Professional Men’s Classic Hairstyles

Having a neat professional hairstyle is important in the business world. To all tastes, you want to look trustworthy and pleasant. It’s just not appropriate when you cut and style your hair to make good first impressions and messy hair. Yet ready-made hair in the office need not be boring to look at some of these company models.

Ultra Slick with Precise Parting

This undercut has been graded to a super straight side partition while the hair on the other side has a smooth straight comb.
Golden Brown with Neat Clipped Side

Short razor-cut sides with longer hair are shown in this image. This glossy hair was combed back to fall naturally with a slight boost.

Chairman of the Board

Christian Bale takes a look at this understated part of the business. The hair looks soft and natural to give the style lift with some teased sections.

Midnight Black Smart Hair

His short hair was given an accurate side while the rest was neatly smoothed. This is the perfect look for a man who works in a company.

Sleek Copper Colored Look

This hair’s color is eye-catching but the œno nonsense styling is well balanced. Here the sides are only slightly shorter than the back-sleeked top hair.

Flattering ‘s Style

With a slight variation, yesterday’s softly gelled back look is gone. The sides are trimmed a little shorter rather than all the hair sliced back. This is a look that’s going to suit most guys.

Super Short Dark Ashy Hair

A mushroom cut may lack the necessary gravitas for the boardroom, but a work ready style has been achieved by carefully grading the short sides into the top hair.

Classic Boardroom Crew Cut

This updated crew cutsees hair split into separate sections before combing back. A little lift was created across the fringe to stop the hair from appearing flat.

Bronze Highlights Over Textured Hair

Golden sun-kissed highlights were used to add clarity to this neatly coifed model, with waves adding appeal.

Banker Chic

Brown-black hair was cut very short on the sides, but the hair was gently graded into the longer hair on the top instead of partitioning.

Structured Look with Nutmeg Waves

Eddie Redmaynem may look relaxed but elegant in its structured style. The hair along the sides was slightly shorter and the top hair was blown out to add volume with a wavy look. You can also see golden beige micro highlights capturing the light if you look closely.

Short and Tousled Hairstyle

This style is laid back while it is still sufficiently workable. The sides are short with longer hair on top and the fine ironed hair between the two providing texture.

Ashy Platinum over Deep Caramel Base

Ashy Platinum over Deep Caramel Base
The top hair is sliced back long and worn in order to catch the light.

High Projections

Here the bright brown biscuit hair was blow-dried and then lifted straight from the product’s head. The effect is a bold look that is ideal for work or downtime.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper hair was given a fresh look by blowing into allled waves and applying a fringe boost.

Rich Walnut Color with Waves

Thick dark waves add height to this flattering theme. There is also a small unstructured side divide with an elevated and rounded fringe.

Man Bun is Ready for Business

This man has long hair that can be hard to dress for the office at times. However, he managed to look smart and ready for business by sweeping the hair away from his face, combing it back and securing it in a loose man bun!

Tamed Glossy Curls

Beginning with painted and conditioned hair like this is a trick for a professional look. Blow dried the long locks into a neat style that looks relaxed but still clever.

Smooth Back Tuxedo Ready Hair

Tom Hardy combed back style is low-maintenance and great for evening activities. The colored deep russet hair was swept back, resting flat against the scalp.

Angular Attention Grabbing Style

What works here is the styling of both beard and hair with straight lines, which means that they complement each other perfectly. Although the dark brown hair was left on top for longer, there is a large undercut along the edge. The look is finished with an interesting parting off-center.

Loose Sable Curls

In the corporate world, shoulder-long hair on men is usually frowned on, but here Orlando Bloom pulls off a sophisticated and fashionable length style. The secret is to keep the hair off the face while at the back the curls are brushed out neatly.

Brown Palette with Lifted Fringe

This picture shows clipped sides that have been neatly combed while the top hair is bulky with a tight upturned fringe.

Sleek Shadow Colored Hairdo

Professional does not have to mean flat here we see beautifully polished sand locks with side sectioning, which were blow-dried to produce a lift over the front.

Short and spiky on

This short style is professional yet easy to maintain. With a razor undercut and a smooth parting, the sandy brown hair using small silver streaks was cut short.

Bold Wave Description Graded Color