40 Cutest Medium Bob Hairstyles

How are you going to describe this look? The effortless and seamless look it provides is my favorite thing about this new age of balayage hair color. My favorite thing about this particular look is that you can turn a very natural base tone into a very high-contrasted greige tone and make it functional no matter which occupation you are in. The suggestions that someone feels about it? Few aspects that I tend to throw out when turning a customer into this look are maintenance and personality of budget styling treatment. Personally, I don’t think only certain age groups can have a particular haircut or hair color. It’s the trust a client exudes that makes the style one of a kind. A few of my favorite and required products are Lanza Haircare’s Gentle Silver shampoo to counteract any yellow tones and Pravana’s Perfect Blonde toning mask, which not only gives you a double dose of violet to counteract any yellow but also leaves the hair in a smooth, silky state. Healthy hair has a longer color survival. These are preventive items because they work much more effectively and retain the silver gray tones if used before the hair has returned to yellow tone already. Last but not least, as a fashion extender, I still recommend a dry shampoo. I also like to use my dry shampoo on the first day of drying as it helps to remove the oils before the hair becomes too greasy on the second day of no washing.

Stylist Gabriel Deodato Stylist @ Salao 1838 Jd. Urban Brown to Blonde Ombre

QA. America in Brazil’s Sao Paulo How would you describe this look? I like to characterize this look as an urban beach girl. This length is modern in addition to being realistic. The hue imitates the sun’s natural whitening with an end-to-end golden blonde and a slight golden face frame. We call it hair contour in Brazil. My favorite thing about this look is the low contrast naturalness. There are three shades of difference from the roots to the ends. The suggestions that someone feels about it?

Brunette Bob with Auburn Highlights

QA with Alexandre Silvestre Hair Artisan style creator @ Creative Salon in Sao Paulo Brazil This is super modern and sophisticated hair that is ideal for modern women. The advice that someone thinks about it? For deep care and color maintenance, using daily hydration treatments at home and at least once a month at the salon. Using matte-effect texture items to preserve this modern look!

Blunt Bob with one-lengthThere’s a lot to consider if you want a medium bob haircut. If you’ve never had short hair before, you have to be willing to learn how to style your hair differently. You must also be able to use the hair product to get the look you want. It takes some practice, but once you learn how to curl your hair to fit the cut style, it’s really simple. I did this look with a 1-inch curling iron and some of Redken’s favorite products. I used Full Frame mousse to add volume and body together with Wind Blown, a dry texture spray. This look will make all the difference by investing in a textured finishing spray. This provides a textured grip and a matte finish to the body and weight. The Amika texture spray Un. Done is another favorite to try.

Copper Red Bob with Wispy Bangs

QA with Emma Jane Winters Hairstylist style creator @ One Aveda Salon in Delray Beach Fl How would you describe this look? I’d characterize this look as an oldie, but a goodie, timeless bob. Every few decades, fashion and hairstyle trends are coming back and this year seems to be all about the 90s. This longer bob known as the lob is a cut with a classic wispy bang influenced by the 90s. The copper is a color that is rich and bright to wear proudly. My favorite thing about this look is a woman’s newly found confidence after shaving off a few inches. Any advice that someone thinks about it? When you regularly work out, make sure that your stylist has ample distance to pull your hair back. There’s nothing worse than shorter hairs falling out of your ponytail while working out at the nape of your neck! The form of the face and the length of the lob go hand in hand. Choose a longer length if you have a rounder face because you always want your cut to land between your jawline and collarbone. A shorter length is added to the heart and oval face shapes. Ultimately, when you find the favorite lob, always speak to your stylist about your perfect look. To give you a thinner look, if you want a complete and classic look, a one-long lob will focus the weight around the perimeter. The textured layers will give you a wispy effect if you want motion texture.

Living-In Shaggy Bob

QA with Crystal Scyphers Hairstylist at Sola Salons in Redlands Ca How would you describe this look? This is a shag that is alive or a lob that is textured. I love the versatility with such a slice. It’s very simple and fun to be messy. Strategic weight removal gives an airy texture and so many different ways can be worn. The suggestions that someone feels about it? This cut is great for someone with an anatural wave, but it can also be worn straight or you can add loose waves like I did here with an iron. The length makes working with it very easy as long as you have the right tools and some great products. With this style, volume and texture are important, so I always hit my favorites. I add a light mousse like Elevate to damp hair from Unite and then blow dry. I use a 1 1/4-inch iron like BioIonic’s Stylewinder to create the waves that is so easy to work with. Next Day Hair by L’Orà © al Pro is an awesome dry textured spray that I use to finish my waves for that cool feeling of living.

Chocolate from dark to light Ombre Bob

Versatile Angled Lob

QA with fashion designer Danitza Aldana Hairstylist @ Bellezza Hair Studio in Suisun City Ca I would characterize this look as a lob that is shorter in the back and slightly angled down as it moves forward. If you’re looking for something low maintenance or not, this is the perfect shape. What I like most about this look is that you can wear it naturally curly or straight. It looks great, no matter what. Any advice that someone thinks about it? This look is ideal for any shape of the face just make sure that both you and your stylist are aware of the length of the front. You can style it throughout by changing curls and holding away from the face the curls along your hairline. For a more lived-in feel, use a soft hairspray or textured spray. This look is great for those who are looking for low-maintenance hair or just want something else. This look can be edgy or elegant. Straight Bob for Thin Hair

QA with Tinamarie Possidoni style creator Licensed Educator @ Tinamarie Hair Salon at Indian Head Park Il How would you describe this look? The suggestions that someone feels about it? It is my go-to look when, particularly from long hair, someone wants a big shift. The cut on the bottom is blunt so it’s sharp in shape. The layers are soft and thicker, so there’s still a longer feel to the look. I love straight to show off the blunt bottom of this type of cut. Use a body root lifter and brightness and smoothness spray. I also like this soft wave-styled cut. Use a flat iron to curl the ends. Start with a spray of sea salt and finish with a spray of skin. This is a great way to make a powerful haircut soften! Styling this look will make it look like you’ve got a whole new haircut even if you haven’t.

