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What is the French harvest haircut I need?

The French crop is a shorter style, so for this cut you won’t need a lot of hair. You’re likely going to want one or two inches of hair in the front, and it’s going to be shorter. One of the French crop’s big advantages is its versatility. This fits well with most (maybe an exception) face shapes and hair types. If you have coiled hair, it will still fit for a French plant, but it will be harder to handle.

Beard Design

Circle Beard

Bandholz Beard

months to grow yourself one.

Arabic Beard

Another unusual and specific kind of mens beard styles is the Arabic Beard. This is a rather complex beard look as it combines extended to the chin sideburns, an exceeding the mouth corners mustache and a soul patch under the lower lip.

Brad Pitt’s Fury Haircut: A Stylish Undercut (Gallery)

Long Beard

Most Popular Styles For Men

Full Beard

Long Beard

Shaggy Medium Length Blonde Hair

Messy Short Top with Undercut and Short Beard

Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke is a kind of goatee with a chin beard and curved mustache. The Van Dyke beard takes a rugged, confident man to pull off.

Textured Slick Back Taper with Full Medium Beard

Cool Long Beard Design

Cool Beard Shape

Buzz Cut


Arabic Full Beard Style

If you’re looking for an appealing way to trim a long beard, go with an Arabic fading beard. This shapes the face with its smooth lines and makes it look more masculine.

Goatee Beard

Goatee styles do not require much effort either, but they still look really appealing on slim to round faces. In the past, a goatee beard was preferred by scholars and famous people; though today, it’s pretty much worn by anyone. To get this beard style, you need to leave the hair above the upper lip and below the underlip unshaved or you can add an edge to it by framing your mouth with hair.

Most Popular Styles For Men

Light Stubble

to get right now. are a combination of never seen before designs as well as return of classic beards and mustaches. Fadehairstyles and hair designs are going strong in and getting more and more creative. We are even seeing beard fades that add a fade into facial hair. The latest hair tattoos go even further, adding slashes and graphics into the beard. Some styles create designs that start on the head and continue into facial hair. As far as classic styles go, keep growing that beard. Mustaches and long beard that show off full facial hair are on point. Men with beards should use a combination of washing and beard oils ensure that facial hair is soft, conditioned and manageable. For guys that want a lower maintenance look, a short beard always looks great and is easy to groom at home. d a fade or defined line for a cool finish. Check out these pictures for some of the coolest and most different beard styles going in , from short to long.

Messy Textured Medium Length Hair Full Beard


Beard and Mustache Styles

The stubble bearded Chevron mustache duck is worthy of styling.


If you want to add an unexpected twist to your conventional beard, try a ducktail beard. The shape of such beard designs, as the name implies, is similar to real ducktails. This usually harnessed beard style is a combination of a rough and neatly trimmed full beard. It’s very common with male celebrities. Remember that this type of beard is not appropriate for everyone. This won’t work for you if your face is narrow and wide. The ducktail beards are perfectly fine in other situations. Allow a messy or slicked back hairstyle when deciding what to do with them.

Bottom BeardStyles

Undercut Style

This style does not really give off a very surfer hair-like atmosphere but is graded as such. This haircut allows the hair’s central, bleached tuft to be on the head and almost shaved on the sides. The rasped hair tuft is what turns out to be surfer hair. Generally the tuft of hair on the head is long, which is why for styling purposes it can be moved to either side of the head.

Soft Beard

Man Bun and Beard

became a popular trend a few years ago and has since stuck around as a cool look for guys who want to keep their long hair!

Garibaldi Beard

This is the kind of beard that also require some time. It is very similar to Bandholz; however, the Garibaldi Beard has a round shape. For this look, you don’t even need the beard styles pictures. You just leave the hair on your face grow naturally for around four months and trim it at the bottom now and then.


Thick Beard And Faux Hawk

If you still find full beard a sophisticated look somewhere deep inside, all your questions should be left behind by the faux hawk sported with full beard. By shaving in a hard part, you can make it even more rockable. Do you already google how to grow beard quickly, let’s guess? As for beard-friendly hairstyles, anything goes. To guys with temples, a beard is an excellent option to build a smooth and tidy transition to facial hair of any size. For a fresh cut and beard trim, visit a barber or stylist if you’re not confident trimming and grooming your hair. Only make sure you find someone who has facial hair experience. Check out Kirby the Barber for the handmade beard expert and sculptor if you’re in Austin. Now on to the beard style photos, in order from short to long.


