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Instagram Makes Communication with Friends Easier with Nametags Figure 1 Image Courtesy of Instagram Nametags allows users to create custom I d cards which allow users to find each other by scanning cards using the Instagram app. According to Instagram every name tag is special and it’s a fun way to add people you meet in your everyday life. Users need to go to their profile to create a name tag, and pick the choice Nametag. Nametags can be customized by clicking anywhere on the screen of your phone, and you can choose colors from a variety of designs, and even add emojis or stickers. From the same menu you can post your name tags too. .410 Figure 2 Picture Courtesy of Instagram The new feature of the school communities allows students from the same schools and universities to interact. Instagram users can add sorority sports team and other relevant details to their school year names. You’ll be able to view other user profiles that suit and immediately interact with them. The new messages section in the school communities menu lets you accept or reject requests for messages and communicate to your peers.