Black Wedding Hairstyles

We can imagine your enthusiasm and desire to look great on the big day. It’s as necessary to choose a wedding hairstyle as choosing your bridal gown. Besides these two, the style of your wedding should be in harmony with each other. Every bride has her own favorite hair texture and length preferences. Fortunately, there are so many stunning black wedding hairstyles that brides should have no problem choosing something that will reflect their beauty properly. With long and varied hair lengths, we have rounded up the most amazing wedding hairstyles, from very basic to the most complex and sophisticated ones.

What options are you really looking for, Dear African American Brides?

In fact, so many. Think about what kind of modern and bohemian beach and sporty bride would you like to be traditional and sexy innocent and romantic trendy and glamorous? You can bring your hair to life and style accordingly with any of these looks. Also think if you want a half up and half down up or down? You open your face by lifting your hair and making it the highlight of your look. One of the best embellishments paired with an elegant updo is the beautiful jewel earrings. If the length or volume of your hair is missing, consider using clip-in extensions. Nowadays you can do whatever you like with your hair as long as it is clean.

Best Black Wedding Hairstyles for Any Taste

Would you like a short messy veil hairstyle or a trendy updo with curls and accessories for your special day? Anyway, look at these pictures and get your inspiration, we’ve collected the most interesting variants to make your wedding preparations easier for you!

Curly Wedding Updo with Beauty Accessory

Hair accessories also make your wedding feel a little more special. With a white flower barrette clipped on one side, this curly updo is romantically enhanced. Everyone needs big earrings if you’ve got such a hair clip?

African-American Halo Twist Braid

In black wedding hairstyles, braids and twists are always popular. Whether you prefer natural hairstyles or updos and downdos for straight hair, they are great for black hair. Due to the addition of two thick twists down the crown, the standard halo braid updo gets an upgrade here. To form a cohesive look, all the braids twist together.

Black Swirled Updo Hairstyle

Try this look on your big day if you are chemically straightened or wearing a weave. Super sleek hair, swirled into perfect circles, gives a feeling of retro glamour. The jeweled hair clip adds to the elegant updo a bit of bling.

Wedding Twisted Updo

The emphasis on the face is often considered, but this updo takes it to the back of the head. Her hair was wrapped in a multi-strand braid from the waist. The sparkly hair piece that is just obvious is a stunning touch which highlights the updo but doesn’t pay attention to it all. The

African-American Sleek Full Bun

Black women’s wedding hairstyles can often be complicated and extravagant, but there’s something to say for a classy minimal look like this. Black ladies with long hair can take advantage of their locks by making them at the base of the neck into a beautiful full chignon.

Short Flowers Natural Hairstyle

Skip the extensions for a pretty short hairstyle. This look is celebrating the hair’s natural texture. Add a cluster of real flowers over your ear for a romantic display.

Black Bouffant Headpiece Updo

Tiaras are popular wedding hair accessories, but this golden headpiece is more unexpected. It’s just as amazing and beautifully frames the face. The way it blends with the voluminous bouffant hairstyle shows how every detail has been taken into consideration in this simple yet showy updo.

African-American Asymmetric Braids

Updos are black women’s no-fail wedding hairstyles. If you want to try this asymmetrical goddess braids updo more of a fashion-forward bride. The part curves around the head and from it flashes the double chunky braids.

Wedding Braided Back Updo with Veil

Non-style birdcage veils. A compact updo coupled with a veil is a timeless look, but adding a thick twisted braid to the back of your head makes things more modern. To complete the dynamic look, pin the veil asymmetrically.

Black Updo with Braids and Tendrils

There are a couple of different eye-catching elements going on with this updo, but all ties together. Her hair was pinned back into a bun that was low. Some front layers have been braided while others have been twisted and left free. The look is completed by a hair accessory.

Headband natural curls

Natural wedding hairstyles should be taken into consideration by all black women. We admire the exquisite texture of your mane. It’s perfect for natural hair in this simple style. This shows off your beautiful curls as your face is perfectly framed by the headband.

African-American Loose Side Updo

Take your hair up to new teased heights. The asymmetric, voluminous updo fits best with a dress styled asymmetrically. Curly hair highlights look beautiful with lace. The

Black Bun Updo with Floral Crown

Try a bright pink crown instead of the usual white floral crown. When you switch things up rather than pulling your twists down try to scoop them up into a high updo and tie your crown around your twisted locks.

African American wedding hairstyles are very versatile for a black bride. Consider this stunning chignon if you’re more into perfect hair-to-hair updos. Complete with a piece with a sparkling accent.

