blue braided hair

Bodcious Blue Box Braids for Women It’s hard to impress anyone with braided hair extensions.

Purple Blue Color Shade Style This is a very long and elegant hair look that is almost more purple than blue. It’s a simple look that actually requires quite a bit of work. It’s amazing how much blue and purple can look alike while still complementing each other.

Teal Blue Tips On Long Hair</h2 >

There is never a particular blue hue to choose from. From a cool, subtle navy color you can choose anything all the way to a light pastel blue. You can pose like a siren or just show off in the sunshine your blue. Once you agree that blue is your shade of choice, you will never get bored. Blue is popular right now as people start having fun with their hair. It’s unusual to go out anymore and not see someone in a beautiful shade of blue who has some kind of fun skin. If you want to dye your hair blue, you’ll get a lot of attention regardless of the hue. It used to mean that blue hair was slang for gray hair and was in style even for old ladies now. It’s not just the very old or the very young, though, blue. Blue no longer has an age limit. You should make sure you get lots of love with your new color, no matter what colour you choose.

Black Hair Simultaneously with Ombre Blue Tips


Light Colored Gray Like Blue

This hair color is much darker than the others, in reality it’s almost a gray color. This hair color is better if you already have light colored hair as you need to do a lot of bleaching to get to this level. It seems to be a fading denim look and it’s really cool.

Platinum Blonde Fading into Blue

. This begins as a blue platinum, which then fades into a blue pastel, which then fades into an electric blue. It’s a really fun and unique look that will take a lot of hair coloring and a lot of time.

Dark Blue Hair Curly</h2 >
This hair stops traffic. That’s everything we can say!

Medium Blue Long Hair Color

Here’s another denim-looking hair color that’s medium blue in color. You’ll find this color more often in a favorite pair of jeans than in hair but that’s what makes it such a unique hair color. It’s not an easy look to pull off but it’s one that’s a lot of fun and that’s going to get you a lot of attention. This is a really nice blue hair color that will also require a bit of violet hair dye thrown in to make sure you can get this exact coloring. You may need some navy blue hair dye to go in with the violet as it’s a darker blue than what’s out there.

Don’t forget the hair care

Don’t forget to hydrate the scalp while moisturizing the hair. Shea butter hair care products may take care of both. Long Box Braids Watch the video tutorial:

Don’t forget blueish gray and silver colors while contemplating the color of your box braids. These color is more natural in nature and can make the hairstyle a little less dramatic. If, of course, that’s what you are after.

Unicorn Hair Dark to Medium Blue

Light Blue With Shaded Root

Many would feel that this would be an easy look that wouldn’t take long to accomplish. It couldn’t be any further from the truth. You’d have to start with a blonde hairstyle to turn into a light blue with shaded roots.

Ice Blue Ombre

is fit for a snow queen. It’s a medium blue color that’s very chic and stands out while staying a more subtle blue that’s not too vivid, but it’s still a special hair color that certainly gives you lots of compliments.

White and Blue Hair Style

Here’s some very nice blonde and blue hair. It looks like she’s dyed her hair platinum blonde and put some blue in particularly on the sides and tips of her hair. This makes her hair not completely covered in blue but still has the beautiful impact of looking like a lot of fun and having a unique hair color.

Light Blue To Dark Blue Ombre
Change your style game to dark blue ombré.

Light Blue Dark Roots Curly Hair

This is a funny look. It’s a lighter ice blue hair. Pastel blue hair colors are a lot of fun but tend to fade quickly. However, the amount of time you’ve got them is a lot of fun and beautiful to look at. Her hair looks like a simple hairstyle that allows you to wash dry and go.

Black Hair With Light Blue Tips

A unique and modern shadow twist. We think that in this beautiful blue hue, her cute curls look even better.

Dark to Medium Blue Pixie Cut

Here’s shorter blue hair that counts as cute easy hair styles that allow you a lot of versatility while still being super easy to fix. The color is beautiful with a dark to medium blue base with some darker highlights thrown in. If you’re looking for hair ideas blue highlights are really fun.

Dark Blue Lob
knows that a vibrant makeup of dark blue hair is also required. So make sure you have a bold red smokey eye and classic red lips to pair yours.

Mermaid Hair Light to Medium Blue

This is a really cute hair style. She’s got longer hair and it’s a funny mermaid colored blue. Mermaid blue means it’s very bright and special. She’s just one color but it’s a very pretty and vibrant color. Her hair definitely shines and has a great volume to go with her perfectly colored hair. It would definitely be considered a color of mermaid as it is vivid and bold and even looks like it came with the colors right out of the ocean.

