best wallets for men

Best wallets for men

Some intresting wallets for males.

Best Everyday Wallet

Was in search of a nice thin-ish leather wallet. Online shopping was spent a fair amount of time. Wanted anything big enough to hold foreign currency, there was space for my cards and a two-pocket bill holder, no zippers, no keeper of coins. With this Bryker Hyde product, I seem to have found what I needed. Looks good, it’s done well. I think together we’re going to be happy.
This was a gift for my husband’s anniversary and he seems to enjoy it! I like how packed it came and I wasn’t going to mess it up… So until he opened it, I didn’t see the wallet. I love how soft it is, and it was a perfect color. On pockets, he’s really hard because he’s a mechanic. For too long he didn’t have it, but it’s been holding it up so far!
The wallet is a very good quality. The leather is comfortable and the pictures look exactly the same. Since over 14 years I’ve had the same wallet, and this wallet seems to be a great replacement so far.

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Bryker Hyde is a veteran-owned company that loves the truth. The wallet’s value is too high. Great ability and love the fact that it’s Rfid. I would definitely recommend anybody to this service.
I was wearing my old wallet, but it’s so well-made it’s probably going to last my life. I just turned 84, so it could only be a few years, but I’m very satisfied with this leather wallet’s value. Because I have ready access to my driving license, insurance cards and two more credit and loyalty card compartments, the model is the best I’ve ever had. It also has two pockets for paper money that are easily accessible. The wallet was also beautifully packed and a perfect gift would be made.
Excellent quality. I purchased my teenage son’s wallet. It came in a beautiful box and wasn’t at all what I expected…. I mean the performance was great and all I could think of was this wallet too good for my teenager-Lol!
For his birthday, I bought this for my dad. It seemed good on the basis of the ratings. His cards started to slide out easily after 4-5 months. In the pocket, none of them felt safe. Then we noticed that after normal use the seam on the inside had been ripped (photo attached). He and I are not satisfied with the failure of the service. Now the stage where we can return it is gone.

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Over a year later, I purchased the wallet. It has had a lot of use as such. It’s a nice purse, good quality, and looks very good. I had a wallet long enough for a pretty good test. I was very happy with that.
Just a couple of years ago I bought a fine Italian wallet and within days I could see the wear and tear on that wallet but it lasted 2.5 years. My new wallet looks the same as the day I bought it and I have to say that it looks even better than the Italian one!
Better Hyde Work Bryker!! My husband loves his new wallet and I’ve got some great wife points to get him the Bifold Side Flip Executive 2 I d door. It was packed very nicely when we got the wallet. The use of leather is good, I purchased the Texas Brown Distressed Leather and it’s very comfortable. I can tell this wallet will last a long time and leather’s elegance will only increase with time as it breaks in. I would also like to note that the protection provided by Rfid works very well. My husband must use an Em Hfid badge to enter his building for work, keeping it in his wallet and leaving the wallet for the reader. Okay, no more. He tried this and the wallet’s Rfid protection wouldn’t let the reader access his card, so he’s got to take it out of his wallet now. He was so pleased to see the protection built in Rfid at work. We would definitely buy from Bryker Hyde again and also recommend it to others. We do love to support veterans and small businesses. So, to all of you kuddos. We would also like to thank you for your service to our country and hope that you have also managed to thrive with Bryker Hyde!!
I tried multiple wallets and it’s the best I got, I carry a lot of cards and this wallet was able to accommodate my 15 + cards as well as the I d pocket. For over a year, he was using it and still has slight signs of wear and tear.
Love the purse. The greatest I’ve ever got. It’s very light and it’s still very thin even with my chips. I could easily remove my tickets. It’s very nice to stitch. I’m a veteran and I’m pleased for my fellow veterans to do business.

Brown leather wallet



With outstanding stitching, high quality, comfortable, black pebble leather. Less costly than my last wallet, but better quality and Rfid coverage included.
Beautiful purse. Robust and slim. Now fit all my tickets, plus others I couldn’t fit into my old wallet. Love the doors of the 2 Id. I can have my ID in one and my shop card in the other for quicker checkout scanning.
I bought this because it was listed as 1/4 wide in the dimensions. The attached photos are not even closeSee, it’s at least twice that. Also, the item description says it’s been made in Dallas. It was delivered in the plastic bag made in China. I wanted American leather workers to be helped.
They’re handsome made after all that, and the leather work looks good. On a flash sale, I bought the bifold edition and it suits my needs a lot better.
I’ve only had this wallet for a couple of days, but for what I wear, it’s a great size. One of the most important features is the defense from Rf. I used to have all my Rf safe sleeves cards. Now the whole wallet is security from Rf. Sadly, this kind of security is required, but if you don’t have it, you’ll just guess! This product’s value is excellent.