Paul Preshaw This hairstyle and beard combinationis a classic and stylish look.



To people with broad or round heads, Tariq Nevar Beards are an excellent choice. The head is elongated by a shorter beard like this.

Layered Spikes

This short haircut for thick hair is perfect for a surfer boy because it looks like it has been windswept while you were taking a long stroll on the beach. Don’t forget to add extra hairspray and a wear a windbreaker.


Full Beard Styles

Jerrin Hawes Long beards are one of the most popular beard styles. This short haircut and high fade emphasize the long, bushy beard below.


Eddie Rosado A shaved head contrasting with a full beard is a classic combination that always looks good. The key to making it work is well-groomed facial hair and some brow maintenance too.

Spiked Crew Cut

Comb Over

Bald Fade And Beard Shape


Chevron Mustache with Stubble Beard

Unique Short Hairstyles for Men Styling Tips

Red Beard

Compared to white, red beard does not always appear on the head with red hair. It can follow different hair colors for many reasons. There is a trend while facial hair usually appears redder, darker, or more white than the one on the body. A red beard gives you a really contrasting look, which is an obvious benefit, in addition to the distinctive and unusual appearance. You should therefore go for men’s beard styles to make you shine with the color of your ginger facial hair. It’s not a stubble, as its color is likely to be indistinct. With a lot of length and weight, switch to full beard designs.

What You Need To Do To Make Your Beard Look Good

What You Need To Do To Make Your Beard Look Good

What You Need To Make Your Beard Look Good

It is impossible to imagine a man who would be oblivious to beards. To people with thinking and thick skin, blond and Arabic, imaginative and rough, there are beard types. Don’t waste your time on clean shaving and choose your beard’s best style.

There is still a big beard theme. Lots of guys have thick, full beards now that it’s known, but it’s not too late to develop or grow facial hair longer. The best-looking beards are well-groomed to keep their shape at all times. That may mean to do it on your own or to visit a barber. Look at the hairstyles of facial hair. An important detail is the transition between the two, whether it is a smooth fade or a fixed form. Take a look at these interesting beard styles, from the shortest to the longest.

Beard and Tattoos

Nothing but a beard and some cool tattoos screams manly badass!

Messy Long Beard

While in between visits to the barbershop you may be able to shave or trim your beard at home, it is probably best to have your beard shaped by your stylist. Next, with your haircut, this lets guys get the right symmetry and style. Second, you should learn how to shave your facial hair from your barber so that you can use the same methods to keep it at home.



Line Up Form And Man Bun

Short Hair and Beard

Beard for bearded men.

Heavy Stubble Beard

Tousled Hairstyle

A bit of styling product is going to go a long way. Using a styling product will imagine the bleached hair sections and give the hair texture. This look does not require very long hair, but in both short and long hair can be handled. Target=blank Men’s Hairstyle Trends to Try in 2019— Men’s Fashion

Latest Trends

Top Mustache Styles And Tips For Everyone From Beardos To Stubble Wearers

Yeard Beard

Growing a beard can be a really lingering process. However, the anticipation is fully rewarded with the outstanding final look. To achieve a yeard, you’ll need to grow out your facial hair for about a year, hence the name. Of course, you’ll need to trim and shape it a bit but without making much effort. A year later, you’ll end up with a beard style that is referred to as a yeard. More good news is your face shape doesn’t matter, as you allow genetics to do the job. And to finish off, a yeard can be easily transformed into any other short or long beard style.

Trendy Boxed Beard Full Length

Even such a trendy style as the boxed beard can be totally wasted if your facial hair looks dry and dull. Sometimes, your natural oils can’t withstand urban pollution, so your task is to help them out with a special beard oil, such as jojoba.

Red Beard

Flanagans Barbers Beard growth can come in surprising colors. Facial hair is frequently lighter, greyer or redder than hair on the head. This gentleman has light brown hair and a contrasting red beard.

Ducktail Beard

Scruff Beard

The scruff beard or as it’s also called a stubble beard is a style that looks great on anybody. The thickness of your facial hair doesn’t matter, as this beard style can equally add texture and grit to both a patchy beard and a dense one. To achieve the look, let your facial hair grow up to three days. After that, you can either shave the whole beard off or trim it short. If you want to epitomize the look of a guy from Wall Street with your stubble, trim your neck and cheek lines. Alternatively, leave your facial hair to grow naturally without additional maintenance to attain a more scruffy look.

