Looking into clippers for line ups?
There is great place took find the best one!
The right clippers with lineup can be for barbers to live or die.

It ultimately forms their level of expertise. Today, when the bet is to try a new beard style, people will not give it a second thought. It’s the same for haircuts!

Philips Norelco Hair and Beard Trimmer BT7215/49


    • Easy to navigate
    • Light and portable
    • Easy work and clean
    • Cutters can not cut ultra close

The guards are easy to fix and stick tightly to the block of the blade of the hair clipper. It allows more flexible work and is desirable to avoid residual hair from being logged between the blade block layer and the fastening brush.
This hair cuts machine comes with much more combs than you actually ever use, but it’s always good to have more cuts available, particularly because the total cost of the kit is not included.
This is certainly a good hair clipper, but we prefer it for those who already have some experience looking for a quick and accurate cut. It is perhaps best for beginners to start with something lighter and easier to manage.
For about 6 years I have used the Norelco before I had to change because I lost them. The guards who come with the remote trimmers are much firmer than the guards who wear the cords a few years ago. It makes it harder to trim my mouse because I can’t break the guard teeth slightly.

Good line ups clippers

Wahl Color Pro 79300 [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2oQM0PC” ]
Andis EasyCut 18065 Hair Clipper [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2qoq3b7″ ]
Philips Norelco Hair Clipper series 7100, Model # HC7452/41 [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2BobZ3G” ]
Hatteker Cordless Hair Trimmer Pro Hair Clippers Beard Trimmer for Men Haircut  [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2prRpwC” ]
Wahl 9918 6171 Trimmer Corded Cordless Led [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2OY4SXK” ]
BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clipper [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2MofIVa” ]

Wahl 5 Star Balding


    • Simple
    • Light in weight
    • The generator is definitely quiet
    • Rotor blades are unable to cut extra close

The total strength of the trimmers is only slightly lower than that of the corded trimmers, but we can predict this. When I arrived I loaded the trimmers and have been loading them since then. About once a week I use the trimmers.
This is far more expensive than my previous clipper. Holding and using is faster. It doesn’t have to be difficult or washed a bit. It fits well and still didn’t pull my hair. The only mistake I had was a user error (be careful about the area around the coin bag when you use it to trim it) Love the scale by pebbles. I love the bag with that. I put it all in and put it away. This product has all you need. Even my brother had been impressed. He went home I’m sure he ordered the same one. THERE It works like charm. Twice I cut my son’s hair. The battery should last for every load a few faces. I only use it on my son anyway. It should last a few years for me. The bag contains the cutter and the accessories are cool. Perfect for line ups.

Oster Fast Feed


    • Comfortable
    • Compact
    • Works
    • Suitable for use in United states power outlets only

This oster clipper is clean and easy to use. The color-coded adapters are a big plus for easy use. Choice’s customer service is great to deal with. In a hotel room I left my charger and they shipped me a new one without any price-amazing. I purchased my old father’s second unit, who could no longer travel to the barber. He’s now regularly trimming his hair at home. This trimmer package I highly recommend.
Better bang for buck, especially for rechargeable parts, but the certification of internal parts is not the greatest. Charge life seems perfect, but after I have broken in, I never used it. When I first got it, I used it all over my head and a million times I went over it, and it kept up with batteries. Obviously, batteries are failing. I believe my sporadic touch-ups shortened his life a little, but only by guessing.
The head of the clippers is fast. I’m talking about the metal part that moves. It’s pressed in place, and something similar to a’ push pin’ that mainly holds friction in place. It gets less than 3 stars (I think that’s my revised review). The slow knock or drop will take it out. Guess what, it fell off again today in the middle of a cut, and one of the tabs holding it (two are here, then there is an indent), broke. Inexpensive packaging. Packaging inexpensive. It would have survived if it were good plastic.