Green wallet with leather


Today the wallet has been shipped. It comes in a beautiful box, wrapped in tissue paper in a jar. This particular wallet had very soft leather and outstanding looks. The best part, however, is that it suits all my credit cards and ID cards. So far, so great. Time is going to tell how long it will last.
When I received the product, I was particularly impressed with the excellent packaging. I’ve only had a wallet for a couple of days, but you can tell it’s a beautifully manufactured product and it should be a day-to-day check.
Buying a wallet on line for the first time. really happy…….. A good price for performance. I’m a distributor and I like the way things are done. Highly recommended Nice leather wallet and enough space for all my credit and ID cards, plus plenty of currency. I’m very pleased with my order, combined with a reasonable price.
While we feel sorry for the life of the poor mammon who was sacrificed to create this wonderful billfold, we admire the fine quality and workmanship that went into constructing this.
Seems to be a high-quality, well-made product. Very attractive and well-designed, lots of room! To my hubby, this is a surprise and he hasn’t rec’d it yet. I think he’s going to enjoy it!
Really good item. So far, I have no concerns. It took a while to adapt the use of a small thin wallet I used to hold cards in. Nonetheless, perfect size relative to those I’ve had in the past.
This was a very nice wallet first got and felt like a quality item. Sadly, the leather began to wear after just a few months and now it looks like it’s years old and a cheap item.
Came in very nice packaging that I didn’t expect. You can feel the product’s quality when you open it. You won’t regret it for anyone on the fence about buying from this business.


Slim leather wallet

This wallet is made and built exceptionally well and comes in different leather and paint styles. If you need a highly functional high quality wallet, don’t look any further! The security of the Rfid and the fact that it is made by a company owned and operated by an American veteran is icing on the cake! Go Veterans!!!
This replaced two wallets that were very deceptive. Holds a lot of cards, it’s elegant, soft leather, and worth the money. For this, no longer cheap, over hyped wallets. The money is worth it!
Once he arrived, he loved the wallet. A few days in when I saw that with a fingernail it scratches quickly. Just something to look out for is not a bad thing. My last wallet was Guess (service 7y ride), and it felt amazing to switch to this wallet. It’s slim, has plenty of space for each credit card and so on. My Guess wallet is empty in the same size as this thing is full of all the things I had in the previous wallet.
Bought this with Rfid blocking in mind and knowing it’s got it helps me out all day long. Wonderful product! Want to see more of these variants, or even unique!
I bought this wall because I need a two-window wallet to keep my numerous ids. I went with a Bryker Hyde wallet after doing some testing. First of all, you see a plain but stylish small black box with a silver monogram named “Bryker Hyde” after opening the package. I noticed the wallet wrapped in a thin layer of tissue paper (monogrammed) and in a cloth bag (monogrammed) after opening the box. Simple, elegant, and great marketing.
I love the distressed gray leather from which the wallet is made and I love the (spartan) headhunter logo on it. This is a brand of excellent stitching that is incredibly well made. It’s easy to hold 2Ids and 8 cards. I noticed how the owner of money had a wallet splitter to divide the bills. This is a great wallet overall and I look forward to using it for a while.
It was loved by the father. The blocking of Rfid worked. He used to be able to hold his old wallet up to the sensor with his ID entry card-with this wallet he can no longer do that!


Dallas Texas wallet


The leather is comfortable. Created by Dallas Texas. It has 2 clear windows and the blocking of the rfid, of course. For Father’s Day, I just bought this for my dad, but Alexa told him what was on the porch so he got it early. Lol I thought I was charging a good wallet for $44.00. This took four months before it collapsed. Quite good leather, the job is very bad. Will never buy again from this company.
For his birthday, I bought this wallet for my husband because after 9 + years of daily abuse, the Jack Georges wallet finally went. He liked the rounded edges that were not stuck in the pockets and showed no wear. The brown hue of Texas is so appealing. It made the gift to be great.
This wallet was a bit bigger than I planned, but it fits in my back pocket so there’s no problem. It seems to be very well made and it’s slightly thinner than what I had, which is even better with the same amount of stuff packed into it. It seems that the format is well thought out.
The service arrived promptly and is beautifully packaged. There’s a cover, a bag, a fabric sheet, another wrapper, and tissue paper, like nesting dolls. The purse at last!

