0-0. Bilbao Athletic breaks its bad streak with a point that is not worth much

Bilbao Athletic has scored a point in one of those decisive matches throughout a season in which you have to give your all for everything. The cubs have received the Royal Union after three games without winning, with a draw and two losses in a row that had placed the rojiblanco subsidiary at the bottom of the table, flirting with relegation. The reaction seemed very necessary this afternoon at the Lezama facilities.

The team of Imanol de la Sota he was finally able to score a point, which, as the situation had put itself, serves to regain the pulse of the competition and break the bad dynamics but it is not worth much from a qualifying point of view.

De la Sota has bet on three centrals, Jaso, Paredes and Sillero, and has not started Nico Serrano

The coach has appeared in field 2 of the rojiblancas facilities with a change of system. The santurtziarra has bet on three centrals –Sillero, Walls and Jaso– to leave the lanes at Alvaro Nunez and Kortazar and has preferred to leave on the bench Nico Serranor, one of the great players for the future of the Bilbao club who already trains with the first team.

The Navarrese has left in the second period for the young man Ibai Sanz, but he has not had much prominence, certainly much less than what is expected of him. Bilbao Athletic is suffering more than expected at the start of the season and one of the causes may be in its attacking game, which lacks more bite to put the rivals in trouble.

Agirrezabala, Álvaro Nuñez, Sillero, Paredes, Jaso (Lorente, min. 73), Kortazar, Prados, Diarrá, Artola (Jon Cabo, min. 89), Kepa Uriarte (Víctor San Bartolomé, min. 64), Ibai Sanz ( Nico Serrano, min. 73).

Irazusta, Elosegi, Barbu, Pérez, Kijera, Senar, Rivero, Sergio Llamas, Capelete (Miguel Santos, min. 58), Seguín (Pradera, min. 72), Oyarzun (Nuñez, min. 81).

Carlos Calderiña Pavón (Catalan Committee). He admonished Kepa Uriarte (min. 39), Oyarzun (min. 76) and Rivero (min. 93).

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The Real Unión has been better planted on the grass of Lezama in the first half, especially controlling Beñat Prados, the game generator at Bilbao Athletic. The Irundarras have created more danger, especially on the left wing thanks to the incursions of an old acquaintance, Aitor Seguin. Thus has come the first clear chance of the match. The far left has won his back to Alvaro Nuñez and his shot at the far post has come out too crossed. Capelete Nor has he been able to finish off with a head inside the goal of Agirrezabala a center to the far post too late.

The best in the local side have been the incursions by the right wing of Álvaro Nuñez and the launches of Diarra

The first forty-five minutes ended with a backward header from Ibai Sanz, a volley of Senar well retained by Agirrezabala and a shot of Nunez with his left foot, his less good leg, which has come out brushing the right post of the goal defended by Irazusta.

The rojiblanco subsidiary has been better in the first minutes after the restart, especially with the incursions by the right wing of Nunez, the best on the local side, and the pitches of Diarra, a midfielder with arrival. Ibai Sanz has had a great chance after a very good move from the right lane today and later Agirrezabala has stood out before Oyarzun in minute 58 and blocking a volley of Sergio Llamas in minute 82 ‘, but the scoreboard did not move and the two Basque teams shared the points in a result that can be described as fair.

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