Wahl Elite Pro


    • Convenient to use
    • Light in weight
    • A motor can be noiseless
    • Cutters can not cut extremely close

My bad thing is to remove them, but do I worry too much that anything like this should not be made from the cheapest plastic? Nonetheless, I’m going to buy one more because it was a year and still super cheap. I’m going to give it an extra star for the quality (3/5 overall). I assume overall battery life is great and you can still have it plugged into and use it if nothing else.
It works great, much better than the old 1, sometimes the old set would fall off and I figured we would finish with Funniest Home Videos. This is a fine, robust clipper package. All came in good form and works as expected. Will recommend it. Would recommend it.
Great fan of the elite pro Clippers of Wahl. I used them straight for 2 years, every week, with no problem. When I dropped them and broke a plastic arm inside the unit, a replacement part was added to the rescue service. The commitment of this business to its customers is unparalleled. Supported exceptionally.

Philips Norelco Hair Clipper series 7100


    • Simple
    • Small
    • Very good engine
    • Simply no right and left ear tapers

A little while after I bought Norelco, I waited to leave a review to see how it would stand. I replaced this one by a decades-old corded version, and to my satisfaction so far it works, particularly now that the cord is out of the way. I don’t want to ask why you need to have the battery plugged 24/7, and when it constantly puts a load into the battery, which eliminates these battery types.
It also has only one red light to let you know it’s plugged in, but that’s it. There is no warning or clarification as to whether or not this is a charge light and there is no switch from red to green (or anything else).
You can’t go wrong for the cost. I purchased it for a quick shave or fixing my sideburns when I don’t have the time to shave thoroughly and it works great. The battery lasts a long time, 6 weeks from my last charge actually. It operates with 100-240 V so I don’t have a problem connecting it when I drive.

Wahl Professional Peanut Trimmer:


    • Easy to navigate
    • Portable
    • A engine is definitely quiet
    • Razors can’t cut super close

Since 1993, I’ve been cutting my own hair. My old Wahl professional got exhausted and this new one replaced me. It is lightweight and does not need a cord during haircutting, which is a big improvement. There are far too many clipper guides to slip over the cutters, but perhaps some people use them while I only use one or two. The case is cool, but my old plastic case fits well into books on a bookshelf, not the case of this new fabric. Recommended to cutters at home, yes!
Comes with a charge so that you can use it immediately. After 11/11/17, I’ve rocked a buzz and will rock as long as it continues rocking. I’m going to learn how to do a taper early, I’m a little scared. Comes with a teacher. Most guards and easy to clean. At one point I was terrified as I tried to remove one of the guards, and the entire head flew off. It turns out you can clean it up. Only look out for withdrawal of guards. I hope that this saves me a couple of trips to the barber. I always cut my hair and was used to playing with my clippers ‘ thread. Yet I finally bought my dog some cordless ones. Once you saw how much easier it was to use them. I thought I should get myself a pair. I could have made the best choice. With all the connection, it makes it much easier to cut my hair. I just wish there was a power meter so I knew how much a load there was left. My dog clippers have that.

Oster Classic 76 Clipper


    • Convenient
    • Easily portable
    • Quite strong motor
    • Cutting blades are unable to cut extremely close

At first I thought my son responded over when I cut his hair and asked me why… Mostly because hair cuts don’t make any of them fun. Okay, I realized today that this brand was just awful after cutting my husbands ‘ hair. There’s nothing pro! There’s nothing pro! He never complains, and repeatedly he expressed and flinched and checked his head to see if he was bleeding. Yeah, that was terrible! I’m amazed at all good reviews. I followed the instructions closely from the highest level to work my way down to a 3. I’ve even been moving very slowly. This may work for people with normal hair, but if your hair is thick or coarse… Steer this one straight… It’s painful! It’s painful! God, the wind… Oh… It’s almost as noisy as a cleaner vacuum… How could anyone just next to their eyes want that?! So bad! I’ve been waiting too long for a week to land in the return slot. I’m shocked that this is actually selling!
I had a Wahl clipper set for YEARS and it always worked as new. In September, I decided to upgrade to the cordless Wahl model. I used them precisely 17 times (one child cuts twice a month). The battery now lasts 4-6 minutes. The night before we use them, I let them charge full, and the battery is just so bad. Throw this package into the garbage and buy another product.

BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clipper


    • Simple
    • Light
    • Nice price
    • Simply few accessories

First use. First use. Blades felt blunt and cut through my hair (no head guard) and neatly trimmed my beard. You get what you pay for, so I’m sure that you have better clippers if you get the cash, but they’re a win for the price.
I have not much hair left. After my barber left the trade, I went to one of those fast-cut places a few times. It seemed almost immoral to pay $15 (+ tip) for a chair of five to seven minutes. The cut seemed quite fast. And I’ finally’ pulled one of these triggers. Even with the extra cost of the model battery, I was black after two uses on this order. The quality is the same as that of the products in fast cuts-just the class of consumers. The question is therefore used once or twice a week, rather than 10 or 12 times a day. I had these a few months, and I’m expecting a good few years to last.

Wahl Clipper Stainless Steel Beard Trimmers #9818


    • Convenient to use
    • Lightweight
    • Very good engine
    • Absolutely no hair removing brush

These are HORRIBLE clippers! My friend tried to give me a haircut and I felt like the cutters tore the hair off my ears. I realized how bad they were after the haircut. They gave the horrible ends of my hair. I laid my head on my sofa and as I lifted my head, the split ends were so serious that my hair stuck like velcro on the couch. Don’t buy them! Don’t buy them!!!
I couldn’t wait to cut my hair using this clipper. Because we hadn’t been using a clipper previously, it took us a while to figure out how to oil the blade and set up the 1/2 clip to start. Watched a 4-minute video tutorial before beginning. To beginners, it was very helpful. The only problem was that in about 20 minutes the battery drained. I’d recommend that the clipper first be charged for a good 12-15 hours before use. It’s a good product overall.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper


    • Comfortable
    • Lightweight
    • A motor is quiet
    • Only couple accessories

My old cutters needed a cord and I lost some of the attachments to the guard. They were also pretty dull after use. It’s been time to upgrade. This new device is all I wanted and the cordlessness makes it perfect. Excellent for a fast trim… You can quickly pack it up and take it with you for traveling and whatnot. Even if you are not corded, the versatility and movement are much smoother. I just hated trying to use my old cutters and feeling the cord was too short or that movement was impairing. The issue no longer exists with these. Great product. Great product.

Wahl Clipper Groomsman Cord /Cordless


    • Comfortable
    • Luxury
    • The battery pack life is amazing
    • This manual is poor

Groomsman Cord has been in use for around 9 months. I’m really happy about this service. I was doubtful first of all about the battery life, but it was good. Before using, I never had to pay or encountered low loading during cuts. I remember paying four times then, maybe, and once a week I cut my hair. Easy to handle and lightweight. I’m especially pleased with the fact that he saved me a lot of!
This was such a good trip! Love it’s cableless, and its battery life is very long! I powered it to the full level, and for months it held the battery life before I had to refill it. I love all the different sizes, the only downside is that I want a lever on my side so that I can do half the sizes, that I can not really fade with these attachments.

Design  line up

In a variety of designs and sizes, edge up clippers will come. You have to choose the one that sounds most natural to use. Look for what others say about the clipper you want to get.

You need to have an understanding of its weight, how it feels in hand, and if it can be quickly trimmed. You need to know how quickly it can function.

Various manufacturers have produced various types of clippers. Since it’s packed, most local shops won’t allow you to touch. Therefore, you can try to read more and more reviews!


good haircut will literally get customers to come to you over and over. You can proudly call yourself pro until you increase your customer’s trust. Choosing the finest clippers for lineup and edging is really must for the goodwill of your saloon.The world’s top edgers, liners and outliners will help barbers deliver the finest haircuts and designs in the barbershop. And while it may be a struggle to find high-quality tools that last a lifetime, these trimmers have proven to work. Such clippers will offer the highest quality experience and slice with outstanding feedback and testimonials from professionals.




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