French braid styles

Fun and Simple Braid Updo

This incredible French braid bun produces a breezy summer appearance. The hair is pulled up from the base of the head and the center part is braided. The hair is then wound to show off the braid in a soft casual messy bun. This look is perfect for anyone who has only a bit of time to work on their hair but who wants to look chic.

Sleek Blonde Hair with Fishtail Braid


Half Up Half Down with Braids

Three braids: two on the sides and one on the edge. The French side braids are relaxed and free. The top of the hair of the model is pulled back with a hair-wrapped elastic into a ponytail. This look reveals her perfect highlights and her hairs length.

Cute French Braid with Messy Bun

Only the top of the hair of the model is pulled back into a nice braid style. The top of the hair is then put on the back of her head in a relaxed messy bun. This is an easy beach look that can be put together in minutes. It looks good if its curly or straight on everyone with long hair.

Two Amazingly Full Braids

This two French braid style is remarkable due to the high volume of the models skin. It is possible to make a beautiful look with wide loose braids with such long curly hair. A long hair braid would give anyone who has the hair to pull it off a huge impression.

Romantic Side Braid

This is one of the best and simple hairstyles which French braids can be used to make. Its stunning with natural curly hair. The hair is swept away and the hand has a braid. Curly hair ringlets escape to soften the look on the sides and at the edges. For a wedding or a bridesmaid, this simple hairstyle would be great.

Special Occasion Look for

Pulled smoothly to one side and braided along the top, the hair enters a low side ponytail. In a single long ringlet, the ends are twisted. This is one of the most beautiful hair suggestions for a group prom or a special event. For women with straight hair, this look is best.

S Long Hair Curve Braid

Stop the S Curve braid. The hair is braided and kept up from previous pieces of dangling strings. To get this one right, it would take a lot of time and patience, but if you have long straight hair and someone willing to help you, you could make this look your own.

Best hairstyle to show off your hairstyles

A multi-braid hairstyle with long hair is impressive. With lots of volumes, the center braid is thick and beautiful. The hair sides are twisted into two smooth little braids that are worn more closely for a polished look. This French braid hairstyle shows the beautiful blonde highlights of the model.

Self Made Bow Hair

This cute hair look takes a little time to put together but the results are outstanding. In the back, the hair is braided and pulled up into a bow. A fun and fanciful look is provided by the self-bow. The braiding displays the elegant highlights in the ash blonde hair of the model.

Braided Style on a Casual Day

To achieve this style, simply pull the top of your hair up half down the ponytail. Pull a little bun in the top of the hair. Take some of the hanging strands on the side and turn them into a braid. Its that simple. With a twist of style, this look is comfortable and lovely.

Diagonally wrapped French braids for

This unique style features two diagonally wrapped French braids around the head of the model. It gives a new impression to wear the braids in the front rather than always in the back. The braids are kept close to keep down the look.

Waterfall Braids for Wedding Hairstyle</h2

Awesome Color and Space Buns Style

This hairstyle of two braids has an anime character vibe. The hair is braided from the base of the head down the middle. The ends of each French double braid are pulled into space buns tidy round. Small ringlets and wisps hang down to soften the appearance. This youthful and girlish look puts a smile on your face.

Dual Braids for Thick Hair Types


Braid to the Side for Active Look

The long straight hair of this model is brushed all the way to the side and braided from side to side. This changes the traditional braid angle and gives it a fresh and different appearance. Its the best way to go when youre looking for a style to work out.

Upswept Braid and Bun Combo

Updo braid style with loose curls is the perfect style for any special wedding or prom occasion. One side braids a section of the hair and pulls the braid into a loose romantic bun. This look is soft and beautiful, and it adds to the highlights of the model.

Easy Look for a Sunny Summer Day

The hair is worn on the sides in two loose, relaxed braids, then pulled back into a smooth, low ponytail. The loose hair waves are perfect for relaxing outside summer days. The hairstyle is elegant and comfortable. For oversized sunlasses, the summery look is great.

Rocker Chick Look with Two Buns

This two French braid look is nicely made at the top and wild at the bottom. The French braids begin at the front of the template and extend as they return. Then the braids are pulled into two complete buns. With the painted highlights of the template, the braids on top look great.

Two French Braids are Better than One

This braid is one of the classics of the time. The hair is divided in two long French braids down the middle. This look is great for women who grow their hair and those who want to show off their long locks. Practical and easy to pull away as well.

Side Swept Braid Styles

Try this braid sideways for a relaxed look. The hair is neatly pulled across the back of the head and the back of the opposite shoulder is pulled down. Its a smooth and perfect braid without a lot of loose hanging strands. This would be great to wear on a cold winter day with a sweater.

Braided hair

This braided bun hairstyle is perfect for the beach. The hair of the model is worn swept to the side and the braid curves to the back of her head. The hairs back is twisted into a thin, messy bun. The braid looks nice with the highlights of the blonde model.

Herringbone Braids and Thick Braids Combined

This style incorporates braids and twists with amazing elegance. Two hair parts are kept apart while the back is braided into a long straight braid. The side sections are made in a thin herringbone braid and then tucked into the main braid.

Diagonally Charming Braid Style

This style is characterized by an asymmetrical look. The hair is braided diagonally across the back of the head of the model and split into smooth sections. The braid ends in a ponytail for a soft look, which is brushed into the rest of the hair. If you want something a little different, try this braid.