Blue Hair Faded into Greenish Blue

Here’s another siren hair style. There’s darker hair to the top of the hair as it gradually fades into a light greenish blue color. It looks like the sea and would be a perfect siren hair style. The bottom of the hair style would require some light blue hair dye that has a bit of green in it. A couple of highlights look very attractive, making the overall hairstyle look less dramatic and more trendy.

Purple Like Blue Mixed Hair

This color could be argued as purple but still has a blue tint on it at some point. It’s a cool hairstyle that you can easily call a shadow as it begins as dark at the top and fades gradually until the tips are more pastel than anything else.

Dark Blue Hair Green Tips

This look, along with some light purple thrown in, would require teal hair color. Once you’ve got the light blue hair dye you’ll just apply the violet as highlights and go to get that look.

Anime Blue Light to Medium Everything about this image screams anime. Even its cute hair style and almost futuristic blue looks similar to anime. This is closer to a pastel blue. If you’re going through hair ideas this would be one to go with if you already have lighter colored hair as it’s darker on its own.

Dark Blue Faded into Light Blue

This is a really dark blue color which fades into a light blue color. This would include some dark hair dye at the top that would then fade into pastel blue hair at the bottom. It’s a really dark color that fades into a really light color so the blending is very gradual for it to work. It’s one more subtle because it’s a lighter blue again. The darker blues are typically viewed as more subtle, even though they are still very attractive and have a distinctive hair color.

Dark Navy Blue Short Hair

This one certainly required some navy blue hair dye. This is another very subtle look you can definitely say is blue but it’s dark. It’s still a very vivid color and probably looks amazing in the sunlight as you’ll be able to see the blue in it. It’s a shorter hair style and there’s nothing cuter than short hair. Many of them, however, forget the lightest blue hues. The silver blue braids that you see on the photo give you a very soft impression and help you stand out from the crowd. Black And Dark Blue Hair</h2 > blue shades
. The look is amazing fun and girly.

Black To Dark Blue Hair</h2 >

Dark Blue Hair Light Blue And Ash Blonde Tips</h2 >
Dark blue at the roots and fading at the ends – the perfect mermaid hair recipe. Always a win – win is the combination of light and dark blues.

Dark Hair Subtle Blue Streaks

Cool Dark Blue Pixie Cut

Short Blue hair is a lot of fun. It’s an easy hair style but still one you can do a lot with. This would require blue hair dye for dark hair as it’s such a dark blue hair. It’s a really fun cut and one that’s very trendy right now. A lot of people are taking the big chop with short cute easy hairstyles. It’s beautiful what you want to call it. She’s got deeper roots in this beautiful color. Her hair is medium in length and has beautiful curls complimenting both her hair’s blue and darker portion. Having different blue colors or having a regular color that fades into a blue shade is a lot of fun.

Dark Blue Roots Fade Into White

This is another blue and blonde hair color.

Dark Blue Roots Fade Into White

This is another blue and blonde hair color. However, this hair is blue at the top and blonde at the bottom. There are multiple shades of blue in this beautiful hair head. The top would need a blue hair dye at midnight, followed by a much lighter blue color. This is a very unique and beautiful shadow. At the top, the bottom is much lighter and the contrast is very complementary to itself, as well as a cute hairstyle.

Light to Medium Blue Color

Here’s a nearly neon blue color that’s very bold and vivid. You’d be able to spot this hair from a mile away and it’s one you’ll have a lot of fun with if you decide to make it your own. It’s a really cool color that’s very popular these days because people are looking to go with siren skin. It’s hard to find dark but still so bright colors, and that’s what makes dark blue hair so special that it can be both. You can get the dark hair color you’d like along with the brightness and boldness you get with the blue color and mix it together.

Mini braids

Mini box braids look very close to your natural hair but they take a lot of time to create. So if you’re ready to spend the whole day at the barbershop go for them. The impression they’re making is worth all the effort.

Dark Blue And Teal Highlights

dyeing all your hair. This is a dark to medium blue with blonde hair highlights thrown in. In a short matter, you wouldn’t be able to go about this look as you’re going to need some highlights. Attractive Blue Box Braids

examples can help you make your next hairstyle decision.

Beautiful Blue Ombre Shades

This hair is not entirely blue. It starts with a dark brown color and gracefully fades again into a light blue color. This is another shadow design and is very popular especially when using fun and unique colors such as blue. The blue at the ends is almost an ice blue hair and compliments the darkness of the hair at the top. It’s a black that looks like a few other shades. That’s the fun thing about dying your hair blue sounds easy and cool, but it’s a lot of work in fact. It can look like several other colors, except for the blue color.

