60+ Beautiful Bobs

Age-Defying Layered Bob

The trimmed weary tips of this brief layered bob hairstyle enhance the bone structure of the wearer and hide its fine lines and wrinkles.


Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle:

This is one of the most common hairstyles to improve your charm and appeal to your hair. Because of its charm and magic, it’s edge fewer ends. This hair is relatively partitioned haircut is nowadays sported by a lot of celebrities like Rihanna.


Asymmetric Bob


@southmarksouth You can always opt for both if you are undecided about ombre or balayage. It may sound odd, but the balayage shadow bob is called. It’s lovely and smooth. If you feel comfortable with your hairdresser, as they apply by hand, you can always ask for more scanning highlights. You can set the level of your desire for this look so the energy is all yours!

Barely There Layers:

This bob hairstyle can be played without much difficulty regardless of the type of hair. Unlike other hairstyles, here the layers are much longer. Suitable for all kinds of face. It’s useful for the scalp as it restricts the hair’s volume-losing tendency. You will have to blow the hair dry to get the best out of this hairstyle and then smooth some components and even flip the ends.


Beachy Blonde Wavy Layered Bob for Fine Hair

Black Windy Bob:

This distinctive shape hairstyle is intended for females with dark skin tone. This bob hairstyle is ideal for a windy day, mildly soothed and at the same moment very stylish. It feels like the hair was punctured by the wind due to its separate texture and is saturated with fresh air.

Blonde Layered Bob for Thick Hair


Stacked Bob Blonde

To suit just about any occasion, you can wear such hairstyle. From looking for a pleasant night out in the city to looking for a nice look for the office to look for a formal event. Read on and see some examples that can work for you to get thoughts.

In this instance, our model has chosen lengthy layers from the crown down to the layers in the back of the cut. This specific instance has an alternative for the lengthy bang that matches the cut well. The lovely colorwork has magnificent tones that contribute to her hairstyle the illusion of depth and dimension.


Blue-Silver Stacked Bob With Side Bangs

Xostylistxo Whether you want a professional, casual look or just a hint of edge in the general consequence, you might not be mistaken with a blonde platinum bob! This hairstyle allows you to remain cool and comfortable while completely framing your face. A fringe-like bob hairstyle provides you that touch of the cute and pretty girl-next-door as well. Perfect for females with thin or fine hair, since the subtle layers fit any sort of hair!


@alenm Many individuals are still hearing about the trend in scanning hair, a French method that is gaining popularity around the globe. It was set up back in’s and individuals are starting to like it now. It comprises of smooth highlights and different application of the dye to the conventional technique of highlighting. Your hairdresser is going to work on their instincts and color the parts they believe will look nice, so be sure to go to your trusted hairdresser! You don’t have to worry about keeping your highlights so often with this hairstyle and it’s a cheaper way to look nice! Perfect if you are looking for a style that looks natural.

Bob Haircut As Straight As A Pin

Haircut As Straight As A Pin

There are no layers in this easy center part bob, producing a uniform look that is undeniably chic. If you obviously have a curly bob, this courageous bob hairstyle can still be achieved. Use a humid hair smoothing serum and then directly blow-dry the hair. Follow with a straightening iron to get the pin-straight look.

Bob Haircut For Oval Faces

Krissafowles Finding the ideal haircut in the form of your face is as essential as finding the ideal good skin diet. When it comes to searching for oval face shape haircuts, it seems like brief inverted bob haircuts have been produced for this alone! The haircut features subtle wispy layers all around, whereas the length depending on your choice is medium or short. The end outcome from every angle is advanced, cool and professional!

Bob Haircut Ideas For Summer


That’s why your imagination has no boundaries. But as it’s outside summer, a good, bright choice will be the chocolate bob with burgundy highlights.


If with thicker hair you believe shoulder length hair looks best, believe again! With all hair types, the classic shoulder length bob looks incredible. It’s easy to keep and manage so you don’t have to stress it. It will sit so graciously with thicker hair and it will always have the added volume.

Bobs are great for all ages of females. Young girls choose them because of their incredible style, while bob is the secret to look much younger for older females. There are several ways that layered bobs can be created. There are choices that are shorter and longer. Whatever type of hair or face you have, the right layered bob can easily be found to make you look fantastic.

Bright Bob Haircuts For Brave Girls

If you choose a stacked bob, the section of the nape hair will be shorter and the section of the side hair will be longer. And if you want a more up-to-date version of a stacked bob, let it be asymmetrical for both side segments.


Brown Bob With highlights

Aliciaurbanhair Stacked bob haircuts are the go – to hairstyles for any female who wants to give her a faint yet eye-catching makeover overall. This medium stacked bob is perfect for all kinds of hair and face shapes, while the stacked layers make it perfect for displaying brown, copper and red shades and colors of similar dimensions. But if you’re transitioning for the first time from lengthy hair to short hair, brace yourself for multiple root touch ups visits because they’re going to be more noticeable.

Brown to Blonde Ombre Blend–Layered Women Thick Hairstyles

Copy this amazing style by choosing a slightly graduated bob. Start your bob at the front of your head around the length of your shoulder. Work it smaller for a graduated finish to the back of the head. For a wonderful finish, add shorter layers around the ends. For the color, choose a brown to blonde balayage mix, and job curls for added bounce throughout the ends.

