Wavy and Short Blonds

It is a perfect way to add a twist to your overall appearance by adding some color to your short strings. The short strands also have some beautiful waves in this particular design, which make them look very fine. There’s also a beautiful tapering on the edges, and it helps make this a top notch haircut.

Low Side Taper

Few haircuts can be as straightforward as this one, so you can almost never go wrong even if your barber is not very skilled. It involves cutting the short strands with a razor and then creating a zero taper on the sides to give a stylish look to the design. If you want a natural finish, you can make the hairs wavy at the top or just leave them as they are.

High-fade inventive crown

Anyone watching this headdress will want a second glimpse because the top design is very creative. It’s also very easy to create, though, because you just have to leave a long wavy hair and then give a blonde dye job to its ends. On the sides and back, you should finish the look with a high fade.

An African-American fade is very common with African-Americans because it allows them to spice up their appearance. Whether you have long or short hair in a simple or intricate style, this technique can still be used to spice up. And the 90 hairdos above are going to give you some ideas about the various things you can try on your hair.

Classy Long Dreads

It’s amazing how easy it is to shorten the side and back of your hair. All you need to do in this style is to chop a few of your sides and back pains. You should then taper these areas smoothly and then style your dreadlocks to create a classy headdress by making them slightly messy.

Naturally Textured Fade

This haircut is very inventive due to the fact that the back is not faded or tapered but rather in a medium length, creating a fake hawk. The hair’s natural texture is fabulous as well, and it will give you many options as you can use almost any kind of fade on the sides.

Stylish Man Bun

Elegant is an understatement when you describe this haircut, because it’s a lot more. All about it is beautiful and you can be sure of a very trendy look if you can recreate it. It involves laying on the crown a long hair and then pulling into a smooth man bun. Then you should create a stylish V-shape fade under the bun and finish on the back and sides with some fancy designs. If you have a natural black hair, this style will look best, but even if you have any other shade, you can create it.

V-shaped Blurry Fade

A number of shaving techniques combine to make this headdress trendy. The design begins by tapering the strands on the back to make them shorter than those on the front. Then you should inventively shave the sides to create a V-shape on the back and finish with a blurry fade just to spice up their appearance.

Spiky Top with Faded Sides

This haircut gives you an idea of what to do with your strands if you prefer extra height. The strands are beautifully textured, but what makes them cool is their spiky feel. There is also a magnificent tapering on the sides, and it helps spice up the design.

Natural Box Fade

This fresh cut keeps a very natural look, making it a fabulous hairdo for every person with a few inches of hair. It involves leaving a curly strand on top and tapering it backwards. In order to finish the design, you should fade the sides to create a box shape.

Intricate Razor Pattern Faux Hawk.

Artistic Blurry Fade

Blurry fading may be a straightforward hairdo, but it looks very distinct because it has a dramatic cut that makes it look great. On the sides, the razor cut lines are beautiful, and they give a stylish look to the theme. The simple pony knot on the crown, however, often contributes to the design’s charm.

Fashionable Reverse V Fade

This haircut is a typical high and flat top but it looks very distinct due to its fade. You should first shave your hair and comb it into a box design to create this style and then create the reverse V-fade design on the back. Also, you should create a reverse skin fade under the V as this will help make the design fancy.

Extra Chic Dreads

Dreads look amazing especially if you keep them smooth and healthy, but the styling in this design takes on a slightly higher appearance by introducing intricate sides cuts. And you should taper them and finish with some decorative razor lines instead of just shaving the sides short.

Twisty and Tapered

For some years now, the twist sponge look has been in the trend, so it’s very common. Nonetheless, in this fashion, you can still make yours look distinct. All you need to do is give them an extra height at the front and finish your style on the sides with a smooth tapering.

Extra High and Natural

African American strands have a unique texture and volume, making it possible to wear such a polished hair. This involves leaving on the crown a long hair and then shaping it to create an extra high top look by upsweeping. Then you should finish it with tapering the sides and making them short.

Burst Fade on a Frohawk

You don’t have to shave the strands on the sides and wear a faded design back completely because you can still achieve one by cutting a small section like this. Only a few inches are cut here on the sides to emphasize the fabulous Frohawk. In the short section, you should also have a few razor lines to spice up the look.

Uniform Hair with Contoured Cut

Some men prefer to keep their haircut uniform, but this should not mean that they should always have a simple and dull look. This cut retains a uniform size, but it still looks very sleek, thanks to the front line contoured and the perfect sides tapering.

Samurai Slash

You may name this hairstyle whatever you like, but it will look good on you only if the cut and style are right. It begins with creating a neat Low Top and then tapering the sides and making them shorter than the crown. Then you should finish the style by shaving the neat and precise line of razor that gives the look of the slash.

Perfectly braided and faded Some intricacy in your styling will always give you a stylish appearance, and this headdress proves this without any doubt. It has a very classy braid to get right, which will require a high level of skills. However, without the sharp fade on the sides, the design would not be complete as it creates a disconnection with the beard to keep all attention on the elegant braids.

