Crazy modern hairstyles For Brave Men


Long Crown Tail

Modern hairdoses from different cultures and traditions, and those known as conventional, have evolved from hairstyles such as this long crown tail, worn by men in some African tribes in search of a wife. This style involves pulling together your hair to form a long tail at the top and then closely shaving the rest of the head.
It is impossible to give the types of menTMs insane hairstyles currently available an accurate number because new ones are always coming up, and the choices are endless as people continue to play with their imagination. Some haircuts, however, will always distinguish a man or at least draw attention. Whether people see them as interesting, attractive or even strange, these styles will always let people talk. Thelookscome in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. There are no criteria used to define mad designsas, so any look can be put in this class as long as it is out of the ordinary or unorthodox.

Braided Man Bun

For most people, a bun requires simply pulling the hair together in the middle or back and securing it with a tie, so this design deviates from the norm. In this haircut, while the sides and back are trimmed, long hair is left only at the crown. Then, long top hair is woven into a single French braid that seems to be pulled together into a bun. Getting this lookright can be quite tricky, and so it requires very skilled hands.

Extreme Spiky Mohawk

This is an incredible design, and although it may not be as crazy as others, it will still take a lot of wear. In this style, hair is rasped into a Mohawk-like style with a thin strip of hair left in the middle and closely cut on the sides. Then the hair section in the middle is colored and styled into some extra high and thick spikes.

Blonde Emo

In addition to blonde hair color styling, this emo hair style also contributes a great deal to the beauty. In this look, the hair is divided into two sections where one section is brought forward to cover the face and the other spiky section is left facing upwards.

All Blue & Crazy

If this guy had chosen a different color for his hair, probably not many people would notice how crazy his hairstyle is. The manestarts with a simple and neat design on the crown, but with the introduction of the long blue locks styled to face up, things get crazy. The hair also contains a dummy or doll and a hair roller to make the hair weirder.

Braided Locks

By braiding as in this style, you can create dreadlocks and make them look even more attractive by mixing different colors in the locks. With this style, a bright color like white looks best, and it is also important to note that the braiding style used is unique because it does not follow the same pattern as any of the traditional braiding styles.

‘ Himba Dreadlocks’

‘ This weirdhairdo was inspired by the traditions of the Namibian Himba people. They are dreadlocks that are done differently from the well-known or conventional locks. The ends of the locks are fake hair in this style and not necessarily the wearer’s hair. Like the rest of the hair, the ends are also not locked in, so they form what looks like a fallen tree on the head.

Buttered Afro

In some parts of the world, butter is used to make hair stronger and shinier, which is probably why this Afro looks all buttered. Like any other haircut, the afro is well combed and styled, but what makes it crazy is the generous amount of butter used on the hair that even makes it turn white.

colorful soccer ball.The Mohawk in this haircut like crown hair is beautiful, but the pattern of soccer ball on the sides and back seems to steal all the attention. Although the pattern of the soccer ball is very detailed, the design adds some bright colors to spice things up further. It’s a very bright hairstyle that you can’t easily hide, so you’ve got to wear it very boldly.

White Afro

If you’re not sure what to do with long hair or afro to make it stand out, you can try to kill it all as white as you do. That makes this style look amazing is the white dye’s aquality and how it has been applied. It doesn’t get any whiter than this and it’s also dyed white to spice up the facial hair look.

Extra High Top

This lookright will probably require some extra work and a generous amount of hold product, but if you’re looking for a simple but crazy hairstyle, it’s worth the effort. Getting it is very simple. All that’s needed is to keep long hair with the sides at the top and short left back. Some hold product should be applied and styled on the long top to give it some extra height.

All Grown Out Spikes

It is quite common and popular with lovers of rock and punk music as crazy as this cut may seem. It is also very simple because it involves only all grown-out spikes or extra large spikes. Because the spikes are larger, they will be less on the face as well. For men with medium to long hair, it’s a very simple style to wear.

High & Messy Top with Beard

This style is crazy and beautiful in equal proportions, and it’s a good idea for men who like to keep medium length and hair unclogged. The high and messy top looks exquisite, but it’s the whole beard that makes this style more attractive as it perfectly blends with the hairstyle.

Double-Decks Faux

If you’re thinking about getting the popular faux hawk, then you can try this style to get you out of the crowd. It is in every sense an ordinary faux hawk but what makes it unique is the double decks created by giving hair two distinct levels of color. While the hair is below black, the hair on the faux hawk’s top section is gray.