Highlights Afro Puff

Another look suitable for brides who want to highlight their natural hair. Slick your locks entirely up and off your head to mirror the hairstyle. Bring them together in a beautiful cloud. Think about the highlights that compliment your skin tone in advance.

Embellished African-American Side Bun

Now this look will make you want to add a few hair accessories to your wedding. Even the classic necklace of pearls gets a new life of fashion.

Black Curls with Accent Braids

Many updates for black hair focus on braids or twists but this one allows the curls to be the star. On the side of the head, the well-placed braids help break the curls with a gentle touch. African American brides are going to appreciate it.

Wedding Low Veil Twists

You don’t have to apply any twists to your face. At the nape of your neck, just try to twist the lengths of your hair for another alternative to a bun. To finish things off with a hair clip and a veil for a classic bridal touch.

Defined Waves Black Updo

Are you going to look at these waves? Naturally! You’re probably going to take a double so fine they’re! This is also a very romantic updo because of how all the established curls twist and turn to form one standardized retro hairdo around each other.

African-American Long Twisted Braid

Most brides make their wedding dresses the focus of their looks, but why not make their African hair stand out? Bold and beautiful black hairstyles such as this one deserve the opportunity to shine. For a super sleek sexy finish, this mohawk features an extra long coiled braid and close sides. The

Floating in Flowers

Loose curls are fun, but if you want it to be noticed, they can be difficult to wear with a hair accessory. You build a shape and position to pin a jewelry flower by just pinning the bottom of your curled look. The best part is that the front still has volume and individual curls to keep it from looking flat.

Buttery Curls

Similar to the look above this hairdo, the wedding style is also based on pin curls. The result is an incredibly romantic, fluffy, almost wave-like hairdo. Don’t you dress these cuties with too many hair accessories or a veil?

Bang Waterfall Curls

Curly hair has a decent texture, especially when it comes to tight curls. If you want to add something special to that, making sure it doesn’t conflict with what’s on the bottom is crucial. Easily accentuate the curly look with a waterfall braid without taking too much away.

Twisted and Regal

The only drawback to fancy braided and twisted updos is that sometimes all the spice of the look through appear obscured while looking at the front wearer. You need a style that is thick enough to be seen from every angle to fight the flat look. It looks like a beautiful braided crown from the front and an intricate twisted pin-up from the back.

Flawless finger waves

It may be difficult for women with short hair to build an elegant African-American wedding hairstyle because they believe their options are limited by size. Finger waves are sexy for those who don’t want to wear extensions or braids and have a beautiful retro feel.

Braided Beauty

It may be difficult for women with natural hair to find an updo which looks elegant and needs no warm equipment. If you have too short hair to achieve this low bun on your own, you can easily braid in additional hair to pull the look off. This is a good starting point for add-ons such as jewelry barrets and other hair accessories, albeit basic in nature.

Frills and Thrills

You’re the bride and everyone’s going to know it. Lift your double roll black wedding hairstyle with pearl pins and a frilly headband if the white dress isn’t enough. It’s a memorable look for your wedding day of the fairytale.

Love Circles

Sometimes it’s hard to see dark hair designs and subtle accents, so it’s important to make them stand out on your special day so they’re not lost. If you wear a polished black hair updo for your wedding, at the cost of exquisite details, it is important to add a bit of texture. This look incorporates elegant pin curls and braids to create a unique style.

Grecian Locks

This is a prime example of how fabulously locked hair will work in black women’s wedding hairstyle. If the locks are small enough, they can be twisted quickly into a number of updos such as this Grecian braid crown. It will be even more glamorous by gold beaded accents.

Bold and braided

Not all black women’s updo hairstyles must be super stylish or elegant. If your personality is bright, why not have fun on your big day with your look. Serve up with a sassy side bang and braid back a little bit of attitude.

Vintage Pin-Up

Giving this classic pin-up girl look a vintage twist to your style. It’s romantic and chic without the feeling of trying too hard. And it can be conveniently matched with a fascinating or golden barrette.

Curl bouquet

Take a note of your floral arrangements and create a unique bun with a rose bouquet texture and whims. The curls mimic the petals and the headband is like a string that binds all of them together. For a traditional bride, it’s a wonderful option.

Sight in White

A half-up half-down hair is always showy on long-haired women, but it may be a little too reserved for a more vocal wife. This is where a jewelry headpiece comes into play to help you look like a bohemian princess, and the finished style turns out to be anything but ordinary.

Draped in Diamonds

This hairstyle black wedding is far from bland or hackneyed. Turn a big bold bun with sparkles at each head and a long curl, making a dramatic entrance is a surefire way.

