Best Women braid styles

Micro Braids

. Although the color of the light sandy blonde doesn’t look natural, it gives a great visual impact, so Zoe!

Voluminous Loose French Wedding Braid Hairstyle

Braided Flowers

decorate your hairstyle with cute little flowers and your image becomes even more feminine. What’s A Halo Braid?

Some think you can’t achieve a braided hairstyle unless you have long hair. It’s not the case. Even if you’ve got the right hair and some patience.

Dutch Mohawk Braid

This creative Dutch Mohawk braid is a hairstyle that every long-haired woman should try at least once. It will be beautiful and stylish to enhance the beauty and style of any look you try on. Volume and looseness make the updo look relaxing and effortless. You’re up for it?

Twisted (Rope Braid

begin with a side part opposite the side you wish for your braid to fall on. Begin a small rectangular section of hair and split it into two sections. With the two sections in your hands you cross the front section of the back section and as you continue to add hair to the front section each time you begin a new link. Make sure to keep your hair smooth and free of tangles as you progress through the length of the hair. At the nape of the neck begin getting sections of hair from the back to make sure all of the hair is gathered up. And then begin twisting the two sections of hair counter-clockwise very tightly and then twist them over each other clock-wise. Secure with a hair band and viola you have completed a sexy chic style in a matter of minutes.

Triple Mohawk Dutch Braid

Did you like our ponytail Mohawk ideas? We have another one that is for sure an outstanding one. Look how gorgeous these triple Mohawk Dutch braids are in the duo with a high ponytail. Sleek braids will go so well with freely falling from a ponytail hair. A rocking idea! You’ve just explored the feminine side of the bold mohawk hairstyle so it’s time to let it in your life. Don’t be afraid of hair experiments: all these ideas will show you that being creative is a key to being on point!
Here’s another creative idea that combines two best women’s beauty favorites: updos and braids. You can create a mohawk hairstyle with your loose hair and secure the voluminous twists with little braids.

Dutch Braids For Short Hair

You can also achieve a tousled look with the help of a diffuser. Use it before braiding.

Braided Mohawk Into A Ponytail

Our next hair idea features a mohawk with a boho vibe. The hair has a loose braid on the top and goes into a low ponytail. There is a cool side braid too. We love this hairstyle because it looks edgy and stylish. You can wear hair like this anywhere from day to night. It would also be a great choice for bridesmaids if you were having a summer beach or bohemian theme wedding.

French Half-up Crown With Flowers

Cute And Easy Hairstyles With Braids

You might find French braid hairstyles to be quite flattering. For example the classic variant of a French braid can pull your hair away from your face and thus accentuate your eyes. This side versions of braided hairstyle is often used more for occasions that are on the formal end of the spectrum. Among the braids classification this braid would be under the easy braids to do on yourself category. This is also a braid that is for women with longer hair.

Half-up Fishtail French Braid

Jumbo Braid Ponytail

Next we have a beautiful braided ponytail idea. Jumbo braids are trendy when styled into a ponytail and look amazing. You can have a ponytail with only large braids or have a hairstyle-like mix. For an accessorized look, create any pattern and add beads or braid cuffs.

Loose Volume Chainlink Braid

Glam Curly Ponytail

A hair section is sleek and swept back while a stylish multi-braid pattern features the rest of the hair on the head. The actual ponytail is high and the hair is curly and loose. It’s going to wow hair like this and look amazing on anyone!

Loose Chignon With Side Braid

Braided Cord Ponytail

We’ve got this stylish braided corded ponytail first. Cords can really jazz up your hair because different patterns can be created and different colors used. This ponytail uses gold cords to create a glam vibe, but you may be able to choose any color that mixes and matches a few.

Half-up Reverse Braid

Funky Twists Ponytail

Then for you is this next pick. With braided cuffs, the hair has been braided into twists, and it also has braids styled into a wavy design. The braided twists create a creative circular pattern and make statements. Use wavy braids like featured or straight braids to recreate the twists.

Braided Mohawk Updo

Would you like a bold hairstyle to get you out of the crowd? That’s for you then. We have a beautiful red mowhawk here. The braid that is used here is big and chunky, and there are also two small side twists. It is a style of mowhawk that is going to wow everyone. Recreate the red look in a different shade or try a similar hairstyle.

