Haircut straight and angled

This is one of those trendy haircuts that can alter your appearance. Ask your stylist for a straight-angled bob haircut. Use a flat iron in combination with a finishing cream to keep this beautiful style. While on the blonde bob of the model this style looks incredible, it will also work for brunettes.


This should be the ideal super sleek bob. If you’re searching for a complete shift, go for a straight blunt cut that certainly gets the attention of people. Hairdressers enjoy cutting a haircut blunt. They have to be straight and acute. With a blunt cut, your hair will look healthier and thicker. If after a couple of months or so you get bored, you can curl it for a softer look. It’s a ready-made catwalk style, so strut your girl things!

Stylish Long Bob Haircut

Hairbyedwin Going short isn’t a cup of tea for every woman, and that’s absolutely nothing wrong. With a long angled haircut like this, you can still give an edge to your full look! Go bold with a single color like black or blackish blue, or add highlights to make it even sleeker.

This lengthy stacked haircut is ideal for females who want to maintain their length while having fun with the addition of short stacked layers in the back. Either way, females of all ages with utmost ease rock this haircut!

Subtly layered Bob

Try this slightly layered medium bob if you enjoy the asymmetrical bob looks on this list but think they might be a little too edgy for your private style. The hair in the back is only slightly shorter, producing a romantic and elegant look with a small edge.

Textured Pink Stacked Bob

headrush designs This pink stacked bob is difficult to notice! Looking at this variation of the bob, it becomes totally apparent who’s the boss there. Showing off your vibrant personality, textured layers and super edgy lift on the back of your bob are the musts if you want your hair to reflect who you are. Ask your stylist for super-brief layers on the back, and a bob to remember will be your stacked bob. Of course, with a punky color completing the look, it will look its best.

Beach Waves Bob

Beach Waves has always been one of women’s simplest go-to hairstyles, and it’s just another way to change your look. For this, soft waves are the way to go and is also a wonderful summer look.

Beach Waves Lob

is also a nice summer hairstyle concept to wear beach waves on lengthy bobs. It gives you a straightforward look that will last you all day, so you don’t have to worry about getting messed up.

Big Wave Bob

refiner Big wave bob is intended to accentuate your face and draw your jaw and cheekbones. This operates well for those with straight hair so that having only one large wave can be styled.

Black Bob

Blunt Messy Bob

Another easy way to wear a messy bob is to cut a blunt bob and then style your hair to one side to get the look you want. This hairstyle operates best for those with slightly wavy hair as well as those with straight hair.

Classic Bob

dailylilycollins.tumblr This is one of the most fundamental bob hairstyles and can be achieved irrespective of the type of hair. This look can range from looking like a casual day hairstyle to a super glamorous red carpet worthy one, depending on how you style it.

Defined Wave Bob

refiner This hairstyle needs a bit of styling, with a well-defined wavy shape of the front of the bob. If done correctly, this can be a super glamorous and sexy look. Part one side of the hair to look like a head turner.


The highlighted Bob

i Highlights are the best way to give a lot more definition to your basic bob and can significantly vamp your hairstyle. The way to go for this is a mixture of lighter colors with darker tones.


One of the few ways that bob function well with curly hair is to wear your bob in loose curls. This hairstyle requires some styling, but if done correctly, it’s extremely flattering.

The Messy Lob

The chaotic lob is an alternative way to wear a lob and is good for those who naturally have wavy hair, even though straight hair can be designed to look like this. This is one of the great ideas of bob hairstyle that need no effort!

Messy Short Bob

Messy bobs look great for those who don’t want to spend too much time doing their hair each morning. This look is a wonderful, effortless look with a sharp cut.

Middle Bob

Like the prior hairstyle, this bob can also be made with a multitude of bob cut hairstyles. This one requires you to divide your hair with ab in the middle and brush it out to create the perfect look for light waves!

