List of Attractive Silver Blue Hairstyles that You Will Love

Have you ever find silver blue colour hair cool? When you are younger, you probably
did not think of dying your hair to silver blue colour. But, now that you are
grown up, you want to go after fashion.


Tips on Silver Blue Hair Maintenance

You can play the video at the bottom to learn how to obtain silver-blue hair.

Look Bold with Silver Blue Color

beautiful silver blue hair color

It is easy to dye your hair to silver-blue but harder to maintain it in long term. The colour
will fade and not appear silver anymore over time. This is the reason why it is
recommended that you only dye your hair partially or just highlight a few
strands of hair. You can dye your hair to silver blue on special occasions. If you only want your hair to be
silver blue temporarily, you can use semi-permanent dye instead. If you like
the colour, you can choose the permanent option.

Top Silver Blue Hairstyles

You can carry out the hair dyeing process for silver blue hair yourself. But, if you want to
add wild colours to hair, it is recommended that you visit the hair salon. The
hairstylist at the saloon will use the right tools and products to apply the
dye on your hair so that they will stay longer. You can go through another
procedure to lighten the hair colour if you dye it too dark.

Blond Hair with Blue Highlights

Simple Silver Blue Hairstyle for girl

Simple colour blends will do if you just want to highlight some parts of the hair to blue.
Having some blue on the hair is enough to captivate attention and you may want
to mix in other lighter colours such as blond or silver.

Blond Hair and Partial Blue Highlights

Partial highlights Silver Blue Hair for cute girl

You can improve your appearance by just highlighting a few strands to silver blue.
Highlight the strands selectively as you want. You’ll see how it make a change
on the way, you look and give you more confidence when you go out.

Girls who want to attract attention will almost always dye their hair blue. There are
a few shades of blue to choose from. There is no need to dye the entire head of
hair to blue colour. You have the option to dye a few strands or half of the
hair to blue.

It is easy to maintain silver-blue hair. It is not easy to get advice on this from those
around you. If you ask the hairstylist, he will only give you a few tips so it
is best to educate yourself on this. The following are some steps you can take
to maintain a silver-blue hair for long.

§  Use shampoo and conditioner that is designed for dyed hair

§  Every week, the bangs must be applied with hair masks for at least one time.

§  The hair should not be shampooed every day

§  Hairdryers and iron for curling the hair are to be avoided

§  You can pay at least one visit the barber to redye the hair every month

Silver blue is not a popular colour that people use to dye their hair. Therefore, if you dye your
hair to this colour, it is sure to capture attention. There are seven ideas on
how to colour your hair to silver-blue below.

Blue Hair Shade

Silver Blue Hair

Blending the
blue color with a platinum color can make you appear more natural. The hair
color is not suitable for people with fair skin. Makeup can be used if you have
olive skin.


1. Blond Hair with Blue Highlights

Highlights Silver Blue Hair for girl

If this is your
first time, you can just highlight a few strands of the hair with the blue
color. Different shades of blue can be used when you are dyeing your blonde
hair. You’ll be surprise at how great your hair will look in blue color.

Metallic Blue Dyed Hair

Metallic Silver Blue Hair color for Asian girl

Metallic blue
shades gives you an ultra modern look. It will make you stand out if you plan
on dyeing your hair to metallic blue for long term. The hue looks best on those
with long hair.


Silver Blue with Ash Blond Highlight

Ashy addition with Silver Blue Hair your favorite

Ash blonde dye
may be what you are looking for if silver blue hair color is not what you want.
You can use blue as the main color and blend in shades of other colors into
your hair.


Purple Ombre Hair Color

Violet ombre Silver Blue Hair for cute girl

You may want to
incorporate violet shades apart from just highlighting your hair with silver
and blue. The top can be dyed to light violet while the bottom can be dyed to
blue and silver.


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