Great and neat haircuts

Would you like some examples of the best haircut shape? Well, this style comes in many different forms and used to refer to it by other names. By the name œedge up or œ line up haircut, most of us know it. It’s a style that’s been around for many years, attracting millions of men around the globe. I’ll give you examples of this hairstyle in this article to enable you to make a more informed decision about the style that best suits you.

Voluptuous Highlighted Top

This is an imperfect hairstyle version given only to the sides. The sides have a nice skin fade with the highlighted blonde top creating a great contrast. To add more color in this fashion, the top hair is longer and grows outward.
Razor part shape Up

This pomp-style haircut has a unique and elegant look. The beard is disconnected by a bald fade from the temple to the occipital bone to give you more swag.

Curly and Wavy

Curls and waves are the best ways to add style to your hair. This simple pompadour is used to fashion beauty gel into perfect curls and waves. This style is added by a sharp fade for the sides and back.


You don’t need to look effortlessly in a hairstyle shape. To achieve a trendy master haircut, you can incorporate different styles into different sections. A strong fade on the sides of the temple is turned into a bald fade. To make a bold statement, a pump style sits on top.

Fresh Taper Beard

In this model, the textured spiky top and the tapered sides make a lot more flavor. The temple is sporting a bald fade disconnecting the hair from the beard.


It would seem a good idea to add the sleek top to this haircut. However, by flipping the front hair to blend well with the faded sides, more elegance and drama are created. A tapered cut sits perfectly on the nape making it even hotter in this style.

Shape Up for Pressed Pump

Here, the hair is blow-dried and shaped into a pump that is pressed down to add texture to it. For the sides, a skin fade cements the entire look. This haircut creates an elongated face’s illusion.

Neat and Classic

This is the perfect way to achieve the œwow look that gives you many compliments. Tons of texture are provided to the hair with tidy, well-defined outlines. The cool textured pump is separated from the skin fade sides by a surgical razor part. To create a good match for the hair, the beard is trimmed to perfection.

Great Shape Up

This style offers a beautiful look. The top hair is textured and shaped into a classic front lift lever. A skin fade cut is given to the back and sides that transitions to the occipital bone into a bald fade on the temple.


This is a bold haircut. On the sides and back, it sports a skin fade. In order to create a more classic appeal, the top and crown are left longer and given some texture. At the mid-section of the front the hair is trimmed to give you a cool look.

Sharp Fade with Pomp

This is a perfect option for men who want something special and stylish. A sharp fad is given to the temple. The haircut sports a razor bordering on a sleek pump that decorates the top.

Spiky Shape Up

Top spiky textured transitions to tapered sides with a half razor surgical part adding more swag to the haircut. To allow a perfect connection to the beard lineup, a bald fade is given a few inches from the temple.


This style could be a complete match for men with recessed hairline. The top is textured and the touch is classic. The sides were sporting a fade cut extending from the temple to the occipital bone. To give a formal look, a couple of glasses come in handy.

Shape Up for Textured Crop

It can be quite a challenge to create the perfect look in junk cuts. This crop haircut is given some structure in the temple with a clean razor cut which turns out to be pretty all right.

Mild Bald Fade

The bald fade in the temple gives irresistible look to this haircut. It sports an elegant pomade on top using pomade wax to give it a smooth, silky appeal. It’s a great style that’s certainly going to make your day.

Blunt Crop

This blunt crop haircut features a textured polished top sliced to the front and side to create a capped top illusion. The hair is cut down on the sides and nape. For young boys, this style is a perfect match.

African-American style

This is how black African hair design can be integrated. On the sides and back there is a fade cut that extends down to the beard. In this style, a moustache and a small beard around the chin add creativity.

Back party

This is a classic form boasting some imagination in the neck’s nape. A V-shape line of surgery sits well on the nape to make a statement. This disconnects the fading sides from the hair. To give a shiny look, the hair is textured.

Shape Up for Wavy Top

You can actually spice up your appearance by styling the top hair into beautiful waves with a pretty sweet skin on the sides. The fade extends down the beard lineup a few inches.

Faded Nape

This design provides an elegant and inspiring vintage look. A faded cut that produces more of a military look is given to the temple and the nape.

Creative Shape Up

You should go a mile further to develop your abilities and create something that will impress others. Long side flipped locks on top of this haircut sports. The sides are given a skin fade that perfectly matches the nape’s pleasant artistic interpretation.

Thinned Hair Shape Up

size should not be an obstacle to ideal shape up fashion. Here’s how you can insert it into short, thin hair. The faded sides have a good connection to the beard lineup to add to this style’s classic look.

Blow Dried

This is a cool look that puts into play the beauty and elegant appearance of blow dried skin. To isolate the beard completely, the sides and back are faded.

Shape Up for Crew Cut

This is where you get a clean style that makes maintenance easy. The hair is textured and cut to the top with a short buzz. Faded sides with smooth outlines create a formal style for students to match perfectly.

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