What are the functions of the skin

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What is the most sensitive part of the skin


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The functions of the skin are also related to tissues


which are the sweat glands of the

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Are there more functions of the skin? or is it just those?


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what are the functions of the skin


The skin is the largest organ in the human1 or animal body. In humans it occupies approximately 2 m², and its thickness varies between 0.5 mm (on the eyelids) and 4 mm (on the heel). Its approximate weight is 5 kg. It acts as a protective barrier that isolates the organism from the environment that surrounds it, protecting it and helping to keep its structures intact, while acting as a communication system with the environment, and this varies in each species. Anatomically, the standard measurements within human skin are taken as a reference. It is also known as the integumentary system.


I would like to know if the skin after an illness burns because it does not return to its original color


What is the function of the skin when doing physical activity?


Regulate body temperature

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My question would be, will the cells of the skin of the hand be the same as the cells of the stomach?


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The skin is the largest organ in the human body and the heaviest. It can also reveal diseases or dysfunctions suffered by other organs. In other words, it can become the visible face of some diseases or dysfunctions. Not all skin on the body is the same thickness. For example, on the palms of the hands and feet it is thicker than in other parts of the human body. Its main function, among others, is protection. Next, in a How we show you what are the functions of the skin. Protection: The skin protects the human body from any type of external attack. Such as blows, burns, pressure, loss of water and heat, actions of chemical agents, penetration of germs. Select what is harmful to the body and what is beneficial. Maintenance of hydration: The skin is 70% water and it is what allows vitality in it. For this reason, when the amount of water decreases the horny layer can lose elasticity and that is when we say that we have dry skin. When the skin is well hydrated, the skin cells regenerate, which consequently renew the skin, in turn it has greater flexibility, facilitating better healing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Nutrition: When there is a need for nutrition, there is a lack of lipids. Lipids help restore the skin’s barrier function and reestablish cell membranes. For this reason, when lipids are lacking, the barrier function is weakened and there is an increase in dehydration, elasticity is lost and the skin becomes more vulnerable, and wrinkles may even appear. Reproduction: Living cells reproduce through mitosis eliminating old cells by new cells. Well, the skin cells found in the epidermis – the upper layer of the skin – reproduce every 28 days. Thanks to this replacement of cells, cuts or any type of wound can heal quickly. Secretion: The secretion glands can be eccrine -they secrete fluid and sweat-, apocrine and holocrine or sebaceous. Its origin is due to complete cell disintegration and differentiation. Throughout life it changes but the highest moment is at puberty. Elimination: The skin regulates body temperature and is carried out by eliminating heat, evaporating secreted sweat and in turn eliminating all those substances that are harmful. 🙂


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the skin protects the human body from any external attack

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