Brown to Copper Tousled Curly Bob Cuts–Balayage Hairstyles for Women

Brown and copper mix completely together, which is why they create a layered bob’s finest color! Melt your color from brown to copper using the scanning color mix. Select a bob that falls just below the point of the jaw. For a great silhouette, add graduating layers to the top of the head. Work chaotic curls for the perfect edgy night out style from top to bottom.


With ombre hair, dark roots look wonderful. Ombre need not be blonde tones, they can be whatever color you want. Burnt orange color will reveal your edgy look and style. It fits all hair types and has a vibrant atmosphere. Going for the orange color, your skin tone will soften and warm.


@beautybyaracely Are you a supporter of the blonde and love layers ‘ subtle caramel color? That’s the style for you then. It’s very girly and feminine. This is the classic bob’s longer version, which looks extremely fashionable. If you feel loose with your hair and need a boost, add layers. They lift you locks right away and you’re going to feel new and transformed.

Chin Length Flipped Bob

Choppy Bob Haircuts

Choppy Side Bob

Different hairstyles look distinct on unique face shapes, but aside part bob is flattering almost universally. Also, a side portion is a great way to hide if it’s been a couple of days since you shampooed. Use dry shampoo at the roots to reproduce the look here, massage the item with your fingers to remove oil and generate volume.

Convex Disconnection:

In this form of hairstyle, the hair length is almost the same from top to bottom, enabling females to be comfortably styled and textured. This is a common hairstyle that requires significant length modifications. It does not require any mixing of layers compared to other haircuts, and there is an  disconnection.


Cool Blonde Bob

This mildly asymmetric blonde bob performs with multidimensional color and length to produce one of the finest women’s haircuts. To accomplish this amazing look, in relation to blonde highlights, ask your stylist for a brief layered bob with longer parts in the front.

Crispy & Downy:

Crispy Chocolate Bob With Caramel Feathers:

The cropped look of chocolate gives the hair a dark appearance of chocolate and caramel, which is an exquisite nation. It’s with excruciating, well-distinguished cropped edges. This hairstyle is flipped to some extent along with delightful colors, which adds a feathery impact to your hair.

The appropriate type of hair: straight, silky hair.


Curled Caramel Crop–Balayage, Wavy Bob Hair Styles for Women Short Hair

Caramel blonde is a beautiful color that will revive your bob! For this look, choose a smaller bob, finishing an inch or so below the length of the ear. To produce a wonderful curved silhouette, add subtle layers across the hair. Work curls from root to tip to add to your style an additional touch of bounce and volume!

Dark Stacked Bobs

When replicating natural hairlines, an inverted bob looks best. If your face is angled, it can only soften your characteristics. Besides, it’s almost ethereal with dark shades.

Disconnected A-Line Bob

A-Line disconnected Bob

Edgy But Demure

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one of Hollywood’s most impressive bob cuts. This look is slightly chaotic without appearing disheveled as if she were stepping out of the shower and allowing her hair to air-dry naturally. Ask your stylist for some fairly lengthy layers for a look like this one, but nothing too brief or choppy.

Edgy Layered Bob

headrush designs This beautiful picture of a stacked cut is set off by the beautiful hair color of the model. While a more mature female could readily wear this style, this model has adopted the gray and silver hair fashion style that is all the rage. The edgy layers offer this cut fun and somewhat reckless air that leads to the impression that this model is not only set up at the office for a busy day, but is also prepared for a pleasant night out in the city.

With or without bangs, this style looks good. The various layers not only offer females with fine hair the appearance of thicker, fuller hair, but they also add a fresh dimension level to a person with a dense hair type. Add some curls to those various layers and you have a wonderful hairstyle in their tracks that will stop onlookers.


Fantastic Bob Haircuts

We’ve got a proposal for you if you’re searching for something fun and flirting for this season. A brilliant brunette stacked bob with slight, chaotic waves looks highly beautiful.


Asymmetrical Long Bob Giuliana Rancic

This long bob is very appropriate for busy moms because it is long enough to appreciate the fullness of medium length hair and requires low maintenance.

Wheat Waves of Gold:

This is one of the most trendy layered hairstyles of bob. This hairstyle has big curls that define your real appearance. It sports beautiful blonde shades that look like gold. The wheat embarks on the face like shades, offering a feminine look. It’s going to go hand in hand with both a lovely dress and casuals.


Graduated Bob For Fine Hair

Hairbypaigegoodwin It can be difficult and difficult to find the perfect bob hairstyle for good hair, particularly if the hair is light and oh so thin! Many women refrain from daring to color different shades of their hair because they don’t understand what would be the end outcome.

But for females who want to show up to the job without looking too edgy, this graduated bob for good hair is the ideal option. A combination of professionalism and simplicity, this bob hairstyle is best combined with highlights adding to each strand and wispy layer!

Graduated Bob with Balayage–Women Hair Color Ideas

Graduated bobs operate from smaller back layers to longer front layers in a diagonal row. Start with a lovely brown color at the roots and rapidly mix it into a golden blonde using the balayage transformation. Curl the hair loosely from root to tip to create a beautiful soft bounce we can’t get enough.

Growing Bob with layers


Flattering layered bobs for females with heart-shaped faces are the ones with a certain density, so they have a leaner, strict facial appearance.


Highlights are a great way to make every hairstyle appear brighter. For bobs, this is certainly true. Properly selected colors add some brightness to your bob and make it look really unique. No need for maintenance!