Purple Blue Roots White to Blue Fade

Another blonde and blue hair look that combines the extreme of platinum blonde with light teal hair color to go along with it. This look even has purple at the roots keeping them shaded and therefore easier to keep up with whenever your hair begins to grow out.

Dark Blue To Black And Grey Ombre</h2 >
It’s very soft pastel blue skin with a little pastel purple mixed in with it as well. To go with the blue, you’d need violet hair dye.

Dark Blue Hair With Teal Tips

Teal highlights will further improve the blue locks. The look is beautiful and vibrant. We love about it all!

Gray Hair Fade to Blue Hair

Here’s a very unique hair style. It has a dark gray color towards the top of the hair that fades into a blue hue. If you’re looking for hair color ideas then this would be a really subtle one that’s still a lot of fun. The blue is not too bright and the dark gray is very subtle in its own way. If you don’t want to go too loud and bold and want to stay more subtle while still maintaining that blue look, this is a good idea to have when you’re looking for hair color ideas.

Blue Natural Hair

Blue Style with Blue Green

Here’s a perfect example of mermaid skin. It just looks like the sea in reality. You’ll find that this color is a lot of fun and will need teal hair color along with some more green filled dye that goes along with the teal to make it look not that easy.

Dark Blue Faded in Light Blue

besides. It begins with dark blue hair and fades into this hue’s lighter version. The top and the bottom compliment each other as they are just a few shades apart in similar colors. If you’re looking for a blue hue this might be a fun way to do it as you don’t have to choose a blue shade.

Blue Combo Light and Dark Blue

This is a really nice blue shade that has a different almost greenish shade that goes along with it. It looks like it’s a greenish hue mixed with baby blue color that makes up most of this style. The rest of it looks like it’s a darker blue color that looks like highlights. It’s a lot of fun and one you could think when you’re looking for ideas about hair color because there’s a lot of different shades in it so you don’t have to choose one.

Blue And Grey Hair</h2 >
I am blue da ba dee da ba die …

Blonde To Blue Ombre</h2 >

Light Pastel Blue Colored Hair

as this is a very trendy look. Everybody wants to get their hair as light as possible and you can really get light when you go with blue hair.

Dark Blue Hair Bouncy Curls

look is sure to turn some heads!

Blue Light Purple Hair

To get this exact look, you’d need several shades of blue as well as a blonde hairstyle to begin with.

Dark Blue Twists</h2 >
Twists and braids are both fashionable and successful. So go brave or go back! Defensive styling should never be dull!

Mix and match

There is no need to make all your mane blue. Just half or a third of blue locks combined with black or brown twists will produce a beautiful look while keeping your hair as close to nature as possible. Short box braids

Senegalese twists

If you’re not on the hairstylist’s chair ready for long hours, you should settle down for these gorgeous hair extensions.

Dark Blue To Light Blue Ombre</h2 >
It is not easy to maintain this sort of color. The design can be expensive and time-consuming.

Unique Blue Style Fade Combo

This beautiful blue color combo starts with a dark blue at the roots and gracefully blends into a deeper blue. It’s called ombre. Hair tips start darkening again but not as dark as the roots started to be. It’s a really fun and unique blend of blues that’s sure to get a lot of attention. This is a special color that makes it possible to mix cute hair colors and complement each other very well.

Mermaid Hair Blue Green Shade

Here’s another mermaid color. This one is much more subtle than the last one though. It looks like there’s some green in this blue mixture. Green is a very special hair color and one that goes well with shades of blue as you can see here. It’s a siren color because it’s bright and bold and it’s a lot of fun. Most people couldn’t even try to pull off this light. It’s just for those who love the bold. There is no need to settle for ordinary hairstyles

. You have ahead of you the entire world so don’t sit on the sidelines. Render the test mad.

Brown Hair Faded into Blue

This is a hairstyle that begins with brown hair at the top and gradually turns into a beautiful bright blue color. It’s a really fun look as it starts with what you’d think is normal and then gradually turns into a beautiful work of art as it’s such a stunning blue. If you decide to throw some hair highlights or wear some other bright blue colors on your clothes, it’s a softer blue that will go with a lot of other blues. This is a really pretty color black, but it still brings a lot of color to the plate.

Metallic Blue

When selecting the colour of your blue box braids, consider the metallic color. These braids are the best and make you look very good. Besides the metallic blue, they look particularly stunning with black locks.

Denim Blue Medium Blue Color

It also has a denim feel, but when compared to the other blue shades, it is more gray than brown. This is a really beautiful and subtle blue that will not be as bright and loud as the other blues but one that is still very eye-catching and will require some blue hair coloring.
salon every few weeks Curly Light Blue Hair</h2 >