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How To Braid A Beard

Luckily for you you don’t need to take up a specialized barber course to learn how to make a braided beard. The variety of braided options is pretty vast although the technique itself is quite straightforward. Knowing the technique of a simple three-strand braid is the key to mastering all the styles you will ever come across. Now here’s what you should keep in mind. Basics: inches long> Before braiding the beard oil it to make it more manageable> Make sure you can separate your braid into three sections to start the braid> How to: Decide where you want the braid to be and how much of the length it will take. Some men prefer to braid some specific sections or create many braids instead of braiding the beard fully.> Divide three equal sections ensuring that they’re all of the same sizes.> Lift either the left of the right section over the middle strand.> Repeat this step with the opposite section.> Go on braiding until you reach the desired result.>

Brad Pitt Braid

Since Brad Pitt can’t brag about a full and long braid he is making do with small twists. Small twists can look wonderful if you use the right hair accessories. You can even make them look thicker by twisting in a ribbon. French Braid Hairstyles for Men

Classic Thick Braided Beard

And here’s one of a myriad of beard braided rock hair ideas. The lively personality is shown by an excellent color medium beard and a tidy braid.

Multiple Colorful String Braids

Braided beard styles are meant to express who you are, so be sure to be imaginative! A nice way to add more fun is to use multiple braids with vivid strings.

Forked Braid

Forked beard is a classy way of adding to your look some punky attitude and meaning. The best thing is that at any point you can do it.

Impressive braiding

is an appointment for a barbershop. Both of these braided beard styles are a great way to make a statement as long as you’re taking a smooth approach to keeping them.

Braided Goatee Beard

Why don’t you spice it with a thin yet distinctive braid on the goatee?

Low French Braided Beard

Long-bearded guys don’t have to begin braiding on the chin itself. You may encourage yourself to begin making your chest-level amazing French braid. No matter where you start, this Viking beard is truly impressive.

Long Braided Beard And Long Mustache

Long Beard styles

Don’t forget to make ladies go wild with the amazing braid accompanying your long mustache.

Beard Bun

And a braided beard will complement your suit beautifully when it comes to a smart look. To compliment the good old man bun or top knot, just hold in at a medium size.

Small Tom

Is small beard? There’s no question. A braid may also be thin. You can take advantage of this braided beard style as long as you have enough hair to make at least a few weaves. Just make sure you’re getting it better. Faded Beard Hairstyle Concepts

Stumble Braid

Tapered beard mustache and a closely cut beard will add some elegance to your appearance.

Tight Braid With Long Mustache

While long braided beard may be troublesome to keep up with a medium, you’ll be offered a middle ground where you can play with texture and moustaches.

Bold Styles of Beard

Double trouble

Without braiding, a complete braid can look better than it does. But, by making two smaller braids on each side of your hair, you can have the best of both worlds. You should work it into the braids if you have a long moustache.

Braided Beard With Dali Style Mustache

Dali did a fantastic job introducing the crazy pointed moustache. How about you going with that a little bit further? A braided beard can change your look drastically. Such a hairstyle on the face adds more character to the image that shows your individuality. And since you know all you need to make it part of your look, nothing stops you from freeing up the inner Viking!


If braiding is not your strong point, a hairstyle that is very similar to braiding can still be created. Divide your beard into several branches and use ring accessories to outline them. You can also use simple bands of elastic.

Ponytail Braid Braids

This is another clever way of getting around a thin beard. It wouldn’t look good for a French braid. But this ponytail, divided by elastic bands into small parts, can make an amazing impression.

If you have not received sufficient inspiration after viewing these options, we urge you to re-examine them. For your beard length and hair type, you can definitely find a suitable braided beard style. Happy braiding and good luck!

Loose French

You can take advantage of a loose French braid if your beard is really long and full. Only when you’re not afraid to use enough beard wax can it look neat. Make sure some elastic bands tighten the braid.

Neat Braids Beard

Whenever you want to refresh your beard with a few smooth braids hanging down.

How to weave a beard

inches every time you start to weave. Before braiding, you do not have to wash and dry your beard. Slightly oily beard is great for braids as it makes them stay longer intact. Take a beard section you’d like to braid. It’s not all the beard has to be. Some men prefer a small section to start with. Or maybe on one beard you can make several braids.> Divide the sections into three strands of the same size.> Lift the left hand (or the right hand as you prefer the section above the middle one. (Now the left-hand section is in the middle)> Take the right (or left-hand section and pull it over the middle section> Repeat the steps until the preferred length is braided. You don’t have to braid until the hair runs out.

Braid Twist Combo

In addition to braids, a Viking braided beard may also have twists to add dynamics and texture to the ensemble. ‘ ‘ Asian Twist’

‘ ‘ ‘
‘. ‘

Double Dutch Style Braids

This double braided beard inspired by Scandinavia is another classy way to diversify your casual look. By the way, this braided beard can also be completed with beads or bright ties.

Whiskers cornrow

If your braid isn’t long enough to make braids, you can still play with whiskers. It’s easy to make Cornrow braids. But if you don’t know where to start, you can ask for professional help. For a long time, such braids remain intact.

How to Grow A Long Beard For Braids

If you feel that only a long Viking-inspired beard can fit your ambitions in style, you should be prepared to grow. Many barbers recommend taking your hair growth pattern into account: if your hair grows strong and healthy, you can let it grow and do your own thing. And if you’re predisposed to growing patchy, consider stepping beyond the idea. First of all, you need to know when to start shaping the hair for your image. Remember that an average man can grow one inch a month, so it’s better to forget about rashing to get the beard as soon as possible. Shears> thin toothed comb> razor> trimmer> angular mirror> application brush> rasping cream> beard shampoo and conditioner> beard oil> Care routine and preparation: wash your beard twice a week with a pea-sized shampoo to avoid beard dandruff and lice. To clean the hair of the face, spread the product thoroughly throughout the hair with a comb. Condition your hair to make it easier to shape to leave the product a few minutes before rinsing.> Combing. Remove tangles and tears by combing your hair with a few drops of beard oil after each wash.> Oiling. To make hair smooth to trim.> Beard shaping: cutting. Make sure you have enough time as this tedious process requires patience and accuracy. Combine the beard and cut the length of the excess. This will help achieve a long beard’s main goal of growing.> Shaving. There may be some stray hair growth during your growth so you may need to shave a decent look at those areas. Do not shave the beard as a whole; work on some messy areas such as cheeks. Still, if you need to look neat, you’d better keep it for special occasions. Recall that it is very important for the beard to follow your face’s natural groves.> Shears to tame stray hair that sticks out of the beard or on the neck. From time to time, hair growing on your neck may need to be manicured and this is the only time your trimmer should get in.>

Long Loose Dutch Braid

While there are lots of braided Viking beard ideas, the classic Dutch braid is something you’re not going to be wrong with.

Bubbled Braid

If you have pretty thin facial hair, you can still make your braids work. A bubbled braid is a nice solution to hip and visually fuller the braid appearance.

How to Maintain Braids On Beard

The best way to make your braided beard look is to follow these essential elements! Nourish your beard internally and externally: a healthy diet will help your hair grow strong and full.> Make your beard softer and easier to use by massaging oils every night into your hair.> Don’t skip washing especially if you’re using a lot of oils.> Do not go too far with products for hair care and styling. Instead, work a moderate amount of products to prevent your hair from drying out.> The beard may be itchy when it grows. And your task is not to give in to the scratching temptation. Just keep it humidified!>