Easy Finger Waves Hair Styles

The finger waves are defined as the shaped waves often worn flat against the head.

Products and Techniques for Finger Waves

If you want to create real glossy finger waves, you’re not going to work with the Marcel waves without any warm styling techniques, but with your fingers and a comb. So you’ll need a small tooth comb and a strong sculpting gel like Pantene or super-strong sculpting gel from Redken Hardwear. In addition to the classic finger wave technique listed below, several finger wave variations can be produced using secure section clips. This is when you press the ridge for more prominent dimensional waves, not with your fingertips, but with a clip. Dry waves also mimic finger waves. With a straightener, these are finished. See below the gallery of figer wave styles.

How to Do Finger Waves

The finger waves of’s and’s are crafted with the aid of a fine-toothed comb and hairdressing fingers that twisted and molded gelled hair into curvy sleek S-shaped waves. Together with other approaches used to longer lengths and thicker manes, this technique is also commonly used today on shorter or thinner hair. Finger waves with curling iron or straightener are easy to master and this technique helps you to adjust the size and smoothness of your waves. You can even set your hair to roller and then use hair clips and wave clamps to style the perfect waves. Experiment with smoother, flowing dry waves and wet, sexy ridged ones that incorporate them into your updos or for a special occasion dress up your short haircut. Such waves of retro fingers can do everything and more than you can imagine! The step-by-step guide on how to do this sort of retro style= The style is done on wet hair. Apply some sleekness setting lotion and keep or use a strong hold spray.> Brush back hair. Start at the hairline.> Move from right to left. Go with the pearl from the hairline to the back for a few inches stop holding the pearl with the teeth in the hair put the middle finger in front of the pearl and move the hair. Slip the pear to the right side for an inch and lay it down. Now you have the ridge between the pearl and your middle finger.> Now go a bit down to mold the second row. Work from left to right. Press hair with your middle finger right below the first row of the wave. With a comb in your hair slide it to the left for an inch and lay it down. Pinch the ridge with your index finger and comb the hair under the pinched ridge to the tips. Go on like this working to the right and adding to the wave across the head.> Watch an easy finger waves tutorial

Formal Finger Wave Updo

You don’t have to sport a cropped bob and gelled locks to pull off finger wave hair>beehive and loose finger waves. Creating this style at home will take plenty of time and patience though as it requires styling both a beehive at the back and the waves to cover this elevated updo. The beehive is created with backcombing and plenty of hairspray. Then the waves on top are sculpted one-by-one draped delicately over the beehive and carefully pinned. It goes without saying this style is not for ladies in a rush and those without any hairstyling skills but it’s a nice idea of a formal updo to recreate with your stylist when you need a special look for a special occasion.

Natural Hair Finger Wave Pixie

One or two eye-catching statement waves are the best for ladies who don’t have time to create a full head of finger waves. Not only will it give your haircut a completely new look it can also make a casual hairdo look formal.

Long Luscious Retro Waves

These long finger waves completely repurpose the old-school technique with gel and fingers. It’s a modern long look done on dry hair with a curling iron. The larger the barrel of your iron the larger the waves. Clip a section of hair into the iron (the barrel is under the hair) and turn it about a half turn towards the head pulling the freely hanging ends coming out of the iron to the right with a comb. This is necessary for forming the S shape of your wave. Hold for a few seconds. Now work on the same section right under the turn you’ve just shaped. Clip the section (the barrel is on the hair) and turn your curling iron about a half turn away from the head (the opposite way) pulling the freely hanging ends to the left. Continue working down on the same section shaping as many waves as you wish.

Finger Waves with Bangs

One large wave for your bangs is an easy and showy way to rock finger waves. By making just a few turns with your curling iron you can create a stunning vintage style. Alternatively roller set the section you want the wave on. When the hair is set and dry brush it and then press it with your hand and push a bit up against your head to see the S shape of the wave. Put a clip inside the S to shape the finger wave. Trace the curve of the wave and spot the next point where you can put a clip in the opposite direction. Let the wave set using a blow-dryer and add enough hairspray to make your wave hold longer.

Modern Finger Wave Mohawk

If you have an impression that there’s only one>a mohawk we’re here to prove you wrong. This unusual mohawk uses a few pin curls at the top which blend in the back of the finger waves. What a lovely color and texture blend! Bright but sophisticated and on-point, showy and showy.

Cherry-Colored Finger Wave Hair

The perfect voluminized fashion of short hair is the slightly messy finger waves rather than the normal neat rows. These lush cherry-colored waves alternate in direction and size to add a fun edge to the look as well as plenty of texture. Not adding a parting to this style also creates a much more modern twist on the classic finger waves.

Pinched Neon Pink Waves

Curls aren’t like these. These pinched finger waves look perfectly molded with no hair out of place while the bright pink and bleached blonde color makes the vintage wave fun and youthful in modern times. When working on this style, add enough gel and use a fine-toothed comb. From the side part, start styling. Clip a section that is one inch away from the part you are working on. Place a comb inside your hair a couple of inches away from your clip and pull it to the part and form your clip into a wave that rises between the clip and the brush. Pinch with a wave clamp the elevated piece to describe the wave ridge. Now add the next clip and continue to work as described on your waves.

Finger Waveson Black Hair

In combination with shorter curls, the finger waves may look just as good as they do on longer hair, especially when they are made on African-American hair. The sculpted waves on the head sides create a great contrast in this case with the full curls on top. Add curlers to the hair’s top section and set the entire style under a dryer.

Over-sized Formal Updo

This beautiful long hair updo is not only a work of art in its own right, it is also a perfect look for any formal event. Nonetheless, this theme isn’t the one that can be put together with a professional stylist in front of your bathroom mirror.

Super Short Waves

Don’t worry! These are much less catchy, but no less trendy. Take a lock from the top of your forehead and rub in some oil. Use a brush to press it straight around your hairline and then curl it to your forehead and back to your hairline. Take another hair lock near the end of your last wave and do the same thing. This clever technique gives the impression of a long wave of the finger but it is actually a number of shorter waves of the finger that frame the head.

Inspiring finger waves Bob

Just like the original 1920s> timeless bob. Take a wide straightener yes straightener you read that right. If you do finger waves on longer thick hair these will be dry push waves with a straightener or curling iron.

This is a great alternative to your regular hairstyle without any extra hassle for ladies who wear a wig or a weave regularly.

If you’re not inspired by these amazing hairdos to try finger waves, we don’t know what they’ll do! Every style uses and spices the traditional technique of styling in an innovative manner. So even if you’re not quite pleased with the looks we posted, you can always try your own finger-inspired fashion! Popular 90s Hair>Gorgeous Bandana Hair>Boho Hair>Pin Up Hair>Elegant Vintage Updos Iconic Retro and Vintage Hairstyles Stay Connected Get inspiration from the hair style. We will help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair CutsLayered