50 Short braids men

If you have a short hairstyle, it won’t be simple to get braids. It is not impossible, though. To accentuate your current length, you should opt for a set of thin braids for males. After that, for more braiding choices, you should be patient enough to allow your hair to grow.

Amazing Short FadeHaircut and Dreads

This brief fade haircut, subtle undercut, and stylish dreads fit together so well. It’s a look that’s never going to go unnoticed, particularly if you style it the right way.

ASAP Rocky Braids

Another rapper nearly as renowned as the Doggfather is ASAP Rocky. You can always find the most well-known ASAP Mob member with medium-length braids, either left down or attached at the back of his throat.

Blue Dreadlocks

Because of its complexity and contemporary look, this posh, creative hairstyle is suggested for masculine models and confident people. We enjoy the color of teal hair!

Back Crown Braid

Crown braids need not always be in the front portion. In reality, for an initial take on the style, you can concentrate on the back portion of your head. In addition, for a temporary hairstyle, you can get two traditional braids and tie them one over the other.

Back Tied Dreadlocks

Dreads can be readily tied backwards, particularly when you have to go to work, read or work out errands. In fact, this look is very sweet, giving you space for subtle styling.

Bedhead Dread Styles for Men

Men with medium-length hairstyles may look like messy styled dreadlocks if they want to sport something more edgier. That’s what we’d call the style of’ I woke up like this.’

Bi-Color Cornrows

Similar to how ombre hair transitions from one color to another, the direction can be changed. In other words, you can use two separate shades horizontally instead of melting colors vertically. The method looks best with all-around braids.

Blonde Dyed Dreadlocks

Bottle blonde dreadlocks will appear natural as soon as you use some highlights and that’s all. There’s nothing else, nothing less. Place them to flaunt your eyes around your face.

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Box Braids

Box Braids can benefit both males and females from the benefits of box braids. Box braids come as extensions to your present hair in most cases. As a consequence, without waiting for it to grow naturally, you can add length to your hair. Box braids are also a hairstyle of protection.

Temp Fade Braids box

A fade box, also known as atemp fade haircut, can have a major effect on your haircut. By contouring your hairline, it adds meaning to your entire hairstyle. You should consider adding a temp fade to your haircut package if you intend to get top braids for males.

Braided Braids

Although it may seem redundant in the beginning, braided braids are something that looks remarkable. You can begin with a complete head of slender braids if your hair is long enough. Subsequently, join your lower braids to create two or three bigger braids.

Braided Dreadlocks Bun

This exceptional hairstyle deserves a place in your list of ideas. The hairstylist’s initial strategy deserves praises. Recommended for males with lengthy hair this hairstyle.

Braided Locs

Locs are also highly appreciated for their wide spectrum of hairstyles. Locs can be braided readily into interesting hairstyles, for instance. The image below demonstrates how this method can be adopted for a hairstyle undercut.

Braided Mohawk

What if without cause you are a rebel? We’re saying you should go for men’s unconventional braids in this situation. The shape, as long as it reflects your character, can be as creative as you would like. Take, for instance, this daring mohawk.

Straight-haired men’s braids

If you don’t have a textured hair but want a comparable outcome with braids, you can get a lot of straight-haired braids. Make sure you permitted your hair to grow at least the length of your shoulder and that it is not cut in layers.

Men’s Braids with Two Buns

In a universe where most men choose one man’s bun, dare to be the one who receives two! If your braids are symmetrical, with an even quantity all around, you can divide them into two sections representing each side of your head. Attach them to two buns when you reach the end.

Topside braids

You can also choose to pull your braids in a certain direction as you divide your hair. For example, you can select a specific point from where you want your braids to begin and work your way through the remainder of your head.

Men with straight hair braids/ Highlights

Shadow braids may not be your thing but maybe highlighted braids will. Whether you choose a single top braid or various braid, the extra color will look incredible when woven into a braid. For official occasions, you can also adapt to the look.

Braids with Bangs

You can add fake bangs into the style depending on how you get your braids completed and how long your hair is. You will need to get a nice quantity of your braids done along your temple so that they can fall over your forehead.

Intricate-designed braids

Now here is a braided hairstyle that even the most selective dudes will fulfill. These braids are not like anything you’ve ever seen before with such a complicated structure! Work to discover distinctive braids with your stylist that can mirror your personality.

