Best Mutton Chops

Overview of a Mutton Chop Beard

There are a few mutton chop beard styles that become popular in the 19th century.
Back then, politicians like to have this type of beard style. They are also
popular with bike gangs.

List of the Top 20 Mutton Chop Beards

1. Elvis Presley King Mutton Chop

The photo shows the late Sir Elvis Presley with a king mutton chop beard style. As
you can see, the most obvious part of the facial hair is the thick triangle
sideburns. The hair on the rest of the areas of the face has been shaved to
almost no hair. There is only a small amount of facial hair below the chin.

2. Boomerang Mutton Chop


Keeping this beard style will give you a sleek looking face. To attain this beard
style, you must shave away the goatee first. The chop is to be groomed thin
starting from the bottom and the thickness of hair can be gradually increased
as you groom upwards to the sideburns.

3. Bushy and Curly Mutton Chop

   The Retro Style

This is a retro style mutton chops that feature bushy and curly chops on two sides.
There is some slight stubble that grows out of the chin in between the two
chops. You must go to a professional barber if you want to attain this mutton
chop. You can ask your barber to cut your beard any one of the mutton chop
styles in the list.

4. Statue Style Mutton Chop

This mutton chop beard style requires you to let the moustache grow long. Once the
moustache is long, you can trim it to the desired length to give you a wild

5. Curtains Mutton Chops

Side Curtains

The beard is allowed to grow long and combed down. The chin hair is shaved clean so
that they look like two rows of curtains.It never goes out of fashion even after more than 100
years later. Mutton chop hairstyle hides a receding hairline and can give you a
macho look.

6. Wolverine Style Mutton Chop

The Wolverine

This mutton chop is trimmed to the style of Wolverine superheroes like X-Men. The
moustache and some hair just above the chin have been shaved to allow the mutton
chop to frame around the jaw.

7. Smart Looking Mutton Chop Style

Neat Mutton Chops Bear Style

In this mutton chop style, there are sideburns on both sides that link to the
moustache. The sideburns and moustache must be trimmed to ensure that look smart.

8. Whiskers Mutton Chop

The Side Whiskers

The mutton chop features two rows of bushy sideburns growing up to the chin. There
is a small portion of hair just above the chin. The moustache also links to the

9. Classic Style Mutton Chop

Classy and Clean

This mutton chop requires a fully grown beard. Once your beard is fully grown, you
must shave off the goatee so that the area on the chin is clean and without
hair. When trimming the beard, make sure that both sides are of equal length so
that you can attain a masculine appearance.

10. Working Guy Mutton Chop

Mutton Chops for Working Guy

This is a working guy mutton chop that looks best on people who must go to the office
to work. It features the moustache joining to the beard.

11. Mutton Chops for Bald Head

Mutton Chops with Shaved Head

The mutton chop beard style is designed to look nice on a clean bald head. The
thick chops extend from just below the ears up to the lip in a U shape.

12. Thin Mutton Chops

Flattering Beard

The thin mutton chops are not joined to the moustache. It tends to offer a smart
appearance on the person.

13. Short and Wide Mutton Chops

T Chops

The hair of the mutton chop is trimmed short and wide along the cheek. There is a
thin line of moustache that connects to the chops on both sides. The hair near
the chin is longer. The mutton chop style may not be good looking but it is
popular with celebrities.

14. Bushy Mutton Chop and Thick moustache

Bushy and Unruly Beard

The mutton chop style looks messy and is designed to add a rebellious look. The
chops on both sides are thick and busy. There is no hair on the chin area. The
mutton chop beard style looks great on someone with a thick moustache.

15. Mutton Chops with the Separated moustache

The Fiery Mutton Chops

The red chops have been allowed to grow thick and bushy to give a fiery appearance.
The chops are linked to the moustache. The moustache consists of 2 slanted lines
that have been separated.

16. Country Style Mutton Chops

The Country Style

The mutton chop continues from the sideburns halfway to the chin and The moustache
is separated from the chops. The tousled hairstyle complement with the country
style chops.

How to Grow Mutton Chops Beard

  • Depending on how fast your beard hair grow, it will take at
    least a few months for the beard hair to reach the ideal length.
  • The correct shaving technique must be used to shave the beard
    based on your face shape.
  • Before shaving, you must apply a high-quality cream on the
    beard. To prevent it from curling, you just need to use a comb to comb the
    beard regularly.
  • You can apply some beard oil to strengthen the hair and prevent
    it from breaking
  • If you have a moustache, you must make sure that it is joined to
    the sideburns before starting to shave.
  • All the chin beard must be shaved completely
  • You must shave all the tiny stubble on the grains on the chin to
    ensure it is skin clean of hair.

Trimming Your Mutton Chop Beard Short

The two most popular types of mutton chop beards are the regular and friendly
mutton chops. Regular mutton chop does not have any chin hair while the
friendly mutton chop has a moustache. Regular mutton chop is best for adding a
bold look to the person. Friendly mutton chop can get people to pay attention
to your jawline. In both types of mutton chop beards, the side joins to the
moustache and thus forming a triangular shape.

17. Bushy Sideburns

Fluffy Sideburns

The sideburns are left to grow thick. It is combed backwards regularly to produce a
puffy look. This is a creative and unique sideburns style.

18. Men Chin Strap Mutton Chops

The Thin Strap

This mutton chop is popular in the old days. The barber will trim the thick
sideburns until they are in the shape of a neat curve line that connects to the
moustache like a chin strap.

19. Mutton Chop with Round Bushy Whiskers

Holy Mother of Gaul

This is a big mutton chop hairstyle that features fully grown mutton chop and shaved
chin hair. The beard is styled to round bushy whiskers to give a stylish

20. Mutton Chops for Curly Hair

Curly Mutton Chops

Step by Step Instructions on Trimming a Regular MuttonChops:

  • Allow at least 1 month or more for the beard to grow long
  • Regularly comb the beard to keep it straight
  • The hair on the chin and neck should be shaved down so that you
    only have to groom the moustache
  • The right equipment must be used to trim the beard
  • If you want to create a slant line, you can use a Wahl shaver to
    create this line. There must be at least 1.5 inches of hair on the sideburns.
  • When trimming, make sure that you don’t trim too much so that
    the moustache is detaching from the sideburns. The moustache and sideburns must
    create a triangular shape.
  • It is important that you regularly trim your moustache to keep it
    in shape.

You can apply the cream to the facial hair to make it softer and
easier to trim.

Step by Step Instructions on Trimming a Friendly Mutton Chops:

  • The beard hair on your neck and chin are to be shaved clean. On
    the other hand, you must not trim your moustache but let it grow long.
  • You must let your sideburns grow longer than the jawline. It
    should only be halfway to the chin.
  • If there is hair beneath the cheekbone, you must shave them away
    so that it forms a sloping line. The Wahl shaver is recommended for the job.
  • Carefully trim the moustache to the friendly mutton chop beard

The mutton chop style is great for people with some silver hair. The moustache has
been trimmed shorter than the hair on the chops.

When people talk about Tom Hardy, they will think about how good his acting is in
the British films. Besides acting, Tom Hardy is also creative in his hairstyle.

Tom Hardy did not cut his hair to the latest hairstyle but he always tries to get his
hair in a unique way that will describe his acting especially as a role of a bad
person in movies. His fans are always eager to copy all his haircuts from bald
hairstyle to hairstyle with beards.

He had a variety of straight and curly hairstyles – all of which are designed to
accommodate his bone structure.