold claim. The low sides are shaved after the bleach while the top is cut to medium size and dragged to collapse around an unwanted undercut. Bowl tips are trimmed to bring it to an end before it reaches the front of the eyebrows and the sides of the ears. Abold guy look can be seen in every inch of the face and everything passes the excellence check.

Who said the bowl couldn’t be long? You can have long design wishes. The hair is given the room to grow and the mushroom effect is then allowed to drop to the hands, back and front. Part on the front is a side sweep that almost covers one of the eyes. It’s a party look and you’re going to be visible from a distance.

Rough-Edge Top

Low sides are cut closely and will be a mere contrast to what should be exposed. Abowl starts in a roundness at the mid-top, wrapping itself over the chest, leaving only a thin band of the brushed and near rasped part. Hair is left rough and scattered on the top layer contributing to the meaning of’ bad guy.’ In this style, you can see the mythical Viking and if you choose to have this slice, it can all come back.

Hipster Design

This is one of the most sought-after hairdoes the guys can send. Bowl starts at the top of the head and makes a smooth drop to cover the whole skull of the head. Each strand is combed straight to perfection, giving you a beauty to admire. With a short bull horn beard, which will be a turn on wherever you go, the look is given an even better upgrade.
Curly bowl

Cute guys would fall for that cut to show the beauty of the face. Hair is designed to do natural or induced curls. A mushroom impression is then added between the front hairline and the eyebrows that does not go beyond the ears and the center of the face. It’s a beautiful look and a man who really knows modern fashion will see the girls both ears.

Cute Guy Bowl

What should be their focus for the guys who want to turn their flat top into a bowl? With each drop, a top patch is modeled into a head-round fall with a thinning effect until there is what looks like a simple sides shaving. With nothing on the eyes and heads, seeing and appreciating is all cuteness for everyone.

Beautiful Maintained

Small guys would use a long bowl to show off their sexy looks. Hair is allowed to grow to long strands. Whichever of the two you find better, it may be left smooth or curled. For any reason you may have, it’s a style to go. These can go as far as the shoulders and just a few bangs fall on the front eye, but the sexiness never gets lost.

Messy Bowl

Bowl is not always supposed to be a smooth finish-it could be curly and messy. Once you give it a’ box’ drop, let it make the curves and waves and you’ll have a star look you’ve always wanted. Bushy presence at the top makes this a form of rocking.


Classic cutdoes may not be used for kids, teenagers and adults based on age. Simplicity is something you’re going to love. Throughout the head the entire top is lowered creating a hood-like look. Tips are cut to the edge of the ear and the eye brows are hidden with a mask. It’s a style ready for casual as well as formal functions.

Mushroom Head

Some serious guys are certainly catching. It’s a serious look for your serious look to be great. The fall starts at the top, forming a thick girdle around the head. The drop is trimmed to clearly reveal the head and neck. For this theme, simplicity is the key, and you’ll like it to the last straw. It would be effective if you didn’t have any kind of beards.