Why do i dream so much

Why do i dream so much

Dreaming is a normal part of how our brain works. As you know, our mind never stops and dreams are proof of it. Even if you don’t remember them, your brain projects dreams every night as your body experiences the different phases of what we commonly call sleep. Do you feel that every day when you wake up you remember perfectly what you have dreamed during the night? Then this article will interest you. At OneHowTo.com we want to answer the question: Why do I dream so much? Pay attention and you will discover another part of our mysterious mind.

The dream

Although it seems that while we sleep, the world stops and nothing happens around us, our own body continues to work at a reduced speed. Sleeping represents the regenerative state of the body, the hours of rest necessary to be able to reactivate and continue to function 100% during our day to day. This cycle has different stages (light sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement or paradoxical sleep), in which different regenerative, healing and rest functions are carried out.

But, as we have previously highlighted, another important function is carried out during sleeping hours: dreaming Or what is the same, information processing, which means a good training of mind and thought. That is, it serves to integrate all types of memories in our brain. During the longest cycles of the sleeping process (about half an hour) sleep occurs. Many experts have found that if any of these phases is interrupted, dreams are not so easily remembered.

Why do I dream so much - The dream

Why do we dream?

We dream because we think, It’s that simple. Psychologically speaking, dreaming explores possibilities, our concerns are reflected, our experiences and experiences are projected and, even, our deepest desires. Thanks to dreams, we develop our intuition, as well as our creative ability. The mind is triggered and all the information that is deposited in our brain is intermingled to give us sometimes surreal or incoherent visions, as if it were a movie where time and space are subjective.

If you think you never dream, you are wrong. All brains act in the same way while we sleep, remember that it is one more phase and a mental state necessary for our regeneration and development. If you are not aware of your dreams, it is simply because you are not able to remember them. Not resting properly or not sleeping well or enough, in addition to medication or the consumption of other substances, can be clear factors when it comes to remembering our dreams. And the same happens in reverse, all those people who believe they dream a lot simply have a greater capacity for retention and memory, they rest more and sleep better.

Our head has the exact tools and mechanisms to prevent our dreams from being forgotten, at least right after we wake up, as long as the sleep phases are not interrupted. How? The brain centers associated with sleep are deactivated while the brain structures that we use to think and feel are activated. Think of your head as a large database and information, as if it were a PC. Our head intelligently selects the material that needs to be retained, while eliminating all that is useless. In the case of dreams, our brain filters and erases what we have dreamed so that it does not interfere with our reality and our daily lives. Therefore, many times we are not able to remember our dreams when we wake up.

Why do I dream so much - Why do we dream?

Remember dreams

But not all dreams are erased forever from our memory, many people have the feeling of dreaming every day and remember it perfectly, which allows them to analyze their dreams and even look for an interpretation. Like we have already said, dream a lot it’s just one good rest sign, of non-interference from sleep and of getting enough sleep. It really is about a total liberation of the mind and a head full of images and thoughts wanting to project itself. Dreaming a lot is synonymous with thinking a lot.

If you’re interested remember your own dreams, you can carry out a simple technique: create a dream journal. It is about writing down the key idea in a notebook, what you remember, even if they are few words. Do it right when you wake up before your head throws it away, forget it. This method will allow you to analyze your dreams a little more, see if they repeat themselves and seek an explanation to the wonderful, interesting and mysterious world of dreams. In the following article we will show you some of the most common dreams and their meaning.

Types of dreams

Not all dreams are pleasant or pleasant. Some represent for us a thought, others project an experience, we can also have nightmares, project fears or even represent thoughts and repeat them on more than one occasion. Be that as it may, everyone Dreams They have something in common: are thoughts, feelings, messages or emotions that are very present in our mind. All of them manifest themselves at night, while we sleep. All dreams are transitory and we tend to forget when we wake up. Of course, it is important that our dreams do not transfer to our real life and, therefore, affect us in our day to day.

Why do I dream so much - Types of dreams

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