This Tuxedo Braid Mohawk Style is an illusion of difficulty. It’s one of the easiest braids we’ve prepared for you, though. Connect hair pieces to another level and you’re going to get such a beautiful result. You’re not inspired to try?

Burgundy Braided Ponytail

You can choose a vibrant color for your hair to give the wow factor to your braided ponytail. Here we’ve got a braided idea of a ponytail with a burgundy tone. A color like this is so stylish and for every season and occasion it will look amazing. Create such a style with thin, thick braids or simply select one thickness. Shellyafrikhair

‘ ‘
‘ ‘ w2/
‘ ‘
‘ Oh Wow! Braided ponytails are so versatile that with virtually anything you can wear them. Such hairstyle, when worn with a cocktail dress, will be a great embellishment. But with a simple t-shirt, you can also wear it.

Sleek And Stylish Ponytail

You don’t have to go all out with the braids that you can choose from. The hair is all sleek and styled into an amazing long ponytail. On the head there is a section of the hair styled into three braids. As you can see, although there are only a few of them, the braids look very stylish. This is a trendy hairstyle that is easy to wear that will suit everyone. ‘
‘ ‘

‘Messy Side Fishtail Braid’

‘ ‘
‘ All her colorful dresses and messy looks are evidence of her incredibly vivid personality. This messy side braid is nothing more than a simple hairstyle, but it becomes a red-carpet look when a sincere wide grin accompanies it.

Fancy Mohawk Hairstyle For Long Hair

It’s time to disclose a secret about women’s mohawks: you don’t have to brush all your hair up and look like you’ve just left a rock party. The feminine side of this trend is a simple mohawk effect with a slightly lifted top of your hairstyle. Braid your long hair in the most unusual ways: start with an upside-down braid that creates the lift you need and continue to braid your hair into a braid of the fishtail.

Milkmaid Braids Updo

t has become popular with blunt bangs. Whatever hairstyles she appears with her fringe going awesome and this updo is another living proof. Usually the classic idea of braided milkmaid hairstyles brings quite a feminine mood, but this time it is even more delicate and restrained.

Trendy Fish Tail Ponytail

Next we’ve got a ponytail perfect for the trendy ladies! The hair on the head has a pattern with different thicknesses of the braid and there is a high ponytail that is styled into a braid of the fishtail. Because it is so stylish, we love the long fishtail braid. The look also has chic rings of gold hair. Such a ponytail would be perfect for the times you want to impress your hair. ‘
‘ ‘

‘Loose Voluminous Fishtail’

‘ ‘
‘ ‘

‘Beachy Waves With Waterfall Crown’

‘ ‘
‘ ‘

‘Inverted Fishtail Hawk Into Split Fishtail Braid’

‘ ‘
‘ The midway tied voluminous fishtail hawk becomes a beautiful split fishtail braid. Let your creativity run wild and make the idea come alive.

Styles of Updo Braids

Short hair updo braids can look so cute and beautiful.

Center Braid And Cuffs Ponytail

Give your braids a unique look by creating such a complex design. The hair has been braided with braided cuffs in the center of the braid and has side braids that start thin and follow in the ponytail around the head. Choose different patterns and braid thicknesses to recreate a similar look.

Side Rope Braid Styling

has chosen a hairstyle of five minutes: it creates a very tidy silhouette showing off its amazing hair texture. Scroll down to browse the gallery!

What’s A Rose Braid?

There are many different braid types suitable for almost any occasion. There are even different types of specific flower braids that can be achieved if you have the time and know how. In the beginning, the way to achieve the different types of flowers is essentially the same. For the flower petals you want to imitate, you simply complete the braid and pull the strands into the desired position.

Long Braids

Ponytails look nice with any hair length but if you want to make a statement then try a very long ponytail as featured. The braids sit around the length of the thigh and are highly styled on the head. We love this hairstyle because it requires care – it’s fit for a queen! With any braids, you can style such a long ponytail and you can also accessorize it.

