Highlights in Bob

Highlights are a good choice if you have dense hair and a round face and still want a haircut bob. Highlights lower your head’s general weight and create a shift to your real face-framing.

Long Bob Haircut Hipster-approved

This shoulder-long bob cut is fully -authorized. This look features highly subtle layers, creating an uncompromisingly chic look. For anyone who likes something that is elegant without being too high maintenance, this is a excellent shoulder-length haircut. By applying a bit of styling cream to damp hair and enabling it to dry air, this look can be readily accomplished.

How is a stacked Bob styled?

styled by carolynn If you still need reasons to love a stacked bob, here’s another. It provides you plenty of choices for styling. You can style it curly or straight depending on your mood, personal preference and time available.

Icy Blonde Bob Haircut

Insanely Popular Bob Hairstyles for Women to Try in

No, it’s not. A graduated bob is synonymous with an inverted bob or an angled bob, meaning it’s narrower on the back than on the front. That definitely involves some layers on the back, but the general layering of the hairstyle is not necessary.


@riawna If you’ve looked at the above bobs and still don’t feel the brief beak but enjoy the scanning look, we’d suggest you’ve got a layered bob but a blonde scanning highlight. This is a slightly longer bob and maybe you’ll go shorter at a later date when you’ve become used to this length. For this haircut and color, you’ll still look fashionable and chic. A layered bob with highlights of blonde balayage will make you feel sexy and confident.

Layered Bob Fit For A Surfer Girl

This bob haircut just shouts “California girl.” It’s a slightly shoulder-long haircut in the back, though not as dramatically asymmetrical as some of the other haircut kinds on our list. For anyone with wavy hair, this cut is ideal as it enables you to let your hair dry naturally for a beautiful allled look.

Layered Brown Bob With highlights

Texasbalayage Here’s another choice with light brown highlights. This style has a brief wispy bang, enabling this stacked bob cut to meet in the center instead of following a straightforward reversal. Her layers provide volume to this model to conceal the thin hair she has.

Lilac Silver Wavy Lob

Don’t be amazed if your hairstylist insists that you switch to a silver hue when you get a bob haircut stacked. It just happens that these two are like peanut and jelly, like rose and gold, like heels and mini-dresses; they go together particularly well. Anyway, you can spice it up with a smooth lilac tint if you want it to be a little bit distinct. With such a haircut, each hairstyle will turn out to be a masterpiece, from straight to wavy.

Long and wind-blown

Long bobs look particularly good on blonde hairy females. For younger women, the chaotic or windblown looks are ideal. However, the style may also be suitable for older females if the locks are somewhat neater in style.

Long Bob with Long Curls


Long Front Asymmetric Bob Haircut

The beauty of asymmetric hairdos is that they are ideally the best long front, brief back hairstyles in today’s era. But the end outcome is too edgy and courageous for many females. So why not opt instead for bangs stacked bob haircuts, like the one pictured here?

The front bangs assist frame the shape to offer the most appealing end outcome, while the lengthy front layers and the brief back layers also offer it a subtle hint of edge and sophistication.


Selena Gomez was always renowned for her lengthy tresses, but she chose to get a long bob haircut and take the plunge. Maybe she was influenced by her BFF Taylor Swift, who received one of the quintessentially cool haircuts of all time when she cut off her lengthy hair famously. The center bob of Selena is effortless and natural.

Loose Chin-Length Waves

This is a more traditional bob hairstyle, cut at a slightly longer length than the chin. Whether your tresses are curly, wavy or straight, this bob haircut will operate on a multitude of hair types. Use a medium barrel curling iron to curl parts and then break the curls ‘ uniformity with your fingers if you want loose waves like the model shown here.

Lovely Short Bob

This look can be achieved by first applying the volumetric gel to the hair roots and then blowing the hair from the top down. Flip them back and round with a big round brush when your hair is almost dry.

Medium Curly Bob

Curly bob hairstyles always look their best when you offer them a few layers particularly when the curls are dense.

Messy, Layered Short Bob Hair Cut

Sammiiwang Metallic Blue Straight Bob

And here’s how you can convey your bright individuality with a trendy, advanced shade. The reality is, this metallic blue bob changes the picture of the classic bob haircut from a completely fresh angle. Pale metal blue shade bursts into a smooth graphite base, producing such a pleasant color change that it is difficult to take off your eyes. It goes without saying that it enhances the beauty of this bob’s completely straight texture, adding even more natural brilliance and sleekness.

Middle Parted Blonde Lob

While side-parted hairstyles generate an overweight, slightly unbalanced body, middle-parted concepts spread all the locks uniformly, providing a perfectly balanced look. It would be enough to divide your bob to the middle if you want to concentrate on the texture and maintain it well-groomed.