Polished Gentleman Fade

This style should be attempted by any African American man who wants to wear a formal look because he wants to stand out. Even though it’s very short, it’s also very elegant, and it has a distinct look of a gentleman that turns heads. It’s also very easy to create as you just need to chop the short top and then on the sides give it a high fade. You should end with a short beard with a precise shape.

High Tapering on Dreads

These dreadlocks have no fancy because their styling only involves pulling them to the top of the head and tying them in a loose bun. However, what makes the style look fancy and stylish is the high tapering on the sides.

Medium Length Afro with Faded Sides

An afro is one of African Americans ‘ most famous hairdos, and rightly so because it works well with its hair texture. The one on this style comes from a hair of medium length, and by giving the sides and back a zero fade, you should emphasize it.

High Front with Tapered Slope

You don’t have to go flat and high because you can still create a fantastic look like this by introducing a cut slant. The style begins by sweeping the front to give it an extra height and then tapering the hair to make it look sloping. In order to create a disconnection with the neat and extra long beard, you should finish with a skin fade on the sides.

Controlled chaos with tapering

The crown’s long hair looks unkempt, but that’s what makes it a top-notch haircut. The mess at the top is very fashionable, contrary to how it looks, and it’s the barber who makes the hair appear this way. Besides this design, on the sides and back, the haircut also has a subtle tapering.
Smooth and Wavy

If you prefer to keep your hair low, this is the perfect style for you as it keeps a few short strands with smooth waves that make them look beautiful. Besides the waves, the design angles and the high tapering are fantastic as well. And if you have long hairs on your face, you should give them such an angular cut and create a disconnection to have a refined look.

Lovely Curved Line Tapering

Source The easiest way to create a sleek look like this is to keep your hair natural. You should trim your hair to about one inch on the crown and then form a curved side part to replicate this style. Then you should taper the hair below this line by gradually reducing it to create a beautiful design.

Curly Fade with side part

Some people will describe this design as an undercut fading towards the line and sides of the nape. Although this is also a correct description, a high fade with a sharp side part line that creates a disconnect with the curly top is the easier one. The hair’s brown color is also beautiful as it makes it more appealing.

Razor Line Dreads

Another example of how you can use your dreads to create a refined look without shaving them. It involves tapering the sides and then creating a wavy razor line to separate them from the faded area around the dreads at the top of the head.

Neat High Top

A classic high top makes a smooth and decent haircut for a charming look. It has an extra height in this design, adding to its beauty and elegance. What makes it an edgy haircut, though, is the tapering on the sides and the angular cut on the front.

Messy Top with High Fade

African Americans don’t have to make their locks sleek or neat to look amazing as they still can create a stylish look like this by keeping a messy hair on top. All you need to do in this style is to make sure that your messy strands face the same direction and then give them a smooth high-fade design to create a fabulous look on the sides.

Flawless Sponge Curls

Sponge curls provide an easy and easy way to make short strands look fancy. You shouldn’t just leave them as they are, however, as you can still take this lovely design a little higher with a skin fade on the sides and some precise razor cutting angles on the front.

Carved Back with Right Angled Sides

This haircut may look very sophisticated, but it’s very easy to achieve if you’re using skilled and experienced barber services. It begins by slowing down the back while leaving the natural front. To make your style look great on the sides, you can build some right angles.

Delightful Short High Fade

Massive beard is what will steal all attention because it’s not just big but impeccable and it’s going to make a man look very modern. The haircut is also top notch, though, and you can tell it’s a very skilled and experienced stylist’s job. It involves cutting very short the strands on the crown and making them wavy. Then you should create a side line and then give a nice high fade to the strands below it.

Cool Side Part with Sponge Twists

In this design, the precision level of the carved side line is very impressive and it is sufficient to convince you to try this cut. Other things, however, still make this a top notch haircut, including the sponge twists at the top and the slight tapering on the sides.

Elegant Sharp Fade

This haircut is another example of a design you can create when you want to leave very short stands. It’s very close to the scalp, but at the front and on the facial hair it has some neat angles which make the design look very polished. Besides this, the hair also has a section of zero fade which creates a disconnection with the beard.

In this hairstyle, curly hair makes a very lovely fake hawk look, and all you need to do is cut the sides. You should not only make it short, however, but instead you should have a high fade. On the short faded sides, you should finish the design with some intricate razor patterns as this will help make the style look trendy.
Prev1 of > Next An Afro fade is a haircut characterized by a gradual tapering of hair, but other types of fade are more inventive and chic. While it needs a high level of skill and is also very laborious, the outcomes are very good, which makes the effort worthwhile. No other cut will give a man this fade’s clean feel and fresh look, and the good thing is you can still have any other design at the top. And so if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to rock this trendy haircut hers is a 90 amazing pictures gallery.