Half-up Rosette

Vibrant Orange Braids

Reflecting on trying a more bolder hairstyle statement? Then it might just be what you’re looking for! Here we have a high braided ponytail on the sides with a trendy braided pattern and loose braids. The vibrant orange color is what really makes these braids stand out. Orange is such a stylish color and the summer is perfect. Be courageous and try something new! Recreate this or try another ponytail with orange braids.

Messy Ponytail With Reverse Braid

Long Braids In A Ponytail

If you love long ponytails, you might like our next idea of hairstyle. This ponytail is super long and styled with braids of medium thickness. There are also loose braids on the sides and cords and beads complete the look. The very thin center braid with the braid rings is one of our favorite features. For a stylish queen, this is the perfect ponytail!

Dutch Infinity Braid

We would like to be able to count the times when we were asked about Dutch braids. If we had a dollar we would definitely have a nice nest egg in place every time. Basically the size of the braid is the difference between a cornrow and a Dutch braid. Cornrows are smaller and more intricate and require fingertips instead of fingers to be used. You can see the Dutch infinity braid in the picture above, which is also exceptionally colored. Working with this braid, the color contrast is breathtaking and gives the impression that this might potentially be a wig rather than a real hair.

Half-up Curl Twist

Blonde Braided Ponytail

There are blonde braids in our next braided hairstyle. The ding blonde gives them a summer lift to your braids. So when you want a new updated look, these are perfect. Wear these braids in a sun-kissed atmosphere for any season in spring and summer and in autumn and winter if you want to make your look brighter. Blonde, especially a trendy ponytail like this, will work with any braids. ‘
‘ ‘

‘Loose Pull-through Braid With Flowers’

‘ ‘
‘ ‘

‘Magnificent Braided Mohawk Bun’

‘ ‘
‘ Your hair color is responsible for your hairstyle mood. The braided mohawk updo you see is very delicate and smooth, but it becomes more dramatic when combined with such an unusual pastel blue color. Some people sport spiky top and some people braid it: one of the most beautiful variations of the mohawk is the braid that goes along the crown and twists into a low bun.
Wow ‘ is the only word this incredibly stylish and diverse mohawk can describe. Do you feel like you can’t get too many braids? The twisted top with two regular braids on the sides that goes to a fishtail braid is a look to steal! A little tip: the better the more colours.

Twisted Braid Pony

Elegant Zipper Braid Mohawk

Making a truly unique hairdo zipper braid is critical! Yes, there are no braids that can not create a style of mohawk. Take a ponytail on the midway to make it more minimalist.

Netherlands Braid With Twists Half-Up

Sometimes every morning we get bored with the same usual hair stuff. So why are we not even beginning to experiment more on a daily basis? Try this half-up hairstyle Dutch braid with twists and you’ll see how easy and beautiful these hair updos are. Start braiding and add interesting details of twisting. A wow effect is guaranteed from your colleagues or friends!

Stunning Braided Ponytail With Gold Braid Cuffs

You can also use braided cuffs to accessorize your hair. Braid cuffs give a glamorous look to your hair. We have a lovely example here. The hair was styled into chunky braids and gold braided cuffs were finished. You’ll notice a hairstyle like this.

Elegant Braided Ponytail

By using braids of different thicknesses, you can create so many amazing designs. Here we have a braided ponytail with chunky braids in between with thin ones. The combination creates a pattern that is unique and stylish. This is a lovely hairstyle that looks amazing on anybody.

Lovely Side Braids

Trendy High Ponytail

Our next hairstyle has a mixture of thick and thin braids. Thin braids like these look amazing, making the overall braided design more complex. Two of the braids are left loose and start the opposite way to the other braids, creating a funky design. Anyone will suit a hairstyle like this. 1571.jpg” />

Dutch Fishtail Mohawk Braid

Do you have no idea how the beauty of your long locks can be seen? Meet the biggest mohawk braid you can look at your hair freshly. The stunning fishtail braid with unpulled strings reveals that there are no limits to women’s creativity!
Nothing will have the power to stop you from experimenting when you go for a braided mohawk! With a side braid creatively embellished with bows and bobby pins, you might want to spice up your sassy style.