Long Beard

Corporate Beard

Thick Beard

, depending on your genetics and lifestyle. If you want to trim the lower neck or edges to keep a tight design, you can do so. But be careful not to groom too much or become impatient as you’ll never be able to grow your beard to its full potential. The picture above is a great example of how full beards style well with longer hair.

Short Beard

, guys can create the perfect facial hair for their facial features and style.

Trimmed Beard

Chin Beard

Textured Pomp

d Some Swanky Masculinity To Your Everyday Beard Styles

Not so long ago, during the global recession of economic, a beard was a means of saving money. Moreover, the attitude toward the facial hair was rather negative, especially from women. However, in the recent past, a beard became an ultimate statement of a man’s style and masculinity. With its help, you can not only look cooler and breezier but also conceal or adjust some minor flaws. To get the most of your beard styles, here are some bits and bobs to keep in mind.

Stubble Beard

The Lucky Blue Smith

Magazine in Spring/Summer 2016, photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack. He looks ravishing with spaghetti platinum hair, a floral print shirt, and a white lily between his lips.

Lumberjack Beard

Beard Care Tips To Maintain Your Look Impressively

Bald with Beard

or loss, a bald head can be a choice for a low-maintenance style.

Temple Fade

staygold A short temple fade makes hair all over appear even thicker than it already is.

Different Beard Styles

Squeak Pro Barber There are so many different ways to wear a beard. The best beard style for you depends on the pattern of facial hair growth and face shape. This almost chin strap focuses on where hair grows the thickest plus some additional shaping.

Beard Styles

The following long, full beard styles are for men who want to grow and style a thick beard that exudes manliness.

Short Comb Over Fade with Full Short Beard

Short Beard Style

Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez This cool short beard trimming style is about shape more than length. The established geometry plays the characteristics of the head.

Would you like more examples? Check the following gallery:

Soft Fade Crop This French crop has short sides and a layered fringe for a sleek and modern look. Although you don’t need the tattoos to complete this look, they certainly add to the style a hipsterish appearance.

Easy to Spiky Convertible Hairstyles need not be difficult to look good. This French plant is a textbook example of the style, with some natural texture on top.

Fangs Fringe If the standard French plant is too bland for your taste, you can let some front tufts grow. The resulting presence of the horn or fang is aggressive and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Clean Skin Fade For the practical man, it’s probably the ultra-short French crop. This cut is a star in our books with a buzz cut on the ends, fading up and into a short plant of 1 to 2 centimeters!

French Long Fringe Crop There are no rules in the hairstyling world. Grow your fringe out and we’ll still let you call it a French crop, just like this classic hairstyle twist of the 21st century.

Beard Fade

Beard fade is one of black men’s most impressive beard designs. You must first have a tapered fade haircut and then blend the beard into it to get the look right. The beard fade takes the leading positions in the array of black men beard styles. This is the kind of types of black beard that will not leave you indifferent.

Beard Styles

staygold The best beard styles fit with patterns of hair growth and face shape. This cool look contrasts with a whole beard with a buzz cut. With a line up, neck taper, sideburn fade and beard grooming around the neck and moustache, the cut is polished all around.

Essentially, the circle beard is a type of a basic beard. Being one of the most popular short beards, it combines a round goatee and a mustache. It looks very neat and clean, thus, is highly flattering for business people.

Long Hipster Beard with Slicked Back Undercut

Long, Thick Beard

Full Stubble Beard

Short Spiky Hair with Mid Fade and Heavy Stubble Beard

Balbo Beard

The Balbo Beard is one of the most recognizable types of beards. The one and only Robert Downey, Jr. has been helping to popularize it for quite a long time now. To achieve the style, you need to have a full beard so that there is a lot of material to work with. In addition, you are required to grow a mustache, which will round up the look.

Lumberjack Beard

Clean Beard Design

Handlebar Mustache

Reuzel This lumberjack beard is ready for city usage thanks to good grooming, a dapper hairstyle and a subtly waxed handlebar at the ends of a massive mustache.

Short styling beard styles


Skin Fade Haircut Ideas (Trendsetter for

Men’s Surfer Hairstyles For The Beach

The surfer boy haircut has been in fashion for years and achieving a sexy surfer hairstyle is simple even if you don’t have blonde hair. To inspire you to get the look, we’ve compiled some of the hottest short and long surfer hairstyles of the year. Check out our collection of cool surfer hair and start planning to grow out yours before the coming summer.

