What is the WHISKEY with

What do you drink whiskey with?

Whiskey (whiskey or güisqui in Spanish) is one of the most popular and sought-after drinks worldwide, thanks to its distinguished flavor and its versatility to prepare it. Depending on its distillation process and its offer in the market, this liquor is made in three ways: based on grains, malt or through a mixture of both ingredients known as a blend. All these presentations provide variations to its flavor.

As it is a popular drink, it is usually present on almost all special occasions and is prepared according to its flavor: mild, smoky, fruity, caramelized, among others. So you can take advantage of whiskey and enjoy it like never before, in a HOW TO tell you what do you drink whiskey with and the best cocktails made with this liquor.

Drinks with whiskey: the best options

There are many ways to drink whiskeyAll depend on the taste of each person, as some prefer to preserve the flavors of pure whiskey and others prefer to enhance its characteristics with other essences. Next, you will find the best options to combine with whiskey, so you will know with what other elements you can increase the taste of this liquor and make it more exquisite for your palate and that of your company:

  • Classic whiskey
  • Whiskey on the rocks
  • Whiskey with soda
  • Whiskey with tea
  • Whiskey with fruit drinks
  • Cocktails with whiskey

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Classic whiskey

It is the traditional way to drink whiskey. Mostly, it is served in the glass alone and left at room temperature to taste its flavors without altering it. In the same way, you can also add one or two ice cubes to cool it, or add a little water to soften its flavor. It all depends on the taste of who takes it.

What do you drink whiskey with - Classic whiskey

Whiskey on the rocks

This is an interesting option if you want awaken the particular flavor of whiskey. In the glass, put a piece of crushed ice in the shape of a sphere or ice cubes. This way, the ice should take up most of the glass. The drink is served and shaken to cool and oxygenate the liquor. It is recommended to use whiskey blended, because its flavor becomes stronger when it is cold. The title of this drink refers to the tradition of placing frozen granite stones in the glass to maintain the icy temperature of the whiskey. Stones are a good alternative to ice, as they prevent the ice from melting and making the drink tasteless.

What do you drink whiskey with - Whiskey on the rocks

Whiskey with soda

Soda, cola, or ginger ale they are fizzy drinks that are used to combine with whiskey. The high concentration of sugar (in the case of cola), the spicy flavor of ginger (in the case of ginger ale) and carbonated water (in the case of soda), modify its flavor and provide a pleasant experience for those who prefer to soften the strong flavors of whiskey. Drinking whiskey with soda is one of the most popular ways to enjoy it.

What do you drink whiskey with - Whiskey with sodas

Whiskey with aromatic or tea

Another option, almost a special edition, is to enjoy whiskey with tea. Combining aromatic herbs with whiskey will provides a fruity flavor to the drink and they give an important change to the liquor, as it seeks to awaken its fruit essences. Similarly, this additive tends to be used for the preparation of whiskey cocktails.

Whiskey with citrus or fruit flavored drinks

As with teas, fruit drinks are often used to give whiskey a new flavor. Among these, the most common are lemon and orange juices, coconut water and tonic water. Generally, citrus or fruit drinks are ingredients used in cocktails. They aim to soften the strong flavor of the whiskey, while offering the interesting contrast of the liquor with the sweetness of the fruits.

What is whiskey used with - Whiskey with citrus or fruit-flavored drinks

Cocktails with whiskey

In addition to these options presented, there are a variety of whiskey drinks to enjoy all the facets of this liquor. Some of the best known cocktails are:

  • Lemon and honey cocktail: based on Bourbon whiskey (with caramelized flavor), honey, lemon juice, crushed ice and mint leaves.
  • Guaya John: based on Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey, guava juice and crushed ice.
  • Manhattan: mainly based on Bourbon whiskey (with caramelized flavor), red vermouth wine and Angostura liqueur (with concentrated lime juice). Other types of whiskeys can be used to vary their flavor.
  • Blood and Sand: based on Scotch whiskey (mostly made from malt), red orange juice, cherry liqueur, and black or red vermouth.
  • Sua Santita: based on whiskey, Benedictine liqueur (herbal liqueur) and ice.
  • TNT: based on Scotch whiskey (mostly made from malt), sweet anise, ice and cherry for garnish.
  • Gros whiskey: based on Bourbon whiskey (with caramelized flavor), juice and lemon slices, with freshly boiled water.
  • Wistonic: based on Scotch whiskey (mostly made from malt), tonic water (flavored with quinine), several ice cubes and lemon wedges for garnish.

As we can see, there is a wide variety of drinks made with whiskey that make your tasting a unique and nuanced experience. If you want to know other famous whiskey cocktails, we invite you to take a look at these:

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