Are the hairstyles of the 80s coming back?

Many different excentric styles such as punk pop fashion and gender-blurring haircuts were created in the 1980s. It’s been a decade obsessed with volume of bright colors making a statement and expressing with hair all these things. The eighty hairstyles epitome was the cool girl with large curls and feathered bangs. It seems that some of the hairtrends of the ‘ 80s are returning with celebrities seen rocking the high pony and big hair. While the return of old hairstyles is not a new phenomenon, the 1980s was such an iconic decade for hair, this particular style of rebirth is hard to ignore.

History of the ‘ 80s Hair

The popular hairstyles of the 1980s included permitted curls with soft cuts of feathered waves (think Farrah Fawcett) and mostly teased roots. Pin-straight strands divided perfectly down the middle in the 1970s was the it way to wear your hair but changed once in 1980 attitudes toward hair came around. The typical’80s hairdo was part-free with an effortlessly allied look with plenty of weight. Where did the famous ‘ 80s big hair come from this desire? To answer this, we look back on big hair icons like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda from the 1960s. During the 1980s, when both sexes wanted volume, not just women, these styles became even more popular. The subcultures of punk and goth also began to gain popularity, contributing to the phenomenon of big hair.

Hair Icons of the ‘ 80s

The game-changing stars who led this fashion movement were mostly female musicians who pushed the boundaries of their glamorous hairstyles while they themselves promoted individuality.


Madonna quickly gained popularity in the 80’s due to her willingness to push boundaries with both her music and her> this video reached her famous 80’s ponytail style. Embedded from Getty Images

Debbie Harry

Another 80’s rock star Debbie Harry, otherwise known as Blondie, was (and still is) a punk-pop legend.

Who’s brought back the hair of the 80s?

80’s hair may seem the least likely to make a respectable comeback, but the styles of the era for women show a certain timelessness. From this point on, many people look back with shame on their pictures, but these stars embrace the volume and frizz of the 1980s and bring back some of the most popular hairstyles of the decade.

Beyonc ©’s Voluminous Curls

Beyonc ©’s frizzy curls are worthy of a retro music video reminiscent of the ‘ 80s. She channels the volume and fearlessness that inspired the great curl look of the decade. LikeBeyonc ©? Check out this video to see how your style repertoire incorporates the ‘ 80s trend. Embedded from Getty Images

Lily Collins ‘ Perm

Lily Collins was called a beauty chameleon because she manages to master perfectly any> this list of beautiful perm looks. Embedded from Getty Images

Nicki Minaj’s High Pony

Another iconic hair> high ponytail for inspiration. Embedded from Getty Images

Kristen Stewart’s Short Updo

With this look at the Met Gala, it’s hard to ignore the vibes of the 80s that Kristen Stewart gave. Through her teased roots, all shorts short androgynous dress and metallic makeup screams punk attitude from the 80s. Kristen is known to do exactly what she wanted in her style choices, so the trends of the ‘ 80s suit her well. Embedded from Getty Images

Alexa Chung’s Bangs

Alexa Chung’s wispy bangs closely imitate those of Debbie Harry on the more subtle side of ‘ 80s fashion trends. If you want to try the bangs of the decade> these hairdos for inspiration. Embedded from Getty Images

Blake Lively’s Teased Bump

Blake Lively’s famous blonde locks look fantastic in this half-down style. Her teased roots give the style a touch of the 1980s. Besides this 80s-inspired hairstyle, Blake also loves to style her hair in large voluminous curls just like those of th. Embedded from Getty Images What used to be cringeworthy now returns in a huge way. Today, the 1980s hold a certain obsession with loud and wild styles and celebrities are starting to put these looks back into our modern trends and integrate them. Related Posts Discover Jenner’s Jennifer Aniston Beauty Celebrities with Short Hair Who Will Inspire Your Next Salon Visit Ariana Grande’s Real Hair and Most Popular Hair Zac Efron Hair Miley Cyrus Haircuts and Stay Connected Hair Cuts and Patterns Inspired by hair style. Whatever your form of body, we will help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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