V-Cut and U-Cut Hairstyles

There’s something to say about a winning haircut, not just how great it looks, but how it makes you feel. There are literally dozens of ways to cut hair in different lengths, but there are two styles that most hair types seem to flatter. The V-Haircut and the U-Cut are quite self-explanatory words based on their names and form to your body. The V is heavily stacked at the ends to create a V-shaped point, while on the sides to the ends the U is mostly rounded. The great thing about these particular haircuts is that by creating depth dimension and movement within your strands, they both flatter long medium and short hair equally.

Hairstyle V-Cut or U-Cut?

What cut works best for you and your hair depends largely on the look you try to achieve. For example, if you’re looking for a heavily layered style with lots of movement, then the V is better, but if you want something much more subtle with more of the same size, then you should go for the U. If you still need some help in making your decision, take a look at some of the hottest V and U cuts for inspiration from around the web. CUT set ready!

Long Wavy V-Cut

If your natural hair is very thick, the desired form may be difficult due to the bulk of your locks. But the best way to fight against excessive thickness is to put on this long style V-shaped layers seen here.

Blonde Wavy Center-Parted V-Cut

Long blonde and wavy are always the features that promise a beautiful hairstyle, especially when derived from a V-shaped haircut like this. Thanks to the middle part of the soft waves and expert V cutting technique, these long blonde strands are given life and movement.

Short Red U-Cut with Side Bang

Short hair is something that is particularly noteworthy if the haircut is designed so professionally that you have to take double. This is the case with this edgy but sexy U-shaped cut with a dark chestnut hair color with caramel highlights a sleek side subtle layers and a gentle fringe.

Blonde Ombr © U-Cut

Combining several elements that make this hair affair a head-turning style with edgy blonde ombr © color (from dark blonde to platinum) soft and subtle curls and a flattering U- haircut to add movement and depth to the look.

Long Red V-Cut

Super long hair doesn’t have to be old or tired all it takes is a little magic with the scissors to make a sleek and attractive form. A V-shape update is given to this long red hair to prevent it from being all one size.

Short Black V-Cut with Shaved Sides

If you’ve ever been unsure what a good short V-shaped haircut looks like this is. This V cut is intense and edgy ideal for girls who are bold with their beauty choices with its short length and jet black hair color. The shaved sides ‘ finishing touch puts this theme together beautifully.

Sleek Dark Blonde V-Cut

For long hair, one of the most important things is to give your locks a feeling of movement. If you settle on a cut with layers and the right outline like the V-line version seen here, it’s easy to incorporate motion.

Red V-cut layered with Side Bang

V-cut hair never looked better than in this photo. Here you have a bright red hair color with a swoop bang and long hair that is perfectly layered. The V-shape is so prominent in this cut that from both the front and back you can see the details.

Long Beach Blonde V-Cut

You may not know that this blonde hairstyle is the result of the V-cutting technique until you look back. You see some subtle layers from the front, but the back is really where the V shines.

Black Curly V-Cut

While the curls are the focus this V-cut hair still benefits from the V cutting technique that gives it depth and size. Unlike most V-cuts, this one features most of its front layering while most of the length is retained on the back.

Long Sleek Black U-Cut

If you are one of the many women who like to wear their hair without much hassle as long as possible, this long style with a U shape is ideal for you. Thanks to the finely chopped layers, the sleek dark strands are given only a hint of depth.

Pink Ombr © V-Cut with Waves

Your hair is one of the forms of self-expression that enables the outside world to know a little about who you are. You’re likely to be very daring and bold if you choose this style. This V-cut hairstyle is definitely a head-turning statement, punctuated by bright pink ombré hair color and feminine waves.

Flipped Bright Red V-Cut

Cute and sassy are just a few words that best describe this hot red haircut which is boosted by its V-cut technique. This style’s back is an impressively angled V while the ends are flipped just a little to add some flavor and break the traditional V-style perfection.

Short Black V-Cut with Nape Undercut

Often V layer haircuts take on a different style and form as seen in this complex snipped look. There are four shaved V rows on the back of this haircut while the rest of the hair is curled and sprayed. Figure 4/t4.412.jpg” />

Curly Brown V-Cut with Ombre Highlights

The exact intricacies of your haircut as seen here may be a little more difficult to tell while wearing your hair curled. The cut helps the curls to float and fall smoother, however, just as this beautiful dark brown style with caramel highlights reveals.

Brown U-cut with curls

A V-haircut might look nice with this hair style but this medium brown hair is given a personality shot thanks to the soft curls and U-shaped cutting technique. The curls that begin mid shaft and float to the ends for a super soft feminine look are what prevents this hairstyle from looking juvenile.

Blonde Wavy V-Cut with Highlights

This V-cut is a hair dream that has come true thanks to its soft curl pattern and cool blonde hair color. Even if you want to wear this hairstyle straight, the cute V-cut silhouette will still look amazing.

Brown Wavy V-Cut with Delicate Dip Dye

Indeed, a V-layered haircut the look just as amazing on curled hair as it does on straight hair, and this picture is good proof. The V shape in this hairstyle can be easily seen from the back, given the mountain of curls that surround it, highlighted by a subtle ombré effect.

Auburn Wavy V-Cut

Are you looking for a new trendy way to wear curls? Okay, the response you’ve been looking for is this theme. Some chunky smooth curls, which are left slightly undone at the ends, accentuate the V-shape with the vibrant auburn color.

Flaxen Blonde U-Cut

While a V-line haircut is nice, a U-cut is just as interesting and flattering as this funky style shows. With well-distributed layers on top, the hair is cut into a specific U shape.

Long Messy V-cut style

A V-shaped cut is good for women with long thick hair as it helps you to maintain the length without feeling and looking overpowering. A shadow with light caramel highlights often gives dark thick strings a weightless and airy look.

V-Cut Style Upgraded to Ombre

A V-haircut doesn’t always have to reach a dramatic end point; it can also be soft and subtle as shown here. You can keep playing this game and blur the contours of the cut with a cool shadow featuring all the sweetest tones of caramel and honey chocolate. Reference 4/t4.420.jpg” />

V-Cut and Bouncy Curled Hairstyle

Texture is crucial in any hair style and the trick is to make sure your haircut is complemented. Without layers and the proper contouring that comes from a quality V-haircut, bold bouncy curls may seem overdone too heavy and shapeless.

Shaved and undercut V-cut

If you’re a woman who shuns convention this non-traditional V shaped haircut is for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long layered cut; by etching the letter into your undercut, you can take the concept literally.

Blue-Black V-Cut

This style of haircut and shadow is a common combination, but with a new hair color concept you can always make your look less boring. Dark blue highlights tend to be enigmatic and completely unhackneyed in high-gloss black layers.

Casual Glam V-Cut

Loose waves are the most attractive style since they work well with any hair color and almost any length. This medium-length v-cut hair style is perfect for women who need to look put together every day and if you have a super-packed schedule, it can easily take you to any case.

In-between V-cut and U-cut

The no-brainer is the long and soft loose curl. And this haircut is long enough to pull your locks into a stylish ponytail or any elegant updo you see in a new hair trend article with the length that falls far below the shoulders.

Brown V-Cut Chocolate

Even decadent sweets inspire the best hair colors. This v-shape chocolate hair style is delicious and sensual being a perfect fit for a brunette who enjoys embracing her inner vixen.

Romantic Wavy V-Cut Style

Good designs need little effort whether you’re focused on fashion or beauty. Although it appears that laziness natural bedhead waves are actually trendy and effortless to be a great everyday look for women who do not work in a conservative environment.

Double Layer V-Cut

If you have thick hair, you will have some fun with a double-layered V-haircut, that gives you a great volume. This works best for women with straight or slightly wavy thick hair in the mid-length.

Complete and Flirty V-Cut

If you’re blessed with such thick luscious locks, you don’t have to do much to make them stand out. Regular long-layer trims are all you need to preserve your hairstyle’s structure and form that will inevitably lead to the overall awesome look.

Great Merlot V-Cut

Burgundy and red plum curls are a fiery treat for women who need love and know how to get it. A hair style v-cut enables you to rock heavy curls that still look sleek and well-organized. While the color is dark, it is also bright, so it may not be the color for you if you have a conservative working environment.

V-Cut with Bumped Ends

A fast dose of volume is given when you want to give straight hair to a body without heavy curls. With a v-style, drawing attention to your ends is particularly useful because it shows the cut’s special design. Look out for the beautiful black colored chocolate it’s a rare thing to see.

Cool Curls V-Cut

Sometimes it’s better for your v-shaped haircut to be easy. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this hairstyle, but it doesn’t take its flair away. Loose soft curls and sun-kissed highlights are timeless because for many different types of hair they are a good option.

Champagne Curls and V-Cut

Great for girls with a rosy complexion. When you finish your curls in the middle of the shaft, you achieve a beautiful modern hairstyle that keeps your hair from looking too big or too dated like a perm.

Glossy Black V-Cut

Jet black hair is interesting for many reasons; it is amazing that it absorbs light and can better hide breakage than lighter shades. On this photo, the v-cut hairstyle combines all three for a perfectly beautiful look. This is your best bet if you need a hairdo that looks good in any setting.

Preppy V-Cut

The best part of this pointing v-cut is that the design will still maintain its form, no matter how long you take between the trims. Tie your hair in a high bun to create simple beach waves and let it air dry and set overnight. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Smoky Purple V-Cut’

‘ Shadow hair is one of the season’s top color trends. But that doesn’t mean that to show your v-line theme, you need to go with the usual dark to light variations. Have some fun for a special head-turning hairdo with shades of purple and a touch of brown. Remember 4/t4.436.jpg” />

Brown V-Cut Style with Blonde Ends

Blonde ends up brightening dark hair instantaneously and bringing long limp locks to life. The best part is that no touch-ups are needed in this style because the roots stay dark and do not impede the grow-out process.

Easy and nice V-cut

Nothing ruins a good haircut like split ends to have healthy straight hair. When you dye your hair, paying attention to the ends is even more important because they can split easier. A layered cut can form and provide the body with thin strings.

V-haircut and U-haircut have been around for quite some time, but the key to keeping them up-to-date is to incorporate new wear choices. Whatever cutting style you choose, keep in mind that the actual cut is the key thing and yet the style is secondary but significant. So have fun with your V- and U-shaped forms … remember to look great at all times! Prev1 of 40Next —> —> Similar Bob Haircuts Two-Layer Haircuts Your Hairstylist Would Approve Too Feathered Hair Looks to Tell Your Stylist Inspiring Long Layered Bob Hair> Cute and Easy-To-> Cute and Effortless Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs Layered Bob Styles Classic Haircuts with Layers for Any Occasional Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get hair style ideas. Whatever the hair form is, we will help you find the perfect hairstyles The Perfect Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair> Messy