Bob Natural Sun-Kissed

QA with Maciel Hairstylist style maker @ Look Style Society in Las Vegas Nv How would you describe this look? I’d characterize this look as a natural sunken dirty blonde with the natural textured wave every girl wants and needs. It’s such a simple, loose and edgy cut and style that almost anyone can get it right! The suggestions that someone feels about it?QA with style creator Esther van Ijzendoorn Freelance Hairstylist @ Draagbaar in Netherlands AmsterdamQA with style creator Esther van Ijzendoorn Freelance Hairstylist @ Draagbaar in Netherlands Amsterdam

QA with Michelle McClendon Hairstylist style maker @ Method Hair in Austin Tx How would you characterize this look and what’s your favorite? I love a blunt bob textured. I like it because the cut is super versatile, she can wear it straight or curly. I do love the layers of the air. Hard layers make it turn around, but layers on the surface allow it to retain its shape while still giving it all the texture. What products do you recommend for this look to be maintained and recreated? I love products from Kevin Murphy because they perform perfectly and smell amazing. When her hair was wet, I used Body. Builder to add volume and bounce. When her hair was dry, I used Anti. Gravity spray as a setting spray and heat-protective on every curl. Instead, with Bedroom. Hair, I messed it up. When using the warm tools and then the Bedroom. Hair to create the effortless look, I think the most important things to use would be a good heat control. What kind of customer would you recommend this look for? This can be easily removed by people with straight or wavy hair. Even anyone with a natural wave / curl might get away with this look without curling it and wearing it with dried or diffused air. That’s the nasty bob right now! I think it’s a good cut to someone with a lifestyle that’s more effortless. The curl obviously takes some practice, but it will still look great even on days when she doesn’t curl it. It has surface layers that add volume and even when it is not curled, help it to be messy. This can be pulled off by most face shapes. I wanted to soften her jawline, and I didn’t want to create an angle too much, just a subtle swing forward.

Dark to Light Green Ombre Bob

QA with creator style Alex McDonald Hairstylist @ Square Salon studio in Las Vegas Nv How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it? This is a hidden textured sleek green bob! The hair of my client was a lot longer and we decided to take off some length and add some layers to play with. I just love the light green ombré effect of the dark green. In general, I love the dark root with my vivids. What products do you recommend for this look to be maintained and recreated? A little Dry Texturizing Spray from Oribe is my go-to if you want to wake up your texture and mess it up! What kind of customer would you recommend this look for? For anyone, I recommend this look! I took a Ton of my customers from a long time to a lob, and they all loved it. And it’s perfect for anyone as fascinated with green as I am, as far as the color is concerned.

Medium Classic Bob

Asymmetric Bob

> Kenneth Shuler Schools of Cosmetology Columbia Sc Haircuts fall asymmetrically with a deep side part even if they are cut symmetrically. Soft Vintage Bob

> Barberia Salon Foster City Ca Styled with waves reminiscent of finger waves, this one-length long bob.

> Cutting Loose Salon Sarasota Fl This long bob waves are more popular and give the style an older look of Hollywood glamor. Glamorous bob hairstyles like these can look dated without the color of the right hair.

Relaxed Black Bob

> Kenneth Shuler Cosmetology Schools Columbia Sc This one-long bob on one side is shorter and longer on the other. Only one length of hair (no layers) makes it possible for the hair to have maximum density.

A-Line Bob

The bob in the back is shorter and longer in the front. Since shorter hair always pushes longer hair, this hairstyle will automatically force your hair towards your head.

William Wesley Grand Salon and Spa Davenport Ia

Middle part A-Line Bob

> Marietta Ga Elon Salon This long bob is really short in the back and quickly gets longer towards the front. This hairstyle of medium length is ideal for people who want their hair to cover their face side. It’s not ideal for people who don’t like hair on their face and for people who tend to put a lot of their hair behind their ears. Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil feeds on frizz and gives hair shine. Over-One-Shoulder Bob

> Marietta Ga Elon Salon This hairstyle makes you look like you’ve always worn your hair to one shoulder. On one side it starts shorter and gradually gets longer to the other side. Because the shorter hair always pushes longer hair, the shorter hair on one side pushes towards the other, making it look like you wear your hair over one shoulder. Caviar Working Hairspray provides the hair with a natural finish with a hold that lasts the entire day. Formal Bob Look

> Elon Salon Marietta Ga Styled with beautiful shiny bouncy curls, this above – the-shoulder haircut. Alterna’s Bamboo Shine Luminous Shine Mist gives mirror-like shine to the hair without weight. Rich Caramel Bob

> Bob Steele Salon Atlanta Ga This rich brunette tone with soft ends of caramel gives an A-line bob a sweet, airy feel. Use DermOrganic Windswept Defining Whip with bounce and vibration and marine salt spray for extra texture for separation and clarity.

> Sheer Professionals Wooster Oh Soft golden baby lights in this beautiful long A-line bob boost dimension. Try to add protection and flexibility to Kevin Murphy Staying Alive Leave-In Conditioner and finish with a high shine spray.

Long Bob with Layers Blonde ShoulderThis shaggy medium bob copper-tinged offers a full-volume look with an edgy feel. For a quick change, twist hair into a textured updo.

California Beachy Blonde Bob

> Yellow Strawberry Salons