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New Mobile Streaming Service Quibi Reveals Product Information at These 2020Several big names come together to create Quibi product. We can also remember Idris Elba Ariana Grande Kevin Hart Reese Witherspoon and Guillermo Del Toro aside from Steven Spielberg whom we have already mentioned. In total it seems about 175 shows will be produced in the initial content wave for the platform.

Creative Turnstyle

Quibi’s ability to view content in either portrait or landscape mode is another cool thing. Not only that, but through the change the videos stay in fullscreen instead of having to interfere whenever you switch your computer. Quibi’s founders call this “Turnstyle” feature that’s pretty much on the nose. — Quibi (@Quibi) January 8, 2020 But at least one of their shows called “Nest” are taking things one step further. If you watch the episodes vertically, your phone takes over the phone from the character and you see what they do. If you look horizontally you get the cinematic experience that you get with any other series. It’s certainly innovative, and there is something that many people want to experience. One Spectacle. One screenshot. Two perspectives. Hold the phone horizontally = Dramatic perspective. Hold the phone vertically = The screen is taken over by the character. # / mAnwJjksGu — Quibi(@Quibi) 8 January 2020 Is Quibi’s Market Too Crowded? Though watching content on their mobile devices including from the likes of TikTok YouTube Instagram Facebook is nothing new for the younger audience and so on is the first time we actually see content created specifically for mobile devices in this way. Hopefully the novelty would draw consumers in, but at this stage we’ll have to wait and see if people still want Another subscription to pay for every month, even if it’s free. Quibi is going live in the United States on April 6 with other English-speaking countries scheduled for the end of 2020. Two pricing rates will be open. The first will feature some advertisements, costing $4.99 a month while the second will come with no advertising, costing $7.99 a month. Reviews and interviews for more Tech news guides.