Tom Hardy Beard Styles

Bushy Beard

Big beard craze has gone solid for years. However, the complete declaration of Tom Hardy’s lumberjack deserves the spotlight.

The English heartthrob balances a complex slicked back hair out of his unruly beard. It’s sexy without ever losing its rugged touch signature.

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Buzz Cut + Thick Goatee + Stubble Beard

Circle Beard

If you have an angular face shape, you can take off a circle beard in the globe without worry. However, for boys with rounder faces, it may not be the most flattering Hardy-inspired option.

We also support elderly people in their search for a clean and professional look. It does not cut back on Tom’s manly approach to facial hair, despite its chiseled appeal.

Comb Over+ Beard + Mustache

Designer Stubble

A stubble from the developer is super hunky. It suggests you’re either too busy or too cool to take care of the morning use of your razor.

The subtle beard of Tom Hardy ranges from looks-like-he-did-nothing-at-all to what looks like a very closely shaved stubble with accurate lines. Either way, it exudes the manhood of his trademark.

Extra Thick

If you’re going to rock a Tom Hardy beard, you could go out full. Channel your internal Hardy and be motivated by his mentality that I-really-couldn’t-care-less.

Your outcome might turn out to be an additional dense, bushy beard. A bit of light grooming should do the trick to make it slightly more presentable to the ordinary person.

Full Beard

We all understand Tom Hardy and we inevitably love complete beard sports. He keeps it medium-long and casually groomed most of the moment.

It’s basically his go-to look, suitable for a cover shoot of a magazine, a red carpet premiere in a smooth or general everyday life. Therefore, every day-to-day needs you may have will surely be fulfilled.

Full Stubble Beard

Goatee + Chin Beard

Goatee and Short Beard

Tom Hardy wears his different versions of a goatee with panache and always with a dense beard. The sides vary from scarce to complete and the goatee itself differs from bold to manicured.

Hardy often decides to add a shorter beard to his goatee. As a consequence, his already powerful jawline is further accentuated.

Long, Full Beard

Moustache and Stubble

Some people may just own a moustache, irrespective of whether they are trending or not at present. If your facial characteristics are comparable to charming Hardy’s in any manner, you might just own it as well.

Nonetheless, adding stubble to the mix is one trick you can put to excellent use. Not only does it add to a contemporary touch, but for any face form it is also flattering.

Prominent Goatee

In contrast to the first goatee that we described, the one here is significantly more prominent due to the bald fade hair. Even so, it still has the iconic twist on beard styles by Tom Hardy.

He chose to almost completely shave the rest of his beard, leaving just enough to accentuate his jawline. He also draws more attention to his lips and other frontal characteristics by doing so.

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