If your hair is too short, add tape extensions to the roots and you get a thicker braid. If you want to look prim, choose a smooth braid and choose a messy braid in case you want a more casual hairstyle.

Loose Side French Braid

Side Netherlands Braid

While this braid can be worn in the middle of the head, it is also very attractive worn as a side Netherlands braid.

Strand Braid

strands: a special texture can be tight and loose. Any doubts are required for it to work. But the result, as such a braid is a nice embellishment for any occasion, is worth mastering.

Braided Mohawk With Accessories

We want our look to be as distinctive as never before, no matter what it is. Would you like to wear a hairdo no one ever saw? This braided mohawk with large braid rings appears to take over the world of fashion.
This concept is the best way to obtain the perfect mohawk effect officially. For those who want to calm down their entire uncontrollable hair or add some volume to thin locks, it’s a good choice. The best mohawk ever is the four strand braid that starts right on your forehead!

Zipper Braid

The next question you would like to ask is how to braid the zipper. Minutes, but don’t count on the first attempt to be true. You should have the willingness to finish this braid. For all the strands that this piece of art requires, two hands simply don’t seem to be enough.

Boxer Braids

Let’s go through a boxer braid tutorial. This braid is highly appealing. And although it’s a relatively new hairstyle, at a record pace it has become extremely popular. The braid of the boxer is definitely a cool statement of the girl, but it is not the easiest braid to master. Often you’ll catch French braiding while doing this hairstyle and you’ll have to go back and do your job again. To do yourself for a long hair.

Mohawk Updo For Short Hair

Short hair is not an obstacle to braided mohawks; on this length, we would even say it looks even more authentic. Just look at this picture: the full braid pull creates such a sexy look that it’s difficult to take off our eyes.

Eye-Catching Braided Updos

If you’re a romantic lady, try this simple braided updos.

Dutch Lace Braid

Complete the Dutch lace braid by braiding the hair sides. To create a different trendy look, this can be added to a ponytail or various other options. A very beautiful addition to your hairstyle arsenal is the Dutch lace braid ponytail. This is a fun but also a very chic style that is sufficiently versatile for almost any situation or occasion.

Double Dutch Braids

shows the beauty of its sunny locks. Her double Dutch braids not only create a well-balanced body, but also add a ton of volume from both sides to make the most of her hair type.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle With Weave

This long mohawk braid is the first hairstyle we need to show you. The front hair was styled into chunky braids that go all the way down the center of the head and into a long braid ponytail for this look. Trendy side braids are also available. This is an impressive hairstyle that will make your look sexy. You can also try a shorter braid single ponytail.

Fishtail Braid

What gives it character is the imperfections in the fishtail braid. The above photo is a beautiful representation of a Dutch in a fishtail braid and the contrast between the two braid types works beautifully together. This style could be a daily hairstyle as well as the perfect fit for a formal event as easily as possible.

Loosened French Bcrown

Easy To Do Braided Hairstyles For Short Hair

Experiment with braid and color types and you’re going to look super cool.

Double Waterfall


Lace Braid

In this section, we hope to help you learn how to create a lace braid. For the most part, the lace braid is half a French braid. It’s ideal for a time when your bangs may grow or just want a hairstyle to frame your face. Start braiding as you would normally do and add hair from the right side as you progress, just don’t add hair from your hairline. Allow the braid to follow the facial characteristics structure. Continue to add hair to the French braid until you reach the jawline region and then complete the braid without adding any extra hair. You can also pin this braid into intricate designs as seen in the photo above.

Ponytail Undercut Long Braided

Looking for a Ponytail statement? Then it might just be what you’re looking for. This ponytail has been designed to be high and long chunky braids. The hair was shaved about half way down the head into a trendy web design. You can replicate something similar or choose your own template, this is such a fabulous idea.

Romantic Messy Braided Hairstyles

Some women are steering away from braided styles because of their difficulty appearance. While there are some more complex braids out there are several easy braided hairstyles you can also try. It’s incredible what you can do when styling hair with some basic braiding techniques and hair pins. Indeed, a volumizing spray can do wonders. With it, spray your hair to look particularly elegant.

