Jaw-Dropping Long Hairstyles for Round FacesJaw-Dropping Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Long hairstyles with loose locks are usually very attractive for round faces. It is partially covered by straight tresses on both sides of your face, and it seems narrower. Besides creating long vertical lines next to your sweet full face, visually elongating it to your advantage. Waves and waves often hide a round face’s fullness, although on the sides they shouldn’t allow any unnecessary weight. For round faces, the center parting is another no – no. In short, in favor of asymmetry and vertical / diagonal axes, you can avoid all symmetry and rounded shapes. Of instance, it can be a long bob with hair tucked on one side behind your ear and long tresses flowing freely on the other side of your face. As a result, the two main laws of long hairstyles for round heads are the avoidance of center partition and unnecessarily voluminous ubiquities.

Women with Round Heads Short Hairstyles

Long hair highlights are a good solution to adding vertical lines to your hairstyles. These always look very chic and can accentuate your eyes or freshen up your skin. Highlights on perfectly straight hair are more noticeable and showy. Consequently, daily straightening of your hair with a flat iron is an ideal beauty option for women with round heads. Do not hesitate to use items for thermal safety. Celebrities on the red carpet with round heads also wear twists. This pattern can be quickly recreated, but remember to keep the following aspects in mind. Long hair curls for round faces look great if they start at the mid-length or are finished at the ends only. Hair must be slightly teased at the roots. Try to shy away from too much size.

Thin layers of highlights of cappuccino

Coffee blends work best with long dark hair. They also increase facial characteristics, particularly if you’re a fan of dark eyeliner and dark brows. This long wavy hairstyle incorporates the highlights of cappuccino and is divided to create more texture on the far side. 373.jpg” />

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Straight and Silvery

Long hairstyles should always include layers for round heads. Without them, you’re going to draw too much attention to your cheeks – and you’re looking at your lips and your great hair, of course. Nowadays, silver hair no longer reserved for older women is a fun alternative to blonde and it really improves the characteristics.

Soft Wavy Hair

For women with round faces, a long bob is always flattering, but particularly when it is divided on the side. The side part shifts the focus away from your face’s roundness and makes it look more oval. Consider scrunching your hair with some gel or cream towel-drying or using a curling iron to get natural-looking waves.

Layer balayage

You can add darker highlights and a few loose curls if you have thin hair and want it to look fuller. Reach from your hair to the side for this long layered look and curl away from your face. This creates a beautiful side-swept look.

Cool Mermaid

It is not important for dull long haircuts for round heads as well as hair styles and hair colors. Be bold with the hairstyle of a mermaid. Here the maroon roots extend under the ears and then move to a bright orange-red tropical mix. Use a deep maroon lip color and a cat eye to finish the look off.


Thick hair looks amazing long and curly as seen on countless Secret models of Victoria, but making it exclusive. For a feminine and pinkish look, blend a blonde and light violet color – and don’t be afraid to complete your style with matching makeup.

Blonde Long Hair Highlights

If you have highlights with light skin tone, the hair will often look soft and subtle. Note that this balayage color often makes your eyes pop when you wear a light lip and a light shirt – and who doesn’t like that?

Long haircut without bangs

Request layers starting from your chin especially if you want to add more size to thin hair to achieve this long layered cut. Long, round-faced hairstyles elongate your face. Copper looks great on olive skin or tan skin for a bold color.

Twist from Strawberry

Love your natural color but want a new style? Try with layers a medium to long cut. This lucky lady has a natural blonde shade of strawberry which is slightly enhanced by subtle highlights. With a large barrel curling iron, the effect of interspersed waves can be achieved.

Winged eyeliner medium-length curly hair

is great for women with round eyes. It tends to balance the softer characteristics. Only add scanning and soft curls and you’ll be set with your friends for a night out or a night out with your bae. If you’ve compromised (or damaged) hair, ask your stylist for tips on getting healthy locks back.