Perfect Dali Image

It is very common for men to draw faces on their heads, but in this hairstyle, few barbers can get as good a picture as the Dali face. Overall, the hair is rasped on level two with the clipper to leave just enough hair to curve the face of the Dali. The barber has to be very experienced as he gets everything right in the face, including amustache. And you just don’t need to be told what it was supposed to be because it’s very clear.

Flamed Up Top

This cuthas is designed to look like a fire from the shape it takes to choose the color of the skin. Especially if you want to stand out from the rest, it is an attractive style. It can be used to express your personality and is also very easy to wear because the only other notable thing apart from the color is the shape of the scissor trimmed.

30Blue Designs

By adding side designs or patterns, the great blue Mohawk in this hairdo is made even better. These patterns help enhance the Mohawk, but despite the fact that the Mohawk is the center of alook, they will probably steal all attention. There are also some colors given to the skillfully curved wavy patterns to make them even more attractive,
Crazy hairstyles have been there for many years and will continue to be there in the years to come and if the past trend is anything to go through the styles will become even more crazy. The best thing about these haircutsis types is that they have no restrictions whatsoever, and you can come up with a unique one by just shaving something that is not conventional. But if you don’t think of anything crazy, you can try one or a few of the crazy hairstyles mentioned above.

Strange face

Strange face on the back of the head involves shaving. It’s a very sexy look that reveals the innovative nature of some barbers. How accurately the face is brought out is what makes this hairstyle cool. You can see clearly that this is a person’s head wearing big shades, and he also seems to have a big mustache.

Small Island

This style is attractive and strange as only a small portion of the hair remains on the head. The rest of the head is rasped bald, so the small part of the left hair creates what looks like a small island on the head with no hair trace elsewhere.

Diagonal Parting

This cut might have looked like a regular hairdo with a side partition. The diagonal part, however, makes it crazy as it effectively shows that the person appears on each side of the part to wear two different styles. The hairstyle on one hand looks like a buzz cut, while on the other hand it’s a short side swept hairstyle.

Web spider

This style shows how creative hair stylists and barbers can be. You can just look at it and say it’s very complicated and very difficult to build. The web that forms the base is probably the easier thing in the cut because its legs are formed by braiding, the spider is quite detailed.
Mr. Green

It is common to see men with colored hair but mostly very conservative in colour. Most men prefer to go colors like brown or some shades of gray with natural hair. What makes this lookcrazy is that with some patches of pink or maroon, hair is given a brilliant green color. In addition to the color, it’s all natural.

Greasy Curly Locks

You can easily mistake this haircut for a traditional one if you don’t look closer. It looks like a neat curly locks hairstyle on the surface, but looking closer, you can see that hair is full of fat. The excess graase on the hair is meant to make it more attractive as crazy as it may sound.

Half Blue Inspiration

Most men’s haircuts and hairstyle focus more on the crown or top section of the head as this is always the attraction center. However, this hairstyle does the complete opposite, as the light blue color on the lower half of the head or the sides and back is what will attract the attention of most people.

Thin Mohawk & Star

Mohawks have been on the trend for some time now, so it was only a matter of time before people started to come up with various variations of this cut. Compared to the conventional Mohawk, this particular hairstyle is a good example of this as the Mohawk in the extra thin look. Also on one of the sides there is a star shaved in, unlike the traditional style where the sides are shaved bald.

The Gecko

Although there’s a lot of crazy and strange hairstyles out there, it’s probably one of the craziest you’ll ever find. To carve out the shapes of a gecko with the long tail included, it must have taken a lot of creativity and patience.

Viking Warrior

Viking warriors and several other warriors from various communities in Asia and the Middle East were known to keep one or two locks on their hair as a sign that they were never defeated in battle. His style tends to draw inspiration from these fighters, but by adding a ring to one of his two fingers, the wearer takes things further. Apart from the two long locks, with this hairstyle, there’s almost nothing very exciting.

Blue Crown outlined

Blue shade in this looks amazing, but the cut also plays a major role in the overall appearance of ahairstyle. Longer hair is left at the top, while an undercut is given to the sides and back. To complete the odd look, the long hairs are then combed forward towards the front.

Wavy Pump

One of the things that makes it stand out is the parting on this model, but the extra long wavy top is also an impressive feature. The long top shape is this hairstyle’s most interesting part, as it looks like an exaggerated pompadour.

Scissor Cut & Colored

It’s amazing how many things you can do with your scissors on your hair. The long hair is trimmed in this particular look, but not proportionately, as some areas around the face are cut short to leave some space for the eyes, nose and mouth when styled forward. Then the hair is given a certain color to finish the look.