what is it, benefits and properties

Casein is a name that sounds, increasingly among the population. Above all, among those who exercise and take care of their body. It is a protein of high biological value that we find in the milk and in some of its derivatives, fermented products such as yogurt or cheese.

For example, milk contains approximately 3.5% of protein, and 80% is casein and only 20% is whey protein. This is necessary for the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the intestine. In addition, it contains amino acids essential, a high percentage of glutamine, which is attributed beneficial properties for the immune system and for the muscles. Hence, the interest that many athletes have in it.

What is the function of casein?

Casein has a slower absorption if we compare it, for example, with that of whey. Therefore, its assimilation is continuous and progressive, in addition to providing protein gradually.

This protein appears in multiple supplements Foods used to reinforce the contribution of strength sports and / or bodybuilding. These professionals use it in order to meet their needs, but they also take it preventively. Its consumption can prevent the appearance of muscle catabolism, that is, the destruction of muscle tissue protein.

Casein can be taken directly, but we also find it in another series of products, which can facilitate its intake. It is the basis of supplements protein, shakes, bars and meal replacement products used by athletes.

This protein is not only used in sports. Its emulsifying properties make it used in the dairy sector to make cheeses. It can also be found in the meat industry, for example.

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This is a protein that we find in products like milk. Therefore, people who are lactose intolerant or those allergic to lactose should be careful. cow’s milk. Depending on the level of allergy, excessive or excessive intake of protein supplements can damage areas such as the kidneys or liver.

When to take casein?

Casein works best when consumed at the evening, since it is a slowly absorbed protein. However, we can also consume it at any time of the day, although it will not have the same effects as if you consume it at night, before going to sleep.