Ways I Style My Gray and Thin Hair

I am a hairstylist who believes in loving the color and texture of the hair you’ve been provided naturally. Let me share some tips and ideas for tutorials on how you can also experiment with thin hair. Read on because life is too short for dull hairstyles to wear!

Braid Half Pigtails

This style looks particularly good with colored and/or longer hair. To make the final bun look a little more dramatic, I placed some unbraided hair between the two braids. Using dry shampoo on clean hair to add some volume and texture to your skin. This could also benefit from pulling out bobby pins or hair rubber bands. View this post on Instagram at 54pm PDT Dutch Braid on August 2019 The easiest way I can do a Dutch braid on myself is to grab the added hair from each side at the same time always starting from the same side. (I began this braid by adding hair from the left side first so I’ll start with the left side every time I add more hair.) Then braid always start from the side you pick hair from the second. (This would be the right side for me.) Repeat again and put your arms back down before they fall off. It took me minutes to write these notes, so dm me if they’re too complicated and in another language you’d like them. View this post at 20pm PDT Fake Braid on Instagram on Jul 2018 Why do you have a topsy tail when you can do 300? This is particularly funny> ElasticU and get them right off Amazon! View this post on Instagram on Jul 2019 at 59pm PDT Faux Hawk Braid Make a little pony and tie a little hair around the first rubber band to cover it. Create a second pony just below it. Break the first pony in and lip the second pony between the pieces.