Purple-Painted Blonde

Changing your color is one of the easiest ways to update your long haircut for round faces without losing layers or side parts. Purple is the new pink – and the feminine features will be complimented.

Bumped up natural curls

Enter your CurlPower. If you have a round face and, of course, curly hair, add some depth to the front bump. Go big – and go bold – with a bright pink lip color and caramel brown highlights. Make sure you keep the natural arch if you want to improve your eyebrows.

Bronde with layers

Round-faced women should not shy away from length, but layers are highly recommended. If you’re trying to frame your eyes, straight cut edgy layers like these are even better. All haircut styles can vary, but focusing on enhancing your natural beauty is always wise.

Bangs side-swept

Long round face hairstyles may go with or without bangs. Long side-swept bangs make your face look more oval and create a slimming effect. This coloring is perfect for women who are looking to go blonde while keeping their brown base naturally dark.

Long and luxurious balayage

You want to make sure you don’t add too much weight to long haircuts because it makes the face look broader than it is. This style is a choice that is beautifully light and luxurious. The layers for braiding are long and perfect.

Sun-Kissed Rapunzel Hair

Mother Nature has given you hair; make it a statement of style. Using a melting effect, you can take advantage of various colors with super long skin. A show-stopper is this sun-kissed style.

Curly Blonde with a side part

Side parts should be part of all long haircuts for round faces as they really balance your face shape. Would you like to add curls without adding too much volume? Start at the chin and let down the front of the curls. 389.jpg” />

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Straight-Forward Blonde

Mixing blonde and light brown ash produces a stunning straight hair color, particularly if you want to draw attention to brown eyes and brown eyebrows. Let your hair fall from your part too and break the symmetry that does not normally flatter a round head.

Long Hair Ginger

This bright bold color of ginger looks great for women with thick hair and olive skin. Who says you can’t be an Ariel of the modern age? Black white blue and green are your best color matches. The dramatic and flirtious layers are another great addition to this style.

Fearless Fringe

Long round facial hairstyles often do not include fringe but this is an exception. If you want to avoid shortening your face by bangs, avoid heavy blunt bangs.

Now that you are more or less certain about the most suitable hair> Round Face Bangs. Medium hair is also full of smart ideas that you can easily incorporate for your size. Similar Posts Party Hair Long Hair Drop Hair Stylish and Sassy Bobs for Round Faces Gorgeous Braided Hair Simple and Stylish Casual Updos for Long Hair Cuts and Stylish Hair Cuts.

Fishtail BraidUpdo

This tucked fishtail braid is super fast and easy to do as far as braided hairstyles go. There are various ways to replicate this cute hairdo, but dividing your hair into two large sections is the most popular way. Connect and combine with the other section the small pieces from one chapter.

Inside-Out Braid

The intricate French braid is one of the high school hairstyles that looks great on long and slightly curly hair. It can pull off this cool look if your child is in elementary middle school or high school. Decide how messy or tight you want this hairstyle to be before you begin as it looks slightly different for these two procedures.

The four-piece braid is extremely elegant for long hair. An added advantage is that it can be done relatively quickly and easily. Divide your hair into four pieces. Pass the first strand over the second, then the first below the third, and the first below the fourth. Continue the pattern until you have reached the end.

Flower Braid Ponytail

The flower braid ponytail is not only perfect for long hair but also great for school dances. It’s as simple as splitting her hair into two parts, then braiding the top half and rolling it into a flower pattern and making a highly elegant pony afterwards. Etvoil! Your gorgeous princess is all set for her first school day.

Headband Braid

This is a simple but beautiful medium hair hair style. Today, without a headband braid, a rareback to school hairstyle would be complete. You can also use a fishtail braid to get this amazing look. This takes approximately the same amount of time.

Double Crown Braid

Styling of shoulder-long hair is no longer a major headache. You’re in luck because for shorter hair, double crown braids are practically made. It really will tie everything together by adding a cute hair clip.