Metallic bead braids

Accessories are a great way to make your braids truly yours. For instance, metallic beads are easily accessible and can be molded to fit nearly any braid. As in this instance, you can add just two or position them all down your braids.

Top-knot braids

If your braids are focused on the top of your head, you are likely to end them in the top knot or person bun. If your hair isn’t long enough, a top knot will do it. Make sure you closely wrap your tips in order not to unravel the top knot.

Twisted Dreads bun

The hairstyle shown in the picture below has everything–dreadlocks, twisted braids, color transition, and a guy bun. What’s more you might want? Like all complex braids for males, for these jaw-dropping outcomes, you should definitely depend on a specialist’s help.

Colorful Men’s Dreads

Let your creativity run wild and think about all the wonderful hairstyles, haircuts and hairstyles that your dreads can apply to. This isn’t the moment to be traditional and classic! Choose the colors and colors that are excentric.

Remember what we said previously about braids and color? Well, you should be motivated by this instance to get out of your comfort zone and explore bold tones. Even if you don’t have to choose black and turquoise as your palette, it shows that rebellious colors look super flying.

Men’s Complex Dread Styles

Hairstylists enjoy challenging. Therefore, if you choose a hairstylist’s services, expect some complex dread styles for males. On your big day this can be your decision!

Cool Dread Style for Men

The pattern of these twisted dreadlocks is quite complicated. If you look carefully, you will see that they are half-dreads and half-locations, being twisted near the region of the scalp.


Most probably there is no more popular than cornrows braiding style for males. For centuries, the classic method has been around and paved the way for today’s many complex braiding styles. For a narrow and tidy braided hairstyle, we suggest this strategy.

Cornrows and Dreadlocks

Do you feel like a king? Show it to you! With this hairstyle, the versatility of men’s braids shines once against–braids arranged to look like a crown. On each side, two primary braids were developed and linked in the center of the back, while the center is filled with cornrows.

Men’s Dread Styles in Pigtails

If you style them properly and age-appropriately, pigtails can become highly fashionable, trendy and cool. Don’t believe of the pigtails worn by the rope skipping little girls. Think of this amazing hairstyle and hipster.


Eye-catching hairstyle Dreadlocksmake, which also serves as a strong cultural declaration. If you’re in the concept, you should understand that different methods are accessible–from backcombing to crochet dreads or freeform dreads.

Dreadlocks and Braided Patterns

Most flatter dreadlocks of braid kinds. Just discover the correct mix that works for you and your facial type, the color of your eyes and the hair you have.

Fishtail Braid Dreadlocks

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of braided dread looks like, you know now. This is a straightforward French braid made of chaotic and casual dreadlocks. You can even learn to do that on your own.

Bun-wrapped Dreadlocks

This is one of the most exceptional hairstyles ever. The dreadlocks wrapped in a bun can show one notable updo that it would not be courageous enough for many people to the sport.

Dreads and Updo

Usually, this pair of dreads and updos go together so well. It is easy to manipulate dreads into many different hairstyles, one of them being an updo. For instance, this is a messy high bun.

Dreads for Voluminous Hair and Pony Tail

If you want more hair volume, braid larger dreadlocks or what we’d call jumbo dreadlocks. They look much more chunky than slender ones and offer volume illusion.

Dutch Braids

Do you have thick hair or do you want richer fine hair? The technique of Dutch braiding will help you achieve these results. Just as you understand, when used in the African hair community, the style is also considered to be Ghana braiding.

Edgy Dreads Men’s Hairstyle

Some extravagant versions of traditional dread hairstyle are available. For special occasions, fashion shows or thematic photoshoots, these looks are more suitable. Not to mention that when you are the groom, you can wear this one.

Fabulous Dreadlocks

These extremely lengthy dreadlocks, however, are totally fabulous. The roots styled add volume to the hairdo as a whole. Due to their density, we also call them jumbo dreads.

Faded Sides and Dreadlocks

The faded sides emphasize this urban look. The dreadlocks are a very inspired addition that gives you a fierce and edgy look. For added impact, try a pencil mustache and a beard as well.

Feed-in braids

If you are thinking of having thicker braids, use the feed-in technique. To put it in a nutshell soon, feed-in braids begin to get thin and wider as you head up. This method also adds shape to your hairstyle generally.