Middle-Parted Purple Bob

A posh, sleek and sharp texture of straight hair appears to be a true magnet for the eyes when it’s such a noble color of purple.A color tip: consider highlighting the front strands if you want every single detail of your haircut to stand out. A brilliant touch to a deep color is an idea of win-win!

Modern Hair

This brief layered bob features lengthy front layers and a great deal of density. For anyone who wants a more contemporary hairstyle, it’s a bold haircut concept. Use a hair powder to produce lift at the root to accomplish this amazing look. Use a curling iron to sporadically curl parts and then use your fingers and some textured pomade to make this loose, messy look possible.


Nice and Glamorous Short  Haircut

It requires a bold lady to avoid the oh-so-popular lob haircut and opt for a bold brief bob haircut. This blunt layered bob, however, is nothing but glamorous and feminine. Ask for some subtle layers and side bangs to face to face to add dimension to accomplish this look. The style for smooth, elegant quantity with a blow-dryer and a round brush.

Orange Stacked Bob With Bangs

Sometimes your inner world is so vivacious and bright that it’s difficult to maintain it inside. Those who feel their natural hair color is not sufficient to express the creativity that blasts from the inside, this idea is a breath of fresh air that you are looking for. With its sharp layers and the range of orange hair colors, this stacked bob is the concept that distinctive women should not pass by, particularly if you have dense hair: this haircut can make your hair handy.


If you have an oval face shape, you’re fortunate that every layer cut bob will fit you. You can attempt some subtle bangs to experiment with.

Pale Rose Gold Stacked Lob

The stacked silhouette looks distinct based on the length of the hair. It looks very drastic and dramatic on short hair. It demonstrates its advanced side on medium-length hair, adding a feeling of elegance to the look of a woman. If you are looking for a

Perfect Low-Effort Hair Cut Idea

haircut, many females choose a bob haircut because they want a look that will require less maintenance than women’s longer haircuts. This simple hairstyle features subtle layers and can naturally be worn to produce an elegant look that needs little or no effort whatsoever.

Popular and stylish cuts


A nice and stylish proposal on its own is the angular bob. However, if you’re going even further, create it two-tone. A bob angular in blue and platinum looks amazing!

Nice stacked bobs

Thus, pour some water into a spray bottle and hold it close to hand. To get a stacked bob, hold the hair as short as possible at the top part and make it longer and longer with each segment down.

Rainbow Bob Hairstyle for Round Faces

Rebel Layers:

Rebel layers are a common bob hairstyle layer that allows your hair to fall off the face naturally. Women with tight faces can also sport this haircut as it helps to reveal the composition of the real face. Your narrow face looks broader after applying Rebel layers. Red Wine Stacked Straight Lob

If red wine tastes better with cheese, then a stacked bob haircut is the cheese you should bind with vibrant red hair color. Its curved shape shows the depth of this sassy, intense red, adding to the silhouette a whole lotta quantity. And it goes without stating that what makes the general color so pleasant and smooth is the sleek texture of this bob. See, it goes hand in hand with bobs and trendy colors!

Retro Bob

Retro bob is a green hairstyle that originated primarily from s. Women with curly hair need a curl that boosts gel and their own fingers in a matter of minutes to accomplish this look.

Rock’n Roll-Inspired Asymmetrical Bob

Ask for this amazing contemporary asymmetrical bob if you’re searching for a haircut style that will make you stand out from the crowd. This look is shorter in the back and longer in the front, with lots of piece-y layers creating the edgy feeling we all understand and love. Styling such a look is fast, as it requires just a little pomade and your fingers.

Romantic Waves

This lob haircut is ideal for any female who wishes to experience trendy bob haircut without losing too much length. Moreover, lobs are highly trendy haircuts for Styling is pretty fast and simple. Either let your hair dry naturally or use a large barrel curling iron to replicate the loose romantic waves shown here, brushing carefully after curling.


A decent choice for a round face would be a straight bob with a chaotic or spiky atmosphere and a harsher, more geometric structure that works well against your face’s fine, round form.

Bob rounded with Bangs

< br

This is another long bob shape which is rounded when viewed from the back. And when regarded from the front, it has a bit asymmetric shape. It also adds freshness bangs on the front.

Short Bob with Bangs

Short Bob Hair

Short Bob with Bangs

Short layered hair bob

This bob is ideal for good hair. The layers are not evident, but some volume is created to make the hairstyle appear complete. The side-swept bangs are an excellent complement to any bob, particularly when the hair is thin, creating even more volume.

