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Beard Ponytail

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Short Sides with Comb Over and Thick Beard

You could browse the internet and see so many stunning, manly, sexy and trendy men haircuts out there that you wouldn’t know what to choose from depending on your face shape, skin tone and attitude. But what you should know is that all modern chic men haircuts come from legendary hairstyles sported by legendary figures. Of course, contemporary innovations and modern hairstyling devices, techniques and products make things even more impressive, but to fully grasp the effect of a certain haircut, we need to go back on the memory lane for a drive. Today we’re going to look at five of all time’s most successful, classic and timeless men’s hairstyles and let you pick your next hot look!

James Dean’s Slicked Back Hairstyle An icon for decades, James Dean was a pioneer of stellar hairstyle, becoming the trademark of the slicked back hairdo men nowadays are in love with – this is not a joke, there is something called a “James Dean Cut.” Along the years, James Dean sported a quiff and sometimes long tousled locks, becoming the very image of youthful rebellion, laidback attitude, confidence, manliness, and style. However, the slicked back do make such an impact upon the world as even today that particular cut is considered unique – as Andy Berry put it, “that haircut has never been seen before.” Taylor Swift sings about James Dean’s slicked back hair and today modern stylists recreate the image adding some variations here and there with undercuts and fades.

Pompadour Elvis of Elvis Presley loved James Dean so much and admired him so much that he copied his hairstyle for a long time. Yet Elvis took things a little further: he began to fine-tune Dean’s quiff, knowing that not only his performances spoke volumes about his talent and charisma, but also his body. Still, not only for his songs and movements but also for his legendary pompadour look, with its wet appearance and wild popularity in the mid and late 80s, we recall Elvis Presley. Today there are plenty of pompadour styles, but all you need to remember is that it fits well with all the shapes of the face and can be easily colored with hair gel.

David Beckham’s Faux Hawk

David Beckham’s Faux Hawk This famous guy (and we’re talking about fashion and style, not just sports) has worn so many hairdos that it’s hard to choose his favorite. Yet generally speaking, it is accepted that the fauxhawk of David – or messy outgrown Mohawk – rocked the very foundations of men’s hairstyles. Keep in mind that his fauxhawk made its debut around the 2000s and it is still highly worn by young adults today. There are plenty of modern fauxhawk variations and styling options so you can look spectacular at any given time.



Comb Over Haircuts: (Not Thinking!)


For your long hair, looking for a new hairstyle? Check out our Man Ponytail Styles Photo Gallery!

This is the very hairstyle of a man ponytail to show off his good sense of style and fashion. It’s generated a lot of different hairstyles, from an undercut half ponytail to waist length samurai blunt ponytail, having quite a long history. If you’re considering pulling off one of them on your own, feel free to browse our best men ponytail designs list.

A Bunch of Visual Evidence Why You Should Try A Man Ponytail Yourself

Believe it or not, but not so long ago a man ponytail became famous. This took the floor in something around the 1980s and has been for people with long hair since one of the boldest hairstyles. And, not only for long hair, there are plenty of ponytail types. Classic tonsorial fashion also offers man with short and medium hair a ponytail hairstyle. Another very common hairstyle worth trying is a black man ponytail.

Although a male ponytail has been considered an audacious and controversial hairstyle in the past, it is now very popular. You might meet a man with a ponytail at some special events, such as rock concerts or something, but essentially everywhere: on the highway, in the store, after all, in the workplace. A man ponytail hairstyle no longer has any restrictions.


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Hair Evolution Of Harry Haircut Styles

What’s the French harvest haircut I need?

The French crop is a shorter style, so for this cut you won’t need a lot of hair. You’re probably going to want one or two inches of front hair, and it’s going to be shorter overall. One of the French crop’s big advantages is its versatility. This fits well with most (maybe an exception) face shapes and hair types. If you have coiled hair, it will still fit for a French plant, but it will be harder to handle.

Top Asian Men Hairstyles

Hard Part pictures

he Jamie Dornan

The world recognized him and his outstanding looks when actor Jamie Dornan decided to take the lead role in ‘ 50 Shades of Grey. ‘ He wears a massive beard here and a haircut called the top of a widow.

Ready Fade Haircut Styles


Short Dreads

Without referring to dreads, we might not be able to talk about mens hairstyles. They’re in the short version here, easier to maintain. They look sexy and elegant, especially when combined with a beard that is soft and well trimmed.


The Pompadour with Thick Beard

In the past two or three years we have come to the look that has become almost uniform. There seems to be no person or celebrity alive for that matter who hasn’t gone for the sleek look of the back hair and beard. Step on the trend!