Box Top with Razor Line

This Box Top design looks amazing, not only because of its cutting accuracy and neatness, but also because it has a diagonal razor line which helps spice it up. Besides this, it also has on the sides and back a neat tapering that gives it a classy look.

High Fade Dreadlocked

Even if you want to change your appearance, it is always difficult to shave your dreads. But, like in this model, you can still keep them on the crown and then on the sides have a skin fade to create a polished look. You can keep your dreads and change your overall appearance by doing this as well.

Fresh and Wavy Cut This haircut is ideal for anyone who prefers formal and low maintenance cuts. With some smooth waves, it’s a very straightforward cut that makes it look very polished. And you’re supposed to finish the sides with a simple fade that should make the sides be on the same level as your sideburns.

Blue Low Top

If you don’t want a high and flat top look distorted, you should get this Low Top model because it uses the same idea but holds the hair closer to the forehead than the usual ones. Besides that, it also has a magical blue color on the sides and an exceptional tapering design that makes it look amazing.

Stunning Curly Afro

Afros are very simple styles you can easily achieve if you have the correct length. The one in this design has some messy curls, but as it has a medium length, it is still as effortless as the others. However, what makes it look distinct is the faded corners and the angular shapes at the front.

Straight High-Top

This hairdo’s high-top design is very impressive, and you can say the barber took a lot of time to make sure it’s not just high, but also very straight. Besides that, he also creates a beautiful Afro fade on the sides and some sharp angles on the front that help improve the look.

Side Fade Top Knot

This headdress is very distinct and easy to create as well. You just need to create multiple multi-directional braids at the top of the head. You should tie the braids together and finish your style by giving a zero fade to the side to create the top knot. You should innovatively shape your facial hair to enhance the overall look.

Sleek and Geometric Waves

In the top section of this headdress, the sleek waves are incredible and will make anybody look exquisite. The geometric cuts on the sides and the hard part line, however, also help to improve this look as they add some detail to the hair’s faded section.

Modern haircuts like this one don’t exaggerate anything, but they have very precise and skillful cuts. The model has a perfect full tapering and it is important to taper the strands in the middle towards the back and finish by combing them to create a smooth look. You should also trim and shape your beard innovatively as it will improve your overall appearance.

Precise angles and fade for dreads

Contrary to what most people think, you can spice up your dreadlocks without cutting them. All you need to do in this specific headdress is to model the locks on the hairline with some sharp lines and then give a nice fade to the growth on the hair.
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Simple Clean Taper

To create an elegant look, you don’t have to shave a lot of your natural textured locks. On the sides, a simple tapering is enough to give you such a refined style. And all you have to do is give it some sharp angles and do the tapering smoothly as well.

Razor Fade Mohawk

Mohawks will never go out of the style as you can wear one in many ways, so you need only a little imagination to create a unique headdress. The design keeps a curly hair in the middle in this style, which also has a beautiful brown shade. The Mohawk’s sides also have a razor fade, making the design different as the typical ones have cut the sides very close to the skull.

Flat Top with Zero Fade Sides

It’s a very cute flat top model, but if you want to look stylish, you shouldn’t just leave it easy. Instead, on the sides, you should have a zero fade and then create some stylish razor lines to make your headdress look superb.

Twisted and curved locks

The natural twisted locks at the top of this headdress look amazing and make a man look very sophisticated. We also have a brightly colored patch that makes them look better. Nonetheless, what makes this a sleek look is still the curved line at the front and the high fade.

Clever and

Modern hairdos are about originality, because that’s what makes a man look unique. Only two imaginative braids are on the hand in this fashion and the rest of the hair is tapered. While this may look like a very simple haircut, it’s still very trendy and it gives a unique appearance to a man.

Unique Twists Sponge Fading

Sponge twists will always make a classy headdress, and they are easy to make and style. However, if you want to create a unique look, you still need to be inventive as they are very common. The twists have a light blue shade on them in this particular style, but this isn’t the only thing that makes them unique. They also have an impressive Mohawk design resulting from giving a high fade to the sides.

Fresh Twists Sponge Mohawk

This haircut will work well for you if you’re bold enough to experiment with your hair. It involves cutting the sides and leaving the sponge in the center of the twists. Then you should give a brown dye job to the twists and finish the style on the sides with a zero fade.

Innovative Faux Hawk with a Super Fade

Some of the things that make this fake hawk look really innovative are the confusion in the long hair and its great dye job. It also has a smooth fade on the edges, however, which makes it look magnificent. There is also an amazing razor cut line in the faded area that helps to create a very stylish pattern.

Bleached and Curly Perfection

The bleached blonde look in this design will catch most people’s attention, but there’s more to the style than that. These short strands also have some cute natural curls on the sides, as well as a classic tapering that helps make the style look superb.

Smooth undercut Fade

In this design, the long and voluminous hair looks very charming, but the smooth and faded undercut still looks a little higher. It also helps to create a beautiful look by linking the beard to the hair on the face.


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