Why I Shaved My Head Before An International Beauty Pageant

Have you ever had a burning urge to shave your head? It’s still a radical thing to do, shockingly. While shaved head women like Angelina Jolie Halsey and Keke Palmer are among the famous celebrities who have chosen to cut a buzz at one point or another, it’s still a bit of a taboo. I’m proud to be among the women who joined the shaved hair club, though!

Why was my head shaved?

My name is Cricket Guest. I am a filmmaker and author design artist who is passionate about activism. There have been many reasons why I have wanted to shave my head. It was largely based on my problems, particularly in the beauty pageant world, with a lack of representation.

My Early Pageant Years

I began to participate in years old beauty pageants. I started my journey in my home town with a local charity beauty pageant where all the proceeds go to childhood cancer. From there one thing led to another until weeks after turning I won Canada’s Top Model award, which means the chance to represent Canada and compete internationally in 2017. I immediately thanked the judges and the coordinators for the opportunity after being crowned. People start listing things I need to improve about myself before they even start congratulations – including but not limited to remarks on body weight and hair.

Chau Tran’s photo These comments struck a nerve immediately. Fortunately at this point in my pageant journey, I had the courage and understanding to distinguish that their remarks were not addressed to me as an individual they were addressed to me as their new asset. However, their comments left me thinking about the hundreds of young girls that these same people are working with some of the girls as young as I was when I started. My road was fraught with different unhealthy habits of pageantry and modeling in itself. I was fixated on winning a title that would carry me joy like my younger self-winning crown. Or so I was told.

I Wasn’t True to Myself

Shortly after entering these industries, I developed an eating disorder with a desire to change myself to embody what they wanted to see and become the girls they would crown. Desperately hiding the aspects of my life for a polished queen of beauty that weren’t pretty enough. I won that year’s crown for a girl who just wanted to love herself. Various crowns. And yet I hated myself instead of loving myself.

Reclaim and Rebirth

I started to be considered a role model after winning the Canadian award. And with me, who felt unworthy of the mark, it didn’t sit well. I couldn’t stop thinking about being told the same things to the girls who were less secure with themselves. I didn’t want anyone to look up to me and believe their performance should be measured by how well they match this patriarchal image of what it is like to be a beautiful woman. And these traditional beauty enforcements go beyond the pageant stage of beauty. Why are young black girls for wearing their defensive hairstyles being suspended from school? Why does WOC need to fight in the workforce so much harder, especially if they don’t conform to Western ideals? Why are women even killed for expressing their faith with a hijab verbally and physically abused? Why shouldn’t the children struggling with cancer show that they can be beautiful and feminine in a gown too, because I entered my first beauty pageant? We are more of what is beautiful than this toxic eurocentric version. So I had to reclaim myself. I wanted to use my privilege and influence to focus attention on issues that really matter if not for myself year. Before flying to Egypt, I shaved my head days to represent Canada at the Top World Model. I served and made my way to Canada. Here is Magued Youssef’s

photo on the left of Chau Tran Left.

Shaving Your Head’s Top Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of being a shaved head woman

You Weed Out Superficial People

Luckily, we live in a society where women can express themselves by shaving their heads. Nonetheless, it is still far from the norm and if they don’t agree with it, people will often let you know. There was a very split reaction to my comment. There are a handful of people after that who have chosen to no longer be in my life. The love overwhelmed the absence, however, and I was able to see who was helping me in my life and not just my image.

You are gaining confidence!

You have no choice but to trust your authentic self. Before I was able to adapt and change myself to fit in whatever environment I was in (e.g. abandoning my artsy style for pageant events and following fashion standards), you’re forced to show up as you are and love it when your head is shaved!

Your features Stand Out

Once you shave your head, you will find a new self-love for your eyes. Then there is no hair and its style distracts from the features of your face. Even if you don’t believe you have striking features, believe me they’re going to be with a buzzcut!

All hairstyles are tried along the way!

I never had hair shorter than my collarbones until I shaved my head. I’ve always been too afraid of what others might think or regret. And, although I was always curious about shorter hairstyles and bald head women, I kept my hair for a long time. Well, now that I’ve shaved my head and grown it out, I’ve had so much fun experimenting with the extremely short Jean Seberg pixie cut and the slightly longer Audrey Hepburn pixie cut I’ve always wanted, but what too scary to try! I’ve been keeping the latter haircut for months now and I’m looking forward to experimenting with the bob after growing the pixie.

Cricket Guest images

You Start Riding the Ego

We all have this very influential part of our consciousness called the ego. The ego is something I know very well that I am governed by, but I was more governed by the ego as I was caught up in the world of beauty pageant. To be controlled by the ego is not always to say that you have an inflated confidence that may mean the opposite. The ego is not our true self, but our self-image. Often we become obsessed with this false image, particularly in an ego-driven world with the abundance of ads we consume. Shaving my head helped me realize the ego’s insignificance and impermanence. Having long hair was only one part of my physical shape that I focused on trying to gain self-love. During the whole life, my hair was long because I thought I wouldn’t be beautiful without it. But, in the physical realm, when I actually robbed myself of that notion by cutting my hair, something also occurs inside me. Despite losing a lot of what was known as me for so long, I was still myself.

Do you have to shave your head?

I think if you clicked on the item with a spark of an urge to shave your head and made it so far through the article that it’s no accident. I am not a chance believer. I remember exactly where I was when the universe placed in my mind the seedling of an idea to shave my head to the ideals of beauty protest. I was thinking I was crazy. Yet I knew that the world wasn’t going to put an idea in my head to hurt me. Only seeds are planted for growing. I came out with self-love from the other side. Take the time to think inwardly and inquire if this is yours ‘ soul wish. And this is when you’re looking for a message.

Photo by Magued Youssef Love yourself where you trust your journey will be, and your journey will be beautiful. Along their path to self-love and acceptance, I wish all the readers luck and abundance. Related Posts Buzz Cut Girls That Really Rock Short Hair Inspiring Pixie Undercut Hair Bold and Daring Takes on the Shaved Pixie Cut Cute Shaved Hair Undercut Hair Tattoo Ideas for Girl Trendy Ways to Wear Braids with Shaved Sides Hair Cuts and Models Stay Connected Hair Style Inspiration. Whatever your type of skin, we will help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair Braided