Fulani Braids

What are Fulani braids? What are Fulani braids and how do they vary from other safe braided hair has a cornice extending from the front to the back down the center you can be sure its one of the Fulani braided styles. Another prominent feature are beads and ethnic accessories. The traditional Fulani pattern also … Read more

French braid styles

Fun and Simple Braid Updo This incredible French braid bun produces a breezy summer appearance. The hair is pulled up from the base of the head and the center part is braided. The hair is then wound to show off the braid in a soft casual messy bun. This look is perfect for anyone who … Read more

60 Men Braiding Styles

Forward Sweep Cool Dreads Men’s Style Attitude is all. Any hairstyle you may think of can be highlighted by a confident attitude. How about a set of sandy blond ones to bring out the color of your eyes in terms of highlights? An adventurous man deserves a hairstyle that does justice to his character! If … Read more

50 Short braids men

If you have a short hairstyle, it won’t be simple to get braids. It is not impossible, though. To accentuate your current length, you should opt for a set of thin braids for males. After that, for more braiding choices, you should be patient enough to allow your hair to grow. Amazing Short FadeHaircut and … Read more

Mens cornrow styles

A$ AP Rocky Braids A$ AP Rocky is shaking his own tongue during a Chanel Iman case. Most famous people want to make the braids of their own men. Every Black man should attempt lengthy complicated cornets around the globe. A picture of the style you want can demonstrate your braider. The style of your … Read more

72 Taper haircut designs

Short Back Fade Taper for Afro-Textured Hair Well, start with a very common taper fade for African American males. The hair is cut considerably short, which in the long run also reduces maintenance. The hairstyles primary point is the wavy top, but that smooth line-up brilliantly complements it. Asymmetrical Long Taper Cut Styles you’re likely … Read more

Long Thin Dreadlocks

Long Thin Dreadlocks You can still play dreadlocks in fashion even if you have good or thin hair. If you style them correctly, have the correct facial characteristics for them, and if you keep them properly, thin dreads look beautiful. Urban Dreads Dreadlocks are nowadays mostly welcome, irrespective of the formal-informal context. For distinct age … Read more

50 Dreadlocks braids

Men’s Short Dreads Style If you enjoy low-maintenance hairstyles, then men’s brief dread styles are something you should attempt. Make sure youre on the path this year with a taper fade or a disconnected haircut. Short spiky dreads Go for spiky dreads when in doubt, particularly if you have shorter hair. They are particularly suitable … Read more