Side Ponytail With Fishtail

Tight Fishtail Mohawk Braid

Would you like to keep this simple yet very dramatic? D Many mohawk vibes and shows the difference in the popular fishtail braid. Start braiding your top with larger strands gradually incorporating smaller ones to get the fuller effect so that the braid on top appears larger. Look w2/


. If you have straight hair, this hair style will look so glamorous. But what if I’m not? You can always straighten it if your hair is naturally wavy. This hairstyle can also be transformed from a sassy day style into a sleek evening style. Just wrap the braids around the outside of the braid over each other and pin up.

Wedding Chicks
Wedding Chicks
But the truth is that everything is temporary. We tend to try to change our minds by combining contrastive things with our style. So how about you with braided elements on your hairline to get a daring yet absolutely feminine mohawk updo? Your curly hair looks so outstanding! Big Side Braid Double Fishtail And Full Crown

The rose braided hairstyles, in particular, are one of the most popular styles to achieve. Although it seems difficult to do this style, it is easy. Our personal favorite for younger girls is the rosette flower braid. This braid can be worn on the side or back of the head and uses not the full length of hair sections typically. For any special occasion, this amazing hairstyle is perfect. A side braid is perfect for everyday routine and will also be suitable for the evening. And if you insert a colorful ribbon, a double fishtail can be both stylish and playful. A crown is a great option for those who after the working day don’t have enough time to restyle.
. .. Knotted Faux Hawk Braid

Well, this girl always knows how to catch the eyes of people and is clearly exemplified by her creative braid: a voluminous knotted braid that stretches like a false hawk is a look worth stealing.

Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are quite stylish and practical, making them ideal for wearing every day. Trust us: these hairstyles can’t just let you down, whether you’re going to the office or the gym or having a night out.

Half Up Dutch Fishtail Braid

Sleek on the sides wavy at the ends and braided in the middle: this is how the modern hair masterpiece can be named. This hairstyle looks unique and versatile, which means that with any hair type and length you can individualize your daily hairstyle!
How do you like this incredible Dutch braid that turns into a low puffy ponytail? Even if your sides don’t get buzzed and your top doesn’t hang in the sky, but this style follows the rules of the mohawk: the sides are clean, the longer hair strip is present!

Braid Ponytail With Weave

A very high ponytail with a trendy but subtle pattern and braided cuffs is our next idea. We love the small pattern designed on the back because it’s stylish, but it’s not over the top too much. It’s great for someone without being too arrogant to want a trend. Without the pattern or braid cuffs you can recreate a similar style or choose the ponytail.

Fulani Braids In A Long High Ponytail

We’ve got a fashionable braided ponytail next. This one features long Fulani braids with two loose braids at the side that were cut into a high ponytail. It’s a great way to wear your ponytail and it’s going to suit everyone. Style with beads and cuffs as shown or simply leave the braids. That way you’re going to look cool. 1567.jpg” />

Loose Beachy Waterfall Braid

Charming Braided Crowns

Ponytail Braids For Black Hair

Beads can be purchased in any shape and color, so you can create endless possibilities. With the addition of a shell, this ponytail features lots of wooden beads. Choose more vibrant beads or recreate a similar look.

Trendy Pull Through Braided Hairstyles

Braid pull will also be acceptable. The key to creating an impressive braid pull is having as much volume as you can. Such braids are going to work with long thick hair for ladies.

Bantu Knots Mohawk

There are so many cool ways of making a mohawk, one of which is Bantu knots. We have to show you the next hairstyle features three big knots that are styled in line from the top of the head to the back. In between, too, there are small braids. This is so special that it seems like a sign. Online tutorials that show you how to create a similar style can be found.

Braided Mohawk Ponytail

Looking for a time-saving mohawk? Congratulations, congratulations! Only the top of your head can be braided, putting the rest of your hair in a ponytail. P.S. Hide your elastics, making the transition smoother from braid to ponytail.

Multi Braids A Trendy Design

Another intricate design features our next idea. This one also uses very thick and very thin braids. These braids follow a round shape until the ponytail is mixed. Also on the back of the head, the hair has this patterned style. This is such a trendy hairstyle that is going to suit anybody. ‘
‘ ‘

‘Cool Half Braided Hairstyles’

‘ ‘
‘ ‘
‘ ‘
‘ This is one of the most beautiful long-hair braided hairstyles that can also be embellished. You should start with a comb out all the tangles to get this style.