Anchor Beard

Natural Beard

Good Blast from the Past, or Infamous Blunder?

Rusty Rough Texture For those with a slight wave or curl in their hair, this hairstyle requires a bit of care. Even those with natural straight hair are going to have to blow dry hair straight for this linear look. Pass a pomade through large sections after blow-drying (and straightening, for those with waves) to get that extra texture.

All about Textured Fringes The choppy layers make it easy to achieve this incredibly stylish look. All it takes after a good visit to the barber is a bit of wax split through the sheets.

Frizzled Subtle Part Beaches The 90s heartbeat hair makes a serious comeback. This look also describes laid-back chic with a single strategically placed curl swept across the forehead.

Side Brushed Open Puff On so many face shapes, a cut like this looks good. To lengthen the head, it can be styled with more weight on top. For an intentionally unkempt look, it can be partnered around. To complement a person’s jawline, it can be styled with a rounded or angled top. Holding the sides clean without exaggerating the hair top is the main focus.

Wavy Medium Length Mess Play with your hair’s thickness and length with this sloppy look.

Shave Thin Temple Brushed Back Hair is popular. One of the greatest advantages of having mid-length hair is that it can offer a thinner hair illusion. Long hair has too much weight, making it a little more difficult to hide thinning areas. Short hair does not provide enough length to cover thin spots entirely. Brushing back of the mid-length hair will mask any thinning areas thoroughly. Trimming the temples can leave an interesting separation between haircut and facial hair for added character.

Blonde High Brushed Quiff The length of the nexus of this type. This blonde hairstyle strawberry has so much personality when the hair is at the right midpoint. It may look traditional when the hair is too short. It may look cartoonish when the hair is too long. Use a lightweight wax in damp hair when the hair is right and blow dry hair up and back. Then use a strong-hold hairspray to make sure hair stays up. Hold the sides compact with a few loose strands sticking out against the scalp.

Freezing Sometimes it’s best to let your hair do what it wants. It’s hard to go wrong at that distance. The hair is long enough to create interesting shapes alone and short enough not to get into your mouth and eyes. Even if you don’t do anything about your hair, this trouble-free length gives you the impression you know how to pose yourself.

The obvious part helps hair to be pushed back in opposite directions. A fade down the sides breaks the opposing row. This style is interesting and exciting because of the different lines.

Undercut Layered Push Back Hair in this immaculate style is cleanly swept back. The line detail carved behind the ear gives the character of the cut and keeps it too good. Use a good conditioner, a large-tooth comb, and an anti-frizz cream to avoid flyaways.

Slicked Back with Fade Temple This style removes hair from the eyes. A fresh take on this attractive length is to tidy up the sides with a temple fade.

Dirty Brown Loose Strands Medium-length hair. The medial color is rusty red. Between blonde and black, the rich tone is found and perfectly complements loose strands. This cut requires minimal maintenance effort and is perfect for any occasion.

High Volume Brush Up To look a bit like vintage Colin Farrell, use a blow dryer to push hair up. Take the pressure with a comb on the hand. Using wax for consistency texture and hairspray. Move a few strands forward for depth. Look through the mirror. You’re a celebrity from Ireland.

Mid-parted beaches This look can be seen everywhere: from New York streets to red carpets and fashion magazines. It tells the world that you are simple and mellow, with smart style and a sense of what looks good.

Undercut and Classic Top This classic haircut provides numerous incentives in a judicious decision. Not only does it look great on almost any face shape, it’s easy to style and maintain as well.

Classic Taper and Medium Top This sharp look impresses people that they understand their personal style and want to excel in their lives. Despite feeling old and stodgy, it shows maturity. Get this look by keeping your hair on top for longer and tapering your hands. Sweep your hair to the side and drop it wherever you want.

High Volume Top with Tapered Sides’

Standard Taper on Scissors Crop’

Small Scissors Crop and Taper’

Peter Facinelli Medium Crop’

Fares Scissors Crop’

There is a certain obsession with strong, talented soccer players who attract the attention of everyone on the field. Fans, hairstylists, fashion fans, sports enthusiasts— everyone is curious to see what a famous soccer player’s new hairstyle is wearing at the time. The following famous soccer haircuts certainly flatter out there any face shape and age. If you want to keep up with the latest hairstyling trends, it’s enough to be motivated by selecting a trendy soccer haircut to go with your amazing fashion style and look at the soccer field.