Cinnamon Twisted Updo with Side Bang

This low curled look is a perfect option for women with medium hair. While the side bang with bun is absolutely beautiful in texture and silhouette, it is the hot cinnamon hair color that makes this look really stand out. The blend of brown and red hues can warm and radiate golden brown complexions.

On a roll

We’re familiar with pin curls and the flat texture they can produce but you can also use curls to make a more 3D roll that doesn’t stick as close to the head as possible. This is particularly beneficial for round-faced women who want to add more length to their bridal look. The

Pretty Princess Roll

So why not choose a princess-inspired black updo hairstyle for your ceremony and celebration? The roll on its own is very smooth and simple, so try to incorporate a few bedazzled combs if you want to enhance it.

Wonderful multiple flowers

Flower crowns are not just for music festivals and pictures of Instagram. You can also use bright buds to give a fantastic touch to your braided bun. If you’re trying to wear a non-traditional outfit for a seamless look, try wearing an equally bright top.

Box Braid Bun

While many women use box braids in the summer as a protective style, they can be worn as a fun look throughout the year. The thick style allows you to make a full bun with a jewelry band and veil that can be easily accentuated. With no hair in your face, your beautiful makeup will really shine with a high bun.

Sassy Side Bun

A side bun is definitely one of the most popular black women’s wedding hairstyles because it is polished, but it can also last throughout the night without getting undone. To make it more formal, pair with a red lip color and plenty of bling.

Hairstyle Wedding With Rows Of Twists

Black hair in twists and braids is a wonder! The hairstyle looks compact but it looks chunky and generous with the twists. The star-like parting is the hairstyle’s wow factor. African American ladies can afford eye-catching jewelry without fear of looking too gaudy to complete such a vivid updo.

Black Wispy Updo With A Flowers Cluster

Brides with relaxed black locks can pick up the trend towards messy updos. This hairstyle’s wispy texture allows it to breathe with lightness. The degree of its festivity is instantly increased by a cluster of snow white flowers. Let them be slightly different in size and style. To complete the look, choose floral earrings.

A Showy Wedding Hairstyle For Short Natural Hair

If hair extensions are not an option for you, you can still look great on your wedding day with your natural hair. This girl just raised and embellished her natural kinky hair with a delicate perfectly matching hair accessory and you see the result it’s amazing! ‘

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‘ Beautiful Natural Hair Updo With Twists’

‘ Contrasts are another popular black wedding hairstyle trend. Such amazing updos as this one make an impact thanks to the contrast on the sides of the micro braids and piled-up statements. Extensions are used to achieve the chunkier twists or braids. The

Low Updo With Flowers And Lovely Ringlets

Among the highlights are the latest trends in wedding hairstyles for black women. Your hairstyle does not have to be too difficult to look beautiful. The tender ringlets on the nape adorned with creamy white flowers are not difficult to recreate, but they are extremely beautiful and feminine. A magical effect is provided by the contrast of streamlined hair and large round curls! ‘

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‘ Soft Smooth Waves For Relaxed Black Hair’

‘ Wavy wedding hairstyles in 2019 are as popular as ever. These look most feminine, and in celebrity looks we regularly observe them. The highest hair skill is to achieve the impression of hair flowing like silk.

Trendy Curly Updo With Bangs

Trendy loose curly updos and thick black hair is a great base for these romantic wedding hairstyles. The photo’s stunning hairstyle gives a feeling of incredibly voluminous and somewhat messy curls that fall out of the do but the look stays smooth and elegant. The long bangs just partially cover the front of the model to improve the innocent hairstyle flair.

Side Curly Hairstyle With A Hair Flower And Long Bangs

African American women look stunning with plain sweet hairstyles. Beach curls are not a new idea from mid-shaft to ends swept to one side, but they flatter all brides and suit different wedding styles and themes.

You Are Perfection

This twisted updo is so precise, genuine and flawless that a more perfect wedding hairstyle is difficult to come up with. Although it seems complicated, there are sections with the upper bun that are attached to the lower skillful twists that are not extremely difficult to do. ‘

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‘ Simplicity Can Be Brilliant’

‘ Concise shapes and precise lines are perfectly classic. This is an image that will never be out of fashion of a bridal hairstyle. The hair flowers miraculously complement this look. Remember that natural fresh flowers can also be used.

We hope you’ve found an inspiration for your wedding hairstyle here, dear brides-to-be. Before the big day, try to do a hairstyle test to make sure your selection is fine. On your wedding day, we want you to be perfect and always beautiful for your future husband. Prev1 of 50Next —> —> Bridal Hair Trends related posts in 2019 Things to consider when choosing the perfect hair> These Festival Hair>Bridal Hair 2019 Ideas and Inspiration Top Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get hair style inspiration. Whatever your hair type is, we will help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeLengthShort