blue shadow haircut


Silver Teal Sonata With Braid

This flowing blue shadow style with its silver to teal transition and teasing little braid will bring a symphony of praise as you step out in this latest hairstyle.

Cool Bright Jazzy Blue Lights

You’re going to be a hit wherever you go and enjoy your focus.

Grayish Blue Ombre Hair

You can’t see the areas where these shades blend into each other and that’s the kind of look you should be aiming for if you want it to look natural …

Just A Tip Of Blue

Long dark hair suits this blue shadow hair style that just flows into those beautiful deep velvety blue highlights.

Nightfall Aquatic Shadow

Galaxy hair will invoke many other comparisons. This mixture of midnight blue violet purple and aquamarine, for example, looks like the night sky falls into the ocean waters creating a magical effect.

Contrasting fun

percentage contrast. Contrasting hairstyles make the best impression. Best Dark Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Bold Blue To Light Blue Ombre

Looking for a blue hairstyle that stands out from the rest? Then this hair idea could be perfect. Let them know that you’re up for anything.

Blue Ombre Tips

This is definitely a look for which you would like to see a stylist. Creating something that good with at-home extensions you bought online will be hard work.

Blondie blue

If your natural hair is white, this enticing blue shadow can be formed. The top part can remain black, the middle layer can be light blue and the bottom part dark blue.

Dark Blue To Pastel Blue Hair

Ombre hair has been covering a multitude of sins for a long time, although this one was so sweet. Nothing here is shallow.

Dreamy Ombre Blue Hair

For shiny locks like this, you’ll need fantastic conditioned hair. Make sure you use plenty of conditioner and go for the best results with a leave-in one with added protein.

Blue To Blonde Ombre

That’s the amazing hairstyle that won’t suit those who are shy. We’re sure that as the hypnotized looks will follow you everywhere. If you’re ready and you’ve got long locks – go for it!

Platinum Blonde And Multi Tone Blues

Next we’ve got another multi-tone look. Such stunning teals flow naturally like ocean waves, purple and blue waves of balayage. You’re going to feel like a mythical sea creature.
Beautiful blue shadow on a black base. And it can help to make thinner and damaged hair look fuller and healthier with long wavy layers.

Night And Day Braided Delight

This blue shadow highlighted braided style ranges from night blackness to daylight white and is a showstopper at any time.