In Lavender Color Short Stacked Bob

If you can just go lavender and look a hundred times better, why go gray? This short stacked bob is beautiful in the heart, and the silent shades of gray and lavender make it perfect for women of all ages. It’s also one of the finest bob hairstyles for good hair over, as the brief layers stacked in the back make it look as light as a feather! It completely frames any face shape from the front.

Short Stacked Bob With Blonde Highlights

This is another instance of blonde highlights ‘ strength. This color concept enhances the motion and mix of layers produced by the bob, in addition to freshening the whole look. Bottom row? Look no further than light highlights if you want to improve your bob, making the most of it.

Short Textured Bob

Side Parted Beach Wave Lob

bloglovin This hairstyle operates when you already have subtle wavy hair that is trimmed to be a long bob. Simply divide the hair from the side and bring on the other side just a little hair to get this look.

Side Parted Bob

store.americanapparel.net The side-parted bob can operate with a multitude of bob cut hairstyles and needs little tuning. Simply divide your hair on one side, and you’ve got a side bob that operates no matter what the opportunity is!

Side Parted Short Stacked Bob

What if we inform you the charm of your stacked bob can be doubled? No, there’s no need to spend additional cash on it. Sweeping the top to one side is the only thing you need: it will improve the unbalanced body.

The way you divide your bob can alter its look considerably. Good for the better!

Side Parted Symmetrical Bob

This hairstyle works best for people who already have asymmetrical bob but want to alter it a bit. Simply divide your hair from one side, and obviously the other side will have volume and length that will give you the required look.

Silky Bob For The Perfect Feminine Look

A back look is of great significance when talking about brief bob haircuts. A stacked back demonstrates off the throat, one of the sexiest areas of the body. Male attention is therefore guaranteed.

Silky Bob Hairstyle

Styles.by.sarah This medium stacked bob hairstyle is wonderful for females looking for a complex yet sleek look without revealing the back of the throat. The subtle layers on the side, unlike the stacked back in other hairdos, make this hairstyle stand out. Medium bob hairstyles are definitely rising in this day and age, and you can even add that silky smooth impact by using the right products. For females with dense hair, this medium stacked bob is perfect.

You’ll walk into a region of fashion that’s super chic with the brief and medium-length stacked bob. If you’re hoping for a hairstyle to increase your trust, this is your style. With this fresh sassy style, you can begin again, which can enable you to be a trendsetter in your social circles.

As highlights, you can add different colors and play with cut variants, whether you choose bangs or not. You can also experiment with the stacking rate with your cut that you want to accomplish. There is a super-stacked cut with lots of short to long layers and a shaggy cut style with a longer layer length.

Silver & Wavy Stacked Lob

Although women would even conceal miserable traces of gray hair a century ago, today they dream to try out all the shades of gray. Silver hair, in reaction to the grayish boom, is a trend born. This color couple will completely accentuate your lengthy wavy bobby embracing soft white and contemporary gray hues.

Simple Layered Bob

The medium-length layer is best accomplished or at least the length of the layer should be lower than the chin. It’s a straightforward delightful bob with layers but it must be avoided by a lady who loves when her hair catches in her eyes.

Sleek A-Line Bob

Sleek A Line Bob”

The razor cutting also helps to smooth the lines.

Soft and sleek

The model added small lights and highlights to bring a smooth and flowing impact to her simple long bob.

Soft but modern hair

Nothing is more natural and effortless than sunny beach waves that flow on a naturally brunette bob. Waves fall on each other in a cascading way with the dramatic structure of a stacked bob, making the silhouette full and spectacular. Everything up the back of the head to make the look even cuter; it will intensify the carefree feeling of beach locks.

Stacked Bob With Colored Highlights

While some females go to highlights to spice up their colors with a touch of a lighter color, with a bright palette you can diversify yours. Remember: to your imagination, your stacked bob haircut is nothing but a canvas. Whatever color experiment you’re about to perform, the cut will look good.

Stacked Bob With Red Highlights

headrush designs Don’t forget to ask for assistance when you feel the need to add more fuel to your casual look. Ask your stylist to show only the top layer of your bob to add more depth to the look. In this manner, your natural color will show the appealing side of your bob in combination with the red accents.

It is a pleasant way to generate a dimensional look while minimizing the harm by adding highlights only to the top layer of hair.

Stacked Chestnut Straight Bob

A stacked bob haircut cane as an intriguing highlight for brunette women who remain faithful to their natural hair colors. Not only does this brief and fresh-cut amps up the silhouette, but it also presents the beauty from a new view of straight chestnut hair. The beautifully formed cascading tresses produce a natural flow that underlines both color and texture.

A fresh haircut is sometimes enough to fall in love with your hair type as well as your hair color.


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