Why Can’t Dogs Eat Tomatoes

Why Can't Dogs Eat Tomatoes

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Most dog owners have ever heard of the dreaded toxic foods for them, such as chocolate, onion and tomato. But do we know why they are so harmful? The can organism It works differently from ours and it is not surprising that there are a number of foods suitable for human consumption that they are not able to tolerate. So that you can continue to maintain the safety of your pet and, in addition, understand why you should do it, in this OneHowTo article we tell you why can’t dogs eat tomato.

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The best way to feed our dog is through a diet based on dry feed. When choosing it, you should take into account that it contains all the amount of nutrients and proteins that your dog needs to stay healthy and strong. To know them, we encourage you to consult our article on how to choose my dog’s food.


Although dogs do not need to eat their own food products because their feed already covers all their nutritional needs, it is true that we can supplement it with small doses of certain foods. To provide them with an extra supply of fiber, vitamins and essential minerals, we have the possibility of giving them fruits and vegetables in reduced quantities and from time to time. Of course, in the same way that there are permitted foods, there are also toxic ones that can cause serious consequences, as is the case with tomatoes.


Then,why can’t dogs eat tomato? The plant that generates tomatoes, the tomato plant, is mainly composed of solanine, a highly poisonous alkaloid for both human and canine consumption, the glycoalkaloid tomatine and glycoproteins, also very toxic. These substances are found both in the leaves of the plant and in the green fruits. As tomatoes ripen, the levels of these compounds decrease until they leave a minimal amount in them. Although for us this small percentage of solanine and tomatine is not toxic, it is for the dog’s body, as it is much more sensitive and intolerant to digesting compounds like these.

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In this way, if our dog ingests a very small amount of tomato, he will probably hardly notice the consequences. The problem lies when it takes one or more whole tomatoes, as it can damage both the digestive system, the nervous system and the kidneys of our dog. When this occurs, main symptoms of tomato poisoning in dogs they are usually vomiting or diarrhea, tremors, seizures, stomach pain, respiratory problems and, in some cases, they can present dilated pupils and cardiac arrhythmias. Of course, the severity of the symptoms will depend on the amount of tomatoes you have eaten.


In case of severe poisoning, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible. If your dog ingests the tomato leaves instead of eating the fruit, the poisoning can be lethal since it is where the greatest amount of compounds toxic to dogs is concentrated. In this way, keep tomatoes out of reach of your dog and do not give them to take, not even in small amounts as a reward, because although it does not have to trigger serious symptoms, it will cause mild stomach upset.

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