Braided hairstyles For Short Hair To Look Fabulous

is not a myth to believe us for short hairs that look beautiful and very feminine. We’ve been able to find trendy and really complementary hairstyles. And the best thing is they aren’t hard to style so any girl can pull them off and look amazing.

Braid Style Modern Mohawk

Mohawk ponytails look so chic. This style of mohawk has a bold braid on the back of the head and then goes into a low ponytail. It’s a sexy mohawk with a retro look. For someone who wants a cool and edgy look, a hairstyle like this is perfect. It’s great for women who also love vintage fashion and hair. 1537.jpg” />

Popular Styles: Upside Down Twisted Crown And Milkmaid

You should learn something plain yet elegant when you’re going to the party. To know how to braid your own hair, make sure you have the patience you need to do so first. The upside-down braid for medium hair lengths is one of the easy braided hairstyles. This braid pictured above would even allow some shorter hair lengths to start. Classy and chic can be adorned with flowers or a ribbon to add a special effect to this upside-down braid. Good for the evening full of fun and laughter is an upside down style with a bow. A twisted crown is going to go for a party for girls and a milkmaid is perfect for girls outgoing.

Headband French Braid Updo

hairstylist knows that there is no better embellishment than a woman’s own hair so this look is filled with pure elegance and naturalness. A slightly pulled headband gently accentuates her subtle image allowing the effortless look to be finished by framing front locks.

Deconstructed Low Side

Super Long Braided Ponytail

Next we’ve got another long braided ponytail, but this one shows a different style. This one has a braid cord and makes use of thicker braids. This ponytail we love! It’s going to wow everybody and envy them hair. You can use any cord in color and create any pattern. ‘
‘ ‘

‘Half-Up Fishtail Braid’

‘ ‘
‘ Start by pulling the hair back into a clean ponytail and securing it with a hairband. Divide the ponytail into two smaller, equal-sized ponytails. A part of a section about half an inch in size is set from the left ponytail. Bring this smaller piece across the top of the left ponytail to the right without twisting the hair. Repeat with the right ponytail the same process bringing a small section of it across the right to join the left. Repeat this process until the desired length has been braided. Don’t worry about loose ends and a messy look as this is part of the hairstyle’s intrigue.

Waterfall Braid

There are a few tips and tricks to help you learn how to braid waterfall successfully. First of all, instead of clean hair, you should start with day-old hair. Day old hair is better for holding the braid than clean slick hair. The trick is to drop a strand of hair when you do this braid and pick up a new strand each time instead of combining the two strands.

Curly Updo With Crown

Loose Double Waterfall Braided Crown

Four Strand Braid Into Ponytail

All you need then is a braided mohawk-ponytail! Start with a tight four-strand braid to secure it on the halfway with an elastic to create a ponytail and enjoy the fascinating and simple braided hairdo.

Natural Hair Faux Hawk

Show off your wonderful natural curls with such a mohawk. The hair is naturally curly and to make a mohawk look has been swept up on the sides. On the YouTube video below, you can check out a tutorial on how to build this fake hawk. It’s a chic and stunning look and it’s going to be great like a party for a special event. 1541.jpg” />

Infinity Stacked French Mohawk Braid

Do you prefer to experiment with various braiding techniques in order to achieve an impressive finish? We love it! Then your number one choice should be this French Mohawk braid stacked infinity that will bring your braiding game to a whole new level. We love how creative it looks and would like to see more on the streets hairstyles like this. What do you think about it? Let’s get you started.

Trendy Braided Ponytail With Chunky Braids

You should accessorize your ponytail with not only beads and cuffs. Other things like pretty shells can also be used. There is only one shell at the front of this braided ponytail. The shell’s use creates a stylish, creative and amazing hairstyle that wows. You can use such a container, or you can add a few more. This way it looks amazing.