leather with black


Quite pleased with the leather quality and the stitching. A lot of slots for the card holder. I like the two clear windows for Ids as well. You can also easily flip back and forth to access anything you need.
Today, my new wallet arrived. Rate it totally. Great size, not too thick, and it looks good. The packaging for a wallet is the finest I’ve ever seen. Placed inside a velvet back and all inside a really nice box, covered inlogo’d tissue paper. The packaging undoubtedly has a role to play in why it costs $43. Would rather see packaging of bacis and a lower price of $15. That said, even at $43, I’d buy it again.
This wallet was earned by the husband for Father’s Day.. He said it was the best wallet he ever had. And he’s 87, he’s had a lot, a lot of wallets. He really liked the gray color and the structure. This purchase was very successful.
The exterior features are great and I like the compartments, but the wallet’s inner lining is already coming apart and I bought it only a few months ago.
My husband and I both agree that this wallet is awesome. We got it in the Distressed edition of Texas Brown and it’s very good. The leather is exquisite and beautifully stitched. Some good features are that it has two ID flips for each card area and four cards for each. Plus the usual compartments behind the cards. There are two categories of billing. He uses one of the latter to put as they collect all the dollar bills and the other for credit card purchase receipts. Even with it fully loaded, it actually presents other wallets he didn’t have with a slimness. We have no doubt that for a long time it will be in practice. Protected Rfid too-win – win!

simple brown


Bryker Hyde (I purchased the edition of Napa Grade A Leather) is embossed with the wallet. All stitching is smooth and clean, and with around 5 passports, a Rfid permit, and a few other laminated cards, the wallet folds flat. Looks like this is going to last a long time.
The wallet screaming price made proudly in the Usa! The stitching throughout the wallet is fantastic, straight and even. The leather’s quality is superb. I feel so much more comfortable that a check with this Rfdi wallet would endanger me. Great job, thank you for your service as well!
I like the amount of wallet slots to carry cards, cash, and I.D. on both sides. Fantastic windows! The leather is soft and smooth. My other wallet has been big and elegant and slim. A great purse!
The packaging and the wallet’s various protections are good. The materials ‘ quality and the good design are evident. Functionally, it’s very big and the cards have plenty of room. I highly recommend it.
He still wore a long cowboy belt, and it continued to fall out of his shoes. This one I’ve got and it’s good! He enjoys it, and he’s very demanding. The leather is amazing. Will buy again This is a wallet that has been made very well. I saw comparable products twice as much money as possible and not all the functionality. (Rfid) Obstruction. Yeah, we’re proud of you, Vets. Bless you with Grace.
Had been using it now for a month. Great quality and ability. Aswell, the colors are cool. Using Fossil for wallets in the past, from now on it seems to be misusing it.
First of all, the packaging was extremely nice, as others have mentioned. Good quality is the wallet itself. I switched from an old triple that was desperately in need of repair, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much space this wallet had for my insurance cards, loyalty cards, credit cards and items like my fishing license and concealed carry permit. To my license and international identification, the double I d fold is fantastic. Wasn’t big enough to fit my work I d, but that’s because it’s laminated and fits nicely in one of the slots for credit cards. I pulled out a few things I never knew I was using, but I was shocked at how much lighter and more convenient this wallet was with nearly the same amount. I’d definitely recommend this and consider it for a gift in the future.


Bought this wallet as I was searching for a leather wallet to replace my Coach wallet that had worn out several years later. The wallet looked good and is secured by Rfid. Good qualities are the model and Rfid.
It’s sub-par leather. I know the Coach men’s wallet value was 1/2 and I didn’t expect it to last years. But, before it needed replacement, I figured I’d get at least 2 years out of it. In less than six months, the leather started wearing off the wallet. Did not contact the seller because I knew that I was going to get another replacement inferior. So, I’ll pay more for value and go back to a pocket for a Coach.
Love the design, but I have to wash all my cards with glue on the edges. It’s not just one spot, it’s almost every. Difficult to remove a card and sometimes, before using it to pay, I wave to wash it.
Was searching for a safe Rfid wallet for my husband and that fits the bill (no pun intended). He really enjoys having two I d pockets and plenty of credit card slots. He also likes the two separate areas of billing. It seems to be beautifully crafted and a good selection of colors.
I purchased my son’s wallet. We were both struck by the attention that went into the presentation when he opened the package. It even came with a storage bag of its own. The designer is obviously putting some thought into the model and presentation. Inside and outside performance. My son loves it even more after about a month of use. Ideally he’ll hold on for years to come to this quality item and it won’t be robbed like his last wallet at class!
I purchased this as a birthday gift for my husband and he was delighted! All went into this wallet right away from his old falling-apart wallet— and everything matched! Lots of driver license slots, tickets, money, etc. It’s a black leather wallet beautifully crafted and well worth the price (which I felt was quite reasonable). I’m certainly going to buy Bryker Hyde again. Thank you for making such a great product!
Feels better and more convenient than a leather wallet that is mass-market. Slightly more space for cards making it easier to delete them. Am loving this model and for buying it as a gift thanks to my lovely wife.
My husband’s just saying hard to please, but this wallet he loves. It’s got several well-made pockets. I can see this going on for a long time. If we need to, we’ll re-order.
This is a big wallet if you look elsewhere in search of something smaller and compact. That said, there’s plenty of space for Ids, Money, and lots of credit cards that’s the best point. It has a great design, and even if it’s tall, in my back pocket it’s not uncomfortable.