No-Fuss Lob

If styling your hair every day isn’t something you’re in for, an easy bob in the middle is an easy way to get a nice hairstyle. Which type of hair texture you have doesn’t matter since it works with all hair types.

The Ombre Bob

A shadow hue is a way to go for those who want a subtle color that works well with the concept of a bob hairstyle. You can choose from a multitude of bases that can all function well if performed correctly, depending on your skin tone.

Ombre Lob

The shadow hair pattern also operates well with longer bob hairstyle concepts. Having a dark brown base with lighter browns or blond highlights towards the tips is one of the destinations to go for in this hairstyle.

Pastel Bob

Pastel shades are one of this season’s most trendy hair colors, and a pastel bob is a fantastic way to wear that trend. To accomplish this look, light pink, powder blue, and even lime green tones operate well.

Platinum Bob

The platinum look is another color trend that can vamp the appearance of your bob. Of course, this would require bleaching your hair as an exceptionally light shade and can be worn with a multitude of bob hairstyles.

Puffy Bob

This is the one for you for those who like big hair and want a little more volume for their bob. Bob doesn’t always have to be sleek, and even with a little volume and bounce it works well.

Sleek Bob

For those with straight hair, the Sleek bob is ideal. But it’s a good way to achieve this look for those who don’t straighten your hair out.

Straight Cut Bob

In contrast to the earlier hairstyle, straight cut bob is the same length throughout the hair. It’s an excellent way to wear this look to highlight your hair, adding more definition to your bob.

Straight Lob

A lob is a longer bob and perfect for those who don’t want to cut too short their hair. The straight lob functions well with straight hair, but it can also work with wavy hair to produce a messier look.

Subtle Wave Bob

This type of hairstyle works well for those with somewhat wavy hair. It’s one of those hairstyles you can have when you wake up with totally no fuss in the morning! This is the one for you for those who don’t want to have to put in a lot of effort!

The Bob

The symmetrical bob is a completely cut bob on both sides which is the same length, with the back generally smaller than the front. With straight hair, this look works well and doesn’t involve much styling.

Symmetrical Lob

bob-hairstyle Like the symmetrical bob, this one is a variant for those who want to maintain their hair from the front longer, but shorter from the back. In order to accomplish this look, the hair in the front should ideally be at shoulder level.

Versatile Bob

For those who want an easily modifiable look, go to the basic lob. For a more fun look, you can either wear it with a side section for a slightly asymmetric look or with a middle section with slight curls.

Wavy Bob

bob-hairstyle This type of bob operates best with those who naturally have wavy hair, although straight hair can also be designed to offer you the look you want. Your face is more defined by the subtle waves, which is good in improving your general structure.

Tousled Golden BlondeCut–Casual, Layered Wavy Hairstyle, Blunt Lob

This amazing golden blonde bob finishes our gallery. Copy it by cutting your hair into a bob in the length of your blunt shoulder. To create a long fringe, cut short layers around the front and frame the face to perfection. Add ringlets from top to bottom and run your fingers through your hair to remove the curls lightly for this amazing end consequence.

We hope you agree that we have selected a simply amazing range of layered bob cuts. To generate the end outcome, each of these is full of lovely layers. Which one is the favorite of you?

Trendy Curly Bob

Curly bobs are having an enormous moment and could easily be considered the most trendy hair ideas of If you have curly hair and are afraid to make a big chop, don’t be. Curly bobs are lovely, eye-catching and distinctive.

Triangular Lob:

In this specific hairstyle, the front layers are longer, causing the hair to drop naturally to the body. The separation makes the hair look very appealing and elegant. This trendy haircut form can be achieved by applying an appropriate drying product and then brushing and setting the hair accordingly.


Undercut Bob Haircut

Voluminous Medium Bob

Just because you’ve got a bob doesn’t mean you can’t have any severe amount of queen beauty either. Blow-dry your hair upside down to style such a medium bob. This helps offer some incredible lift to the root, which generates hair height. Also, dry shampoo can be used to offer additional oomph to the hair.