High Tribal Braids Ponytail

Instantly high ponytails make you look trendy. We got a beautiful example here. The hair was styled into a high ponytail with one side of the braids falling. You get a relaxed but stylish vibe when the hair is on the side like this. You can add beads as featured as well. We do love the accessorized braid middle, so if you recreate a similar look, try to keep it.

Popular styles: w2/


Upside Down Braid

Begin by sectioning your hair and removing it from the sides as you walk under the middle. Continue adding hair as you go until you hit the head’s crown.

Color Braided Ponytail

Then we have a thin, thick braided ponytail running through it with a slight blonde. This is a wonderful idea for a ponytail. Recreate the look of the blonde or perhaps try different colors of the braids. Red would be a great choice if you consider it blue or purple to be bolder.

Two French Braids To Diy

Start by braiding a -inch hair segment and do a standard braid while keeping the braid close to the scalp. Then pick up hair segments from each side to add to your strands as you go to the neck’s nape then start to braid to the hair’s edge. YouTube also has several videos on how to do French braids if you’re more of a visual learner. You follow the same process to create the two-sided French braids, but at the end you combine the braids.

Pull the braid and it will appear thicker even if you have fine hair.

Lobster Tail Waterfall Braid

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle With Weave

Braided mohawk hairstyles with weaving are intended for those who want even more hairstyles! Plus you’ll have more hair and more space for creativity once you braid in a weave. The dramatic crown becomes a complete pull-through braid and then a fishtail. Did you see more fascinating things?

Super Glam Braids

One of the most sexy hairstyles ever is the next idea we have to show you! The hair at the front of the head is braided into a beautiful swirl for this look, and the rest have simple braids styled into a ponytail. The hair is beautifully finished with gold accessories. Such gold accessories will jazz up your hair and make your hair look brighter and glitterier instantly.

High Chunky Braids Ponytail

Looking for a super stylish and easy to wear braided ponytail? Then look at this! This ponytail is very high in fashion and on the head there is a fashionable multi braid pattern. As you can see, this hairstyle looks great and for any reason it will make you look amazing. Such a ponytail will suit everybody. It’d look beautiful in a red color as well.

Unbelievable Twisted Edge Fishtail

This twisted edge fishtail is a good way to add some mohawk vibes to your style. Even though it’s not the simplest braided hairdo you’ll know that it’s worth your time when you look at it. The braid is done in the center playing the role of the mohawk while it is made even more attractive by pulled strands.
Do you know the inside look of Dutch braids? You’ll be shown this beautiful smoke braid. After seeing this tasteful hairstyle with a lovely twist, people won’t believe their eyes. You ask your colorist to mix all the pastel mermaid colors if you want to have all the eyes on it.

Braided Crown Ringlets

Cool Frohawk Idea

Next we have a cool, edgy frohawk style. A frohawk is a mohawk that shows your curly natural hair. This hairstyle is a beautiful example. With stylish side braids and knots, the hair has the classic mohawk look. This is a fashionable idea of hair that fits everyone! Online tutorials are available to show you how to create a similar style.

Half-up Waves

Feed In Braids Ponytail

Next we’ve got to share a chunky braided ponytail with you. Due to the chic braid cuffs, we love this one. The braid cuffs jazz up the ponytail and make it look super stylish. Use thick braids instead of a mix to recreate this ponytail.

Trendy Natural Mohawk With Hair Cuffs

You can jazz up any hairstyle with accessories and here’s a great way to make your mohawk accessories. The hair is naturally beautiful and curly on the side with a trendy design. Glam hair cuffs were also added to perfectly finish the look. This style can be recreated or other beads and accessories can be added.

Long Braided Ponytail

One of our favorite hairstyles features this next idea! We have an amazing long braided ponytail here. The actual braids on the head are sleek and chic in style. All the braids meet with a super long length in a low ponytail. Such long braids will make you stand out in style from the crowd! You can recreate this, or you can try a little shorter braids as well.

Half-up Twists And Pull-through Braid

Cheeky Braided Mohawk For Short Hair

Short-haired girls looking for a saturated look it’s your turn to join the Mohawk hairstyles club! For thin hair, this idea will work great as it gives a lot of volume and movement. Braid the back of the sides and style the top as punky as you like.