Fall Fade Haircuts Ideas



Top Black Men Hairstyles To Keep Your Textured Hair Immaculate

As we said before, you shouldn’t actually grow your hair too long to pull off a ponytail. It is enough to be able to collect the locks in a knot to rock a short ponytail. If you want to add a touch of edgy to it, get the ends unevenly trimmed. But if your hair isn’t long enough to do that, you can always switch to a half ponytail, which is only tied to the top section of the hair, while the rest stays free.

You can also get away with an undercut ponytail, which is a very trendy and practical option for short-hair guys as well. Of course, if you have enough stamina and energy, you can spend some time and effort growing up long locks in a low ponytail.

But, if you don’t take care of your locks properly, even the most chic ponytail hairstyle will be wasted. Remember to wash your hair daily, but not too often to stop moisture from washing out of your body. In addition, after each rinse, always use hair conditioner to close the cuticle of the hair and trap the moisture inside. Seek to use as little as possible a blow drier and don’t ignore the heat cover if you’re using one. Eventually, just brush your hair when it’s dry and do not bind too closely to an elastic band.

Following these easy yet important tips, by the way, you’ll easily nail any of the most stylish man ponytail hairstyles we’ve compiled for you. Live!

Please look bold? Take a spin out of this cropped style. One of the easiest ways to create a haircut that stands out is to combine a low skin fade with a full head of hair on top. That’s exactly what this French plant variety does, and it does the job well. Note how a slightly uneven fringe culminates in the textured hair on top. It adds to the style visual contrast and gives it its own personality.


Spidey Kid

Kids like the Spiderman movie and cartoon series very much. Without a question, a spidy tattoo would make them happy and excited.

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you will probably find it challenging to keep it on a roll. This type of hair is not thick or coarse, so it often appears thin and see-through. But, with a lot of ultra flexible hairstyles for fine hair, all these issues will no longer bother you. You’ll choose the look that fits your tastes for fine hair, whether it’s long or short hairstyles.

Side Pompadour Hairstyle

A nice half-pompadour half-fohawk haircut with a hard part and bald fade.

Great hairstyles for people with thin hair

Sep 17, 2019. You can pull off a wide range of cool styles, whether you have naturally thick hair or thinning hair as you age. Here are 15 hairstyles that we love for men with thin hair.

Undercut Pompadour This light, airy take on the pompadour allows for thin hair. Use this classic pompadour edition to embrace your thin hair. On the sides and back, an intense fade renders the pump the focus here. Simple and sophisticated, for the stylish gentleman, this is a great choice.

Tapered Hairstyle Side Texture This style uses thin hair texture to its benefit. The thin hair increases the look in this style. Because of thin hair’s typically tidy nature, combing into a side-swept look is simple. The result is clean and polished, making this a great choice for a business haircut that works in casual situations as well.

Stylish Side Swept This laid-back look provides for those guys who prefer a fringe. It’s a fun cut that can be tamed or let loose, messy but stylish. For people with thin hair, hairstyles usually focus on layering, but this style produces a fringe to cover the thinness of the hair. Yet hair thinness produces a versatile fringe that travels with you. What we like about this fringe design is the sense of completeness it offers, giving both horizontal and vertical depth to the face.

Simple and striking men with thin blonde hair, we didn’t leave you out! Inspired by the Low Fade, this style is breezy cut with lots of motion. The eye is directed by the side swept hair. This is a fun, youthful style to the point. Plus it looks pretty gentleman!

A receding hairline does not match this outgoing style. If you have thin hair and receding hairline, you’ve just met your new best friend. This style, as U2’s Bono sported here, is an excellent look that takes advantage of the receding hairline. The brushed up style adds volume to the right spots and adds presence to the slightly unkempt hair. You no longer have to despise your hairline!

Cut of the Regulation: Practical and Appropriate


Textured Quiff Hairstyles

holds it smooth. Wearing this sort of quiff gives you a certain dimension and size and becomes just as much a statement of fashion as your dress.

Textured Quiff Hairstyles

avoids lying flat. Wearing this sort of quiff gives you a certain dimension and size and becomes a fashion statement just as much as your outfit is.


Gelled Back Pompadours

With this look, you will look dapper and professional while still appropriate for a night out in the city. It features a long top that was pushed back like a quiff but gelled in the form of a classic pompadour with textured bits all along.

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Manly Haircuts and Beards

In recent years, manly haircuts and beards have become an enormous phenomenon in style for men. The clean-shaven, metrosexual look was all the rage before the revival of manly hairstyles and thick beards, and while this fashion phenomenon has not been replaced, Millennials and hipsters embraced the masculine, rugged appearance of facial hair. We are featuring some of the best manly hairstyles and trendy beards for guys to try in memory of the slogan real men have beards.