Wavy Bob With Violet Highlights

It’s always a good idea to go for violet highlights on dark blue hair. But it’s not just nice when it’s all finished on a stacked bob. It’s fine. It just occurs that to all hair ideas the cascading structure operates like a magic wand.

Wavy Brown Bob with Highlights–Balayage

That was what this beautiful woman was thinking! Start by selecting throughout the hair a profound and dark brown. Using a lighter brown, add highlights for an amazing sun-kissed look throughout the hair. Select a mid-length bob that falls around the point of the ear for the cut. To generate a wonderful sweeping side fringe, opt for a side parting.

Wavy Lob With Sandy Highlights

In addition to the captivating gradual structure, a stacked bob offers much more advantages. When paired with the right coloring, its texture reveals your hair type’s natural dimension and dynamics, no matter how thin or thick it may be. Here you can see how organically throughout the length a wavy hairstyle flows, giving tons of hair motion. And the secret of this amazing look is to be embellished by subtle layers and sandy highlights.

Wavy Long AngledBob

This angled bob haircut is certainly one of the finest hairstyles in It’s a cool haircut that has many sizes but enables you to wear it messy and edgy or soft and advanced. This bob haircut and so on demonstrate that a brief hairstyle can often be more versatile than a longer haircut.

Wavy Medium Blonde Bob

Waves appear as a true piece of art on stacked bobs. Since the haircut’s body becomes thinner to the back, it has different layers. And you will see your hair flowing like a dramatic waterfall once these layers transform into waves.

Wavy Short Stacked Bob With Bangs

How can you go a distinct way and overlook most of your bob concepts? One term for this: bangs. Here, for instance, bangs balance the stacked bob’s silhouette, giving its structure a new take. It also provides a framing touch, which is a benefit at all times.

Wavy Stacked Bob With Blonde Balayage

Now take some time to enjoy the natural beauty. There is no doubt that bold, exceptional hair colors are lovely, but such effortless bindings as a brunette and blonde will always be at the top of all possible charts. In addition, with this incredible natural balayage, waves on stacked layers look incredibly harmonic and well-balanced. Yes, certain things are old-fashioned.

WavyStacked Bob With Straight Bangs

There are many methods to demonstrate how distinct you are from each other. You can color your hair a bold shade, get an outrageous haircut, go for a hairstyle that nobody can repeat with your texture or just play around. If you prefer to maintain stuff simple yet meaningful, the contrast that will put you in the spotlight is a wavy stacked bob with a straight fringe. Ask your stylist to create your fringe light and airy to maintain the equilibrium between wavy and straight textures.

What’s a Bob stacked?

What distinguishes the stacked bob from the traditional one is that the latter is only jaw-length, while the former is stacked at the nape, hence the name. Basically, with a longer front and shorter and curved back, you get the angled haircut. This stacked hairstyle gains a lot of volume and texture because it is cut in gradual layers.

What’s Bob Layered?

A layered bob refers to a haircut somewhere between the length of the ear and the length of the shoulder, consisting of several overall layers. That implies that to obtain a textured look, some sections of the hairstyle are shorter than other components.


White Blonde Bob with Ringlets–Casual, Wavy Lob Hair Styles

White blonde is trendy–so what better color for your layered bob? Opt for an amazing bob of medium length falling an inch or so above the length of the chest. Dye your hair with a beautiful white blonde shade. Make sure tons of choppy layers are working all over the hair and finish with large barrel curls for bounce and style.

Who’s the best look for a stacked bob?

The stacked bob can flatter anyone with the correct approach, meaning style. Its versatility enables females to sport this trendy look with distinct facial forms and hair textures. For females with thin hair, the most helpful though, like the A-line cut and layers add more volume. Ladies with kinky hair, however, can also pull off the hairstyle without looking too poufy. . What a tempting idea, isn’t it?


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