Elegant French Braid Mohawk

Talking about hair for a special occasion here is another mohawk that will make you look and feel glamorous about an event. The hair is a loose mohawk with elegant twists and a low ponytail. It also has accessories that are sparkly jeweled. For a wedding or party, a mohawk like this would be perfect. You can attach accessories of any kind.

What’s a twist?

Now we’re going to explain the flat twist. Similar to cornrows, this hairstyle uses three strands but is easier than cornrows because only two strands are used in the twist. Start with dividing the hair into the nape at the hairline and start with small hair sections. Start twisting the hair one strand over the other and add more hair from that section as you move forward. When you reach the point where the hair hangs loose and is no longer next to the scalp, secure the hair here as long as you complete the twist. Repeat this process and admire the lovely twist hairstyle throughout the scalp. There are also flat twist hairstyles near the scalp that are not as rounded as other hairstyles.

Long wrap around the ponytail

This long wrap around the ponytail is last on our list. The hair is braided with thin and thick braids for this style and the thin ones start in the opposite direction. The braids were also wrapped around the ponytail’s start, giving it a trendy look. Recreate with cords or without them.

Stylish ponytail with thin braids

Our next braided ponytail features a stylish combination of thin and thick braids. There are thin braids between the thick ones and at the back of the hair there is an elegant set of thin braids. We love the thin braided section because it’s unique and very chic.

Cute Braided Short Hair Styles

can be reinforced with a waterfall braid and a soft natural shade. You can also incorporate any accessories for your hairstyle to look amazing, such as ribbons or bows.

Faux Hawk Braids Into Pony

knows all the drawbacks of being a natural hair woman. And she still impresses viewers with an effortless and friendly look amid the tough styling routine. She decided to combine practicality with girliness this time. These tight false hawk braids, which turn into a pony, are they not a perfect combo?

Three Braided Mohawk Buns

Three Braided Mohawk Buns

From time to time, we all need to express our femininity and mohawk hairstyles won’t leave you without the appropriate options.

Beautiful Short Braided Hair


This will also make your braid look more textured.
Sock Bun With Braided Crown

Long Mohawk Braids

Looking for hairstyle and glamor? That’s for you then. We have long cornrow braids here that were designed to create a mohawk. We love this hairstyle because the best of both worlds is given to you. With the elegance of long braids, you also get the edginess of the mohawk. For any occasion, a hairstyle like this would be great.

French tight braids

prefers simple but beneficial hair. And for her braided hairstyles, the same goes! Everything is straightforward tight and tidy about these French braids, but the look also brings a lot of feminine vibes.

Half-up Fishtail Hairstyle With Ringlets

Low Ponytail

Wrapped Braid Mohawk Updo

This idea is living proof that the most adorable updos are made of braids! If you can’t do without a mohawk, why don’t you tie your hair in a glamorous updo just around the corner?
is one of the most popular women’s hairstyles. We’re getting the reason. Especially if you try different creative styling ways, it’s so comfortable to wear and looks so good. Look at this braided ponytail -strand. Defining the style and creativity it will bring to your entire appearance a breath of freshness.

Perfect Double Braids

I’ve always wondered how you’re doing yourself with two French / Dutch braids? We’re going to try to give a tutorial step by step on how to do that. Start off the hair straight down the center from back to front. By doing a zig-zag part or a bohemian style part, you can add extra flair to your style.
And here are some tips for your braid to look cool and polished as if created by a professional hair stylist: pulling on it is the easiest way to make your braid look fuller.> Start braiding to get a carefree textured look, then secure the braid with the elastic halfway and pull it to make it extremely loose. Then braid the bottom half and remove the elastic. And when braiding, it’s better to use a special teasing comb.> Before you start braiding, another way to make your braided ‘ do more textured is to apply hair spray.> Here’s a simple trick to get an incredibly allied braid: start braiding when your hair is curly or wavy instead of straight. Just blow-dry your hair in advance with a diffuser. And this trick will immediately give a boho vibe to your braid. With a transparent elastic tie the hair around it, when the ‘ do ‘ is already fixed.> If your hair isn’t long enough to pull off, just apply hair extensions! Just as simple as that!> Missysueblog