Havana twist hairstyle gives you a sophisticated look by tying your hair into braids. To attain Havana
twist hairstyle, you must use hair extensions. The extensions are made from
synthetic fibre that resembles real hair. You can give your hair a complete change
by using Havana twist extension.

 High bun Havana Twist Hairstyle for black girl

Carefree Havana Twist Hairstyles for Women

You may be planning to abandon your old haircut after deciding
on a Havana twist hairstyle. Wearing Havana twist extensions will completely
transform your hairstyle. The following is a short list of hairstyles that
requires the Havana twist extensions. You will find hairstyles that feature
elegant buns and wild ponytails. Hair extension is for you if you are fed up
with your current hairstyle and don’t want to have to go through the process of
dyeing your hair.


1. Braided Bun for Havana Twists


Once you have attached the twists extension, you can start to
experiment with different types of Havana style buns. You can divide your hair
into two symmetrical parts and tie them up into two buns to get a 16th-century


2. Havana Twist with Side Swept Bang

Side swept bangs hairstyle for black young girl

Havana twist hairstyle is easy to maintain and customize. If you
want to have a side swept bang, you must cut your long locks.

 Tutorial Havana braided

3. Havana Twist with Single Large Bun

 High bun Havana Twist Hairstyle for black girl

Havana twist hairstyle consists of a large volume of braids
hanging own from the head. In this hairstyle, the braids are all tied up into a
single large bun to give an attractive look.

4. Havana Twist with Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks hairstyle for girl

Havana twist is useful for styling your hair into dreadlocks. If
you are not skilled, you can go to the barber and ask him to have your
extensions form into dreadlocks.

The Havana twist hairstyles in this list can give you ideas on
creating a creative hairstyle. Whatever idea on how to tie your hair
extensions, they are sure to look good on them. Therefore, you should not be
afraid of attaching the extensions.

4.1 Havana Twist with Cornrow

beautiful Cornrows hairstyle you like

Havana twist is also useful for creating cornrow hairstyle.
First, you must style your own hair into cornrows. After that, you can attach
the extension that hangs from the head. The result is that you will look great
in them.

5. Havana Twist with Bow


Havana twist extension
allows you to tie a braided bun neatly. In this hairstyle, the braids are tied
to a single bun before being divided into two parts to look like a bow. Visit
this link for the best chignon bun hairstyles.

6. Havana Twist Bun for Medium Extension

Medium-length hairstyle for cute girl

There is a varying length of Havana twists. The medium hair
extension is ideal for people who don’t prefer long hair. The medium extensions
can also be styled into a creative Havana twist hairstyle. For instance, medium
extensions can be styled into a high voluminous hairstyle.

Educate yourself
on how to style your hair into Havana twist like a skilled barber.


7. Havana Twist with Ring Top


You will need certain hair accessories to get your hair done
like this. The rings are styled to a crown shape and do not feel tight on the
head.The Havana twist extension is best for those
who find it hard to maintain their curls. If you are thinking of using
extensions to spice up your hairstyle, you can go through the following list
and select the style that suits your taste.

8. Take the Long Twists Down


You don’t need to style your hair too complicated for a Havana
twist hairstyle. You can just let your braids down and it will continue to
look cool. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the braid from the bun on
top falling off.

9. Havana Twist with Bright Colors

Wild colors hairstyle for black girl

You can get creative by highlighting your hair extensions into
many different colours. In the photo above, the extension has been dyed to
burgundy which contrasts nicely with the original black hair in the base.



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