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Who knew that it might be so hard to choose a decent wallet? Well, it’s not really that hard but we’re not just encouraging you to grab the first wallet that appeals to you (probably because of how it looks) and then throw it into your shopping cart. So, slow down a little and remember the basics of finding the right wallet for you.

1. SIMPLICITY IS BEST Usually the best buying choice for many men is a plain, tidy pocket. Wallets come in a wide variety of colors, designs and styles, but for casual and formal events a wallet in a plain color is good. A fake wallet is not going to reflect on your personality as well.

2. SIZE A further important part of the purchasing process is to choose the right size pocket. Again, don’t go overboard, because an attractive look isn’t necessarily a fat wallet filled with stuff. Fitting into your back pocket is also more complicated and produces a bulge in the wrong area of your pants.

For many people, purchasing a smaller wallet means scaling back on what they normally carry, i.e. credit cards, receipts, restaurant gift cards, library cards, IDs, etc. In most cases, how much less you can bring, and how good it feels to have a slimmer, uncluttered purse, might shock you.

3. TYPE Wallets are available in many different types and the type you select depends on how you want to use them. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the more popular styles: Bifold One of the most widely used and popular wallets available is the classic bifold. You can access your cash and card with a flap lift by a bifold. Bifolds have a sleek shape and don’t feel like sitting all day on a wall.

Triple What separates the triple from other wallet types is the multitude of compartments in it. A triple is an excellent choice when you bring more cards than the average person. Be careful, though, to stuff your triple too full of stuff because sitting on for long periods can become uncomfortable.

Money Clip A money clip is a good option if you choose a minimalist design and hold a small number of items. Money clips are small pieces of plastic or pliable metal that are designed to hold together a wad of cash. If nothing else, it’s a good way to organize your cash using a money clip. The downside is that money clips don’t usually protect your money and other wallet types.

Minimalist Traditional minimalist wallets blend the best elements of cash clips with owners of credit cards. These are intended to reduce the number of items that can be stuffed into a purse.

Materials Wallets are available in various materials: leather, canvas, linen, polyester, etc. Every form of fabric has its advantages and disadvantages, but we agree that leather is best. Generally, leather wallets consist of two types of leather: Full-grain leather Full-grain leather is finer and more durable than other leather styles because it is not over-processed.

Split-grain leather Split-grain leather is inferior to full-grain leather and consists of a composite material in which the top layer closely resembles full-grain leather while the bottom layer is a thinner leather type (split-grain). Split-grain is easier to wear than full-grain and is not as durable.

The usability of a wallet is largely determined by its compartments. Determine before you buy how much you tend to carry in a wallet. If you’re carrying a lot of things–note, the easier the better–then look for a wallet with all the slots you want. Another nice feature you can find in many wallets are clear pockets, such as your driver’s license, to carry your identification cards.

5. Fit YOUR WALLET WITH YOUR WARDROBE Choose your leather wallet to fit most of the time with what you carry. If you’re wearing suits, a wallet with a darker finish adds a stylish dimension. Go for a lighter leather wallet if you’re wearing jeans for most days.

6. THERE’S ONE FOR EVERY SEASON Nobody dresses the same all year round, especially if you live in an area that often brings dramatic weather changes during the four seasons. For example, in the summer, you can carry a slimmer wallet to prevent your shorts and pants from slacking (if you don’t wear a coat with pockets to hold your wallet and other items). And sitting on a fat wallet all day may wreak havoc on your lower back and alignment with your spine.

7. RFID RFID Software software defends you from theft of credit cards and identification. In their consumer models, most wallet manufacturers now include it. You’re going to pay more for a RFID wallet, but in the future it can save you a lot of money and worsening.

8. PRICE Wallets are available to match the budget of every man and it is important to determine how much you want to spend before choosing your wallet. While a higher price does not ensure a better wallet, a wallet of clearly lower quality should not be cheaper as well. Instead, view your pocket as a long-term investment that will last for several years.

It’s hard to choose the wallet that’s perfect for you when you have all the product and choices. We look forward to our list of men’s best wallets to guide your decision making.