Side Fringe

Side Fringe Flirty

Brad Pitt shows how it’s done for those who want a flirty haircut elegant contact. He textured his hair and gave it a tiny touch on the ears. To add flatter to his looks, a side swept fringe comes in handy.
Quiff Long Sleek Hair

This haircut adds tons of volume to your mane. Providing this sleek look without sacrificing density is textured. With some blonde highlights, the ends of these dark brown locks are brought to life. To give a manly look, a thick, well-shaped beard comes in handy.

Long Layered Top with Undercut Sides

Brad Pitt gives you an opportunity to see why he’s considered one of the hottest living people. The star is keeping his top locks long and pulling backwards. From the long top locks to the undercut sides, there is a drastic change in length.

Bangs hipster

Here you can add a little more shade to your style and keep the summer heat safe. This thin hair has some texture and gives the front bangs a cool look. It features an undercut that creates a disconnected haircut illusion.

These are the best straight hair ideas for men who appreciate their appearance and want to take it a little higher. It’s time to make a choice and get in touch with your stylist to help you achieve the desired hairstyle.

Sliced Long Side Quiff

This is an opportunity to add a little swag to your haircut. To give this style a more dramatic look, the side quiff is given a boost at the roots and connects with a slicked back end. A tapered cut is good at controlling this style’s shape.

Perfect Preppy Hair

Leonardo DiCaprio shows you how to make your hair look smooth and thin. The hair is pulled back to make this celebrity’s face much more complete and bring out the hot looks.

Top Bun Side Braid

If you want to be a bit feminine then hereTM is the perfect match for you. The top of this blonde hair is pulled back into a bun with one side in the braid of a fishtail. To create this fresh look, the side and back are brushed and given a little texture.

is a perfect haircut for boys. It’s a style that allows you to shed a few years and give you a bold look. Lots of texture and volume are given to the hair. For a hotter look, it is cropped to fit perfectly with the eyebrows.

Half-Slicked Back with Undercut Sides

> Half-Slicked Back with Undercut Sides

The blonde locks are pulled back to the top and on the sides are given an undercut. The back has a fast fade. The blonde tone is enlivened by gray highlights that add to this style some class.

Undercut Sides Textured Half-Pomp

This style adds visual volume and texture. The pump flips to one side and blends well with the sides of the undercut to provide a fresh finish.

Cropped Fringe Skin Fade

This haircut has a lot of edge. To create a stylish fringe that keeps the length on top, it is textured and cropped just above the front. The sides feature a skin fade that provides a more classy appeal with an operating line.

Flat Slopped Top

This flat top style is unique in that it slopes backwards. To give a neat look, the sides are textured and brushed. They connect to the rusty blonde beards perfectly.

Skin Fade for Spiky Top

Play with texture hereTMs. The abundance of length on top makes texture easier and makes it look spiky. By incorporating a skin fade that connects well with the beard line, the sides are given a clean cut.

Perfect Cut with Face Framing Bang

This hair has a magical transformation which adds elegance to the dark shade. The sides with the ears are cut to the ground. To provide the face with a perfect frame and add to your sexy look, a side bang is added.

Gentlemen’s Perfect Quiff Pomp

This style seems very sophisticated and suits those who want something unique and trendy. In this medium hair, the cool pump and the tapered sides create the unimaginable. The texture adds extraordinary thickness to it.

Longer but male

Long locks tend to add to your looks a feminine appeal. But you ought to allow it to weigh you down as a man. The top layers can be cut short and the base layers can be left longer. A side part and a tap just above the beard line help you get your manly look back.

Pomp Mohawk

For those looking for a haircut disconnected, this is a great option. To provide a challenging look, the voluptuous pomp is styled into a mohawk. A fade cut is given to the sides to cool the style.

Bald Fade Cropped Hair

This will definitely be appreciated by those seeking a simple solution for coarse and rusty blonde hair. The top is cropped while a bald fade is given to the sides to separate it from the thin beard.
Looking for the best straight hair ideas for men? Well, don’t look anymore, because I’ve prepared everything for you already. I have plenty of ideas in mind, but I’ve decided to narrow down to the best that will help you achieve your dream looks. Read on below and find out what style you could find the perfect fit.

Weighty Tape

This is a cool style with a lot of texture. To give a spiky look, the hair is pulled back and styled. A small taper on the sides and back gives you a cutting-edge haircut you’re definitely going to be proud of.

Messy Pomp

Ĺ“Messy but this style is perfectly described. Tons of texture are given to the hair and styled into a messy yet sleek pump that graces the undercut sides.

Slicked Back with Double Tap

Here’s a great idea about how to remove this monotonous look from your sliced back haircut. The sides include a double tap with two lines of surgery to create a statement. The neck’s nape has a smooth undercut.

Bored with your blonde locks? Okay, to create a magical transformation, you should add a few touches. There, the textured portion is pulled sideways and backwards to create a gentleman look within you.

Have you crazy thick hair and want to thin it? Well, donTMt because it’s going to make the shape and structure loose. To create shallow channels, you can give it a lite point cut. To add more drama, a blunt yet bold fringe adorns the front. A skin fade that disconnects the sides from the top is provided.

Fade Cut for Flat Top

A good way to add some edge to your style. The creative flat top combines to give you the cool look of a gentleman with a fade cut. To add a little flatter, the hair connects well to the beards.

Spiky Pump Double Tap

The pump must always be sleek. By texturing it and styling it, you can give it a messy look to create the illusion of a spiky top. A double tap with a matching surgical line is given to the undercut sides.