What are the properties of mallow

What are the properties of mallow

Although its benefits may not be known to all, the mallow is a plant with important medical uses. And it is that its flowers and leaves help to improve different common conditions, so it is necessary to know in which cases we can use them. So if you still don’t know what are the properties of mallow, be sure to read this OneHowTo article.

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One of the main medicinal properties of mallow It is the fact of improving skin conditions, such as irritation, boils, eczema, sores, etc. In this way, the water resulting from boiling mallow leaves and flowers will help to quickly improve wounds and skin problems.


Also, in case of insect bites: mosquitoes, wasps, lice, etc., mallow helps reduce itching and swelling by having anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply fresh mallow juice on the area in question or opt for infusion water.


On the other hand, it is highly recommended to use mallow as natural remedy against respiratory diseases. In this way, it alleviates problems such as coughs, excess mucus, aphonia, angina, hoarseness … It is its high content of mucilage that makes mallows beneficial for these types of conditions.

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The beneficial properties of mallow are also known digestive disorders, among which we can highlight stomach irritation and constipation. Therefore, fasting infusions of this plant will help improve intestinal transit and alleviate other ailments of the digestive system.


The hollyhocks also have hair health benefits, favoring its growth and strengthening it considerably, so we can include them among the natural remedies to grow hair.

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Although they have not been described contraindications and side effects of mallow, people with diabetes or sugar problems should avoid consuming remedies based on this plant. And it is that the fact of containing mucilages can contribute to increase the level of glucose in the blood.

This article is merely informative, at oneHOWTO we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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