Long Hair Romantic Loose Braid

This hairstyle takes a loose French braid and gently wraps it around the side. This look needs some careful planning to make it easy for the hair to drop off. The loose braid appears romantic and dreamy. Consider this look in the summer for a night out.

Easy Look for a Hot Day

With a great look for straight hair this model wears a quick braid swept off to the side. The braid is worn loose and secured with an elastic wrapped hair. Soft wispy strands flee the braid for a relaxed look. This look is good for medium to long hair.

Subtle Braided Crownover Glamorous Big Waves


Beachy Look for Sand and Surf

This is one of the cute, easy hairstyles you can pull off in minutes. This is done alongside the center part of a classic French braid. This look works all day with beachy hair covered in salt water and it looks nice every day as well. Try with a couple of big sunglasses.

Sleek Hair Brushed Upward and Braided

The hair is brushed from the neck base and then braided into a smooth, thin section running up the center part. Then the hair is pulled into a high ponytail dangling over a shoulder. Its a stunning and elegant feel. Its one of the best braided hairstyles.

French Braidwith Highlights and Lowlights


Fun New Braiding Styles

This hairstyle looks better with complete wavy hair. The hair is split in two and braided in a comfortable and loose fashion. This look is based on the texture of the hair to make it look special and different. With straight hair you could do this, but it wouldnt come out the same way.

Braids and a Low Bun

An updo braid style like this one is perfect for any purpose from hanging around the house in the city. The hair is braided from the top gently and twisted at the base of the neck into a comfortable bun. The look is romantic and classic with the low bun.

Fabulously braided hair to one side

Loosely braided hair makes a fashion statement in this stunning look. The hair is swept off to the side. Beaches from the top of the braid are held out and braided back in style at a lower level. This look has a higher level of difficulty than the other looks we looked at but its so cool its worth it.

Neat and Tidy Look with Braids

This sleek look is perfect for straight hair. The hair of the model is pulled back in three braids on the arms. For a clean, tidy look, the braids are worn tightly against the head. The hair of the model is worn with a self-wrapped elastic in a ponytail. This look would be great on the city for work or a night out.

Lazy Days upside-down braid

This upside-down braid is neatly pulled back. For a contemporary look, the braid strands are thick for the thick smooth braid is ideal for long hair. With practice, this simple hairstyle can be accomplished in minutes. Itd be great for work at school or at home.

Triple French Long Hair Beauty

This beautiful long hair style combines three braids in one. The hair core is brushed back and straight down the center part is braided. For a contemporary feel, this braid is left loose. The hair below is braided on each side into two deeper braids. It takes a while to put together this look, but its totally worth it.

Super Two Braids Hairstyle For You

Showing off her long blonde hair, this model wears two straight French braids, one on either side of the neck. With a lot of volume, her braids start and taper smoothly to the ends. This beautifully done braided hairstyle is very even. For a summer day, this is a casual and cool look.

Messy French Side Braid

Brilliant Braided Hairstyles with Curls

Classic French Braid Hairstyle for the Ages

This quintessential look is what most people think when they think of French braid hairstyle. The straight hair of the model is brushed back and braided in the middle. To soften the look, the hair is not pulled very tightly. From school girls to professional models, it would look nice to anyone.

Two Braids Pulled Into One

This simple active look is great for sports and workouts. The hair has a natural part and two sections are braided. At the necks nape, the braids come together and are tied with an elastic. The ponytail is smoothly brushed. This look can be combined with a bun for another style twist.

Chignon braided

Diagonal Braiding


Three Little Braids On Top

This design takes three small braids from the middle of the head away from large and complete braids. The hair is pulled into a loose and messy knot at the ends of the braids. The rest of the hair remains free to flow. This look has a sweet mix of neatness and relaxation.

Double Bun Hairstyle with a Color Kick

Building on the theme of space buns this stunning hairstyle is split in the middle. Each side of the necks nape is braided upwards. Two cute French braid buns at the top wound the hair. To girls with candy-colored hair, this is a fun and whimsical look, but it would look cute on anyone.

Messy Bun Braided Up

This sweet French braid style is fast to put together and fun to wear. It has a fresh and unique look from the combination of the beautifully braided hair and the messy bun. On days when you want to look pretty but dont want to spend a lot of time, this cute hairstyle is perfect. Soft Braided Crown and Face-Framing Bangs


Soft Braided Crown and Face-Framing Bangs

A braided bun hairstyle begins by brushing the hair from the back of the neck. Braid the hair to the heads crown and pull it into a buns pouf. This is a simple hairstyle for anyone to look great. Its one of every days nicest braid styles.

Unique style of French braid for any length

Hair ideas like this will work for almost any hair length. This can be taken off as long as the edge is long enough to pull back. Every sides braids are woven into a basket like construction. The effect is like a barrette of fancy but made from your own hair. For straight hair, this elegant look is great.

Side Swept Hair with Messy Bun

Combining two popular hair trends this French braid is surmounted by a messy bun. Half up and half down the head. The braid starts on one side of the part, sweeping across the head of the models neck. For a romantic feel, the braid is loose.

Braided Hair Complete and Bouncy

The interesting thing about this hair style is that the hair has so much structure and volume. Probably it would have to be teased to look like that. The braid runs along the top of the head of the model. It is pulled back into a complete and high ponytail with a wrap of hair for a sleek and polished look.

Silvery Waterfall Braid with Great Style

This smooth braid starts small on the front side of the model and the parts slowly grow larger as the braid goes along. The braid bends around the ear of the model and falls down one shoulder. This beautiful touch will make any hairstyle look elegant.