What is the meaning of SWOT

What is the meaning of SWOT

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The acronym SWOT He is one of the most employed in the world of business, marketing and corporate communications, which is why you have probably heard him more than once. Each of these letters has a meaning that is key when analyzing an organization, empowering it and improving it to guarantee its growth. Do you want to know more? At OneHowTo.com we explain what is the meaning of SWOT.

The meaning of SWOT

The acronym SWOT gathers the initials of the terms strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. These are applied in order to analyze an organization both internally and externally.

The strengths and weaknesses of the organization are internally, related to the company’s own processes, while the threats and opportunities they are external and have to do with elements such as the market or competition.


The strengths of the organization are those competitive advantages that the company has internally and that allow it to distinguish itself from the competition. Processes, quality level, customer service among others.


The opportunities They are presented externally, they are all those niches or spaces in which the organization could stand out or where the competition has not yet acted. These are usually analyzed based on the strengths of the company.


Like strengths, weaknesses they are also internally. Within the SWOT analysis or SWOT, Weaknesses are all those problems and aspects within the organization that must be improved or eliminated using an appropriate strategy.


The threats are all those external aspects that can negatively affect the organization, for example the actions of competitors, the political or economic situation, among others. It is important to identify them so that you can take action on them.

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