Double Circular Braid and Side Pony

A fun alternative to French double braided hairstyle. Note that with circular braids, you can change the previous design. In a sleek or curlyponytail, place the loose hair and add a tender bow.

Braided Half Up Half Down ‘ Do’

Is your baby’s hair down the wall? Small bands of rubber are about to become your secret weapon. Hide any unpleasant strands by moisturizing and shaping mixed hair into silken braids. This braided half-up half-down hairdo may also match naturalistas ‘ kinky curls, it’s definitely one of the school’s most impressive hairstyles.

Braids ladder

No hairdo like this braid ponytail ladder. The best part is that this look is worthwhile from casual and trendy to red carpet. The braid ladder adds visual complexity to medium and long hair so that it can become the go – to style of any long-hair kid!

Easy Side Braid Ponytail

Ponytails and side braids are currently two of the largest trends in high school. By securing her pony with her own hair, your teen will raise her school hairstyle to the next level. All she’ll have to do is curl a strand for a more polished look around her ponytail’s foundation.

Four Strand Ribbon Braid

It is much easier to wear such super chic school hairstyles than straight hair that is silky and thick. There is no exception to this fun taking on the four strand braid. Weaving the ribbon using the same pattern as you would for a regular four-strand braid to get this sweet braided look.

Lace Braided Bun

This bun-inspired low maintenance updow will complement the straight locks of your young man. Take the maximum volume of a bun maker or sock in five minutes. Since buns can be dressed up or down, they are great for dancing at work.

Dutch Side Braid

The Dutch side braid may be quite easy to copy, but it does not make this age-appropriate look any less amazing. Kids with long, thick hair will appreciate how elegant and low-key it is. For a beautiful Rapunzel effect, pin a light flower above her ear.

French Braid Bun

An updo is a very good hair. Start with a French braid upside down. Build a pony of high quality. To make a bun and tie it with a stylish ribbon, twist the rest of the hair around the pony base. Whether or not your daughter is a sporty ribbon is a perfect accent for school’s cute hairstyles.

Headband Braid With Mini Hair Flower

You can’t go all out just because your little one has fine hair. With a lace braid that ends as a precious flower, keep it nice and simple. One reason braids perform so well on thin hair is because they’re not as bulky and they’re going to hold their shape. Use a hairstyle weave if necessary.

Heart Shaped Twists and Low Bun

The cute loop twists formed by the heart are just what the doctor ordered. After combining the side twists, fix them with bobby pins at the nape to achieve the desired look. This exciting alternative is great for formal occasions to the traditional braided bun. jpg” />

<img src="https://ourhairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/thr/401/401.409

Lace Rolled Updo

What could be better than a coolupdo with atwist when it comes to cute school hairstyles? Beyond words, this one is cute. While pinning flowers in a chignon is fun, it’s even more exciting to accentuate the sleek hair of your child with a lace braid resting on a low roll! This low-keydo speaks for itself, especially for any occasion.

Layered Braid

Whether your tresses are too thick or thin, this radiant style can still be copied. This layered five strand braid’s intricate details will awaken your creativity. The hairband of the mini flower works as a beautiful final stroke.

Knotted headband

An exciting remedy for those boring headband days is the knotted headband! It is made up of a series of loose loops and square ties. Keep that hairspray bounce to last. A bonus is the beautiful hair clip!

It can be difficult to get your child ready for school in the morning when you’re worried about the best way to go back to school. Start with simpler styles if you have little braiding experience. And you’ll see that it won’t seem like a big challenge anymore with little more complicated practice. Adorable Toddler Girl Hair Awesome and Edgy Mohawks for Kids Amazing Braided Pigtail ¡ ute Baby Boy Haircuts Flawless Flower Girl Hair Super Sweet Baby Girl Hair Cuts and Stay Connected Get inspiration from the hair style. Regardless of your hair type, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair TypeCurly Wavy