Beautiful V-cut hair styles

Men’s undercuts are a look to stay here and the very latest fashion is the hairstyle V-cut. Such looks feature primarily tapered neckline cuts and pointed designs. This is a very simple style to customize let’s show you what we mean:

Duck Tail

For this model, the hair was carefully graded upwards from the edges so that the longest part on the top flips back like a duck tail. The hair at the bottom is darker, while the blonde copper layer at the top.

Subtle form

The locks are formed in a square off shape at the back of the neck with a triangular point at the base.

Neat And Tidy

This curly hair has been given a flawless finish by applying a square off pattern over the temples and a slightly angled undercut along the sides finishing at a rounded back level.

Tousled Taper

This hair is tapered to the back point with the angular detail of the razor cut. The hair is gradually getting longer and a laid back style has been allured.

Curl angle

This hairstyle is eye-catching due to a few different factors. The top locks are fused with lighter color and a rough parting on the side. The hair on the back was graded to a rounded edge and has a lot of curly texture.

Front Flip

This sleek, flowing hairstyle has long locks on top, swept back and forth and a deep V-shaped undercut on both sides. The hair is shaved very short behind this V-shape.

V-shaped masterpiece

In order to create this unique style, the hair was first given a sharp V-shaped undercut with a stubble length around the skin. Geometric patterns were shaved in this V-shape.

Apple art

The shaved image patterns in the undercut are sweet! This example shows an apple shape in the undercut while collecting the top locks into a messy blonde man bun.

Rolling Afro

Here the hair was rasped bald in a thick layer extending from the top of the ears in a smooth, rounded shape all the way down. The hair slowly mixes up longer where it has a lot of volume.

Side Story

Instead of skin fade wrapping around the bottom of the head as popular, this unique style sees length grading just on the sides while the back dip matches the length of the top locks.

Soft Styling

This style shows a carefully tapered cut that allows a triangular shape of long hair on top that is shortened to the sides. No severe lines exist and the hair has been neatly sliced back.

Expert Blend

In this beautiful hair style, the hair was expertly blended from short on the sides to long on the top, tapering to a point at the neck base. His locks were given a parting off center that reaches the crown.
Fade down

This hair is thickest in the middle and has a wavy texture adding height. The hair on the back grows shorter and shorter until it finishes with a coat of stubble.

Dapper Style

Because of the clean lines we see here, a V-style haircut is a dapper look for men. Add a little height of pompadour in front of you and you’ll be ready to blast!

Assorted lengths

For this style, the locks were left on top long and dropped down the back into a smooth duck tail. Different lengths of the undercut create flowing lines across the head.

Hot Tops

This hair has the same length from the front to the back and has a bright amber orange colour. The hair shortens from the sides until it becomes next to the ears a clean shaven surface.

Taper Under

is a dark brown hair with a bright yellow color on top. The hair tapers to a point at the neck’s nape and is lined by curved lines and triangular shapes.

Straight edges

In this fascinating fashion, the hair does not end in a V-shaped shape, but is squared off at the base of the neck. A few small lines and a triangle were carefully rasped in under this straight line.

Sharp pattern

Ready for something else? How about the art of hair? A sharp V at the neck was shaved in this image and designs were made with razor cuts.

Under Locks

This hair is quite long and has been collected on top to show the detail behind the neck. Here the hair ends with some line detail on both sides in a sharp V.

Line Style

Information can be seen in the temples and a layer of soft blonde strawberry on the longer hair is on top. The undercut is darker, with small razor cut lines at the bottom tapering to a point at the back.

Man Pony Over Undercut

The top locks here are long and attached to a pony sitting on a rounded undercut. The detail of the line is on the side and the hair is rasped bare alongside the undercut.

Snip Form

Longer locks are snipped on top to create a rounded shape and underneath a graded undercut. The hair on top was divided and the two pieces were rubbed into each other, reminiscent of the hairstyle of the jelly roll.

Wrap Around

The hair was completely rasped over the ears and wrapped around the head. In a small section on top, it melts into a tapered cut with long locks.