Updos for long hair

Quick Twisted Updo This casual updo hairstyle for long hair is super easy if you can twist your hair. Divide your hair in equal section and start twisting from your temple towards the nape of your neck. Pick a small section from the nape twist it and tuck it into the top twists. Wrap the entire twisted hair into a bun and secure it with a pin. Easy Headband Updo Two advantages of this hairstyle are: perfect for summer and easy to build on third or fourth day hair. It is good if you pin the headband in place before making this hairstyle. This twist will be made in the same manner as told in the previous hairstyle the only difference being you’ll start twists after placing the headband. Chic Updo This updo hairstyle for long hair really needs no instructions. You just need to fold the middle bottom section of your hair before making the twists from the sections around your temples. And then secure the updo with pins and also a strong holding spray. Top Knot

You’ll love it as this is one of the very easy updo hairstyles for long hair. Make this up do when you’re going for a picnic or running for a dinner. Make a high ponytail; don’t pull all hair through the elastic band. You should end up with a loop on the top. Now twist the elastic-free section of your hair and then taking the twist wrap it around the loop you already created. Use pins to keep it in place. Chic Chignon This side bun is casual enough to wear regularly. This is also great to wear on a night out. It is advisable to make this bun with your second day hair and also blow-dry them for a smoother texture. This is the key to get this sculptural effect. Gibson Tuck This easy up do for long hair is named after a celebrity Ted Gibson. You can say it is the simplest to do like a ponytail. You can even create it without a mirror. Use a roller instead of your finger for a fat tucked in bun. Braided Updo Quick easy up do hairstyles for long hair include some braided up dos too. Although braids are not always quick to make but in this up do they are easier. This is fast three strand braid that only takes the time of making three different braids. French Twist Updo This is a classic chic style that many celebrities make on the red carpet event. You can’t create it with layered hair. First gather the base section of your hair on neck then twist the whole hair upward in a column. Now take hold of the column and tuck it underside in the direction of the twist. Gigantic Messy Bun This bun looks high on the head and you will first make a high ponytail. Then backcomb your hair the maximum you can. Now wrap the bun high on the head and secure it with pins. You’re done! Ballerina Bun

After trying this hairstyle you’ll know that the easy updo hairstyles for long hair really exist. Make a ponytail and then brush your hair for a sleek look. Create a loop while make ponytail and then pull the rest of the ponytail caught hair through this loop. Now make a bun and secure it through a pin. People with long hair should know that up dos are easier to create than they think. I can bet if you try one of these easy long hairstyle buns daily you’ll soon learn how to fix your hair in less than five minutes.

Big French Braid Updo

The more fly-away and tousled your updo looks the better. To make your braid thicker pull the outer part of the braid out.

Vintage Inspired Updo Tutorial

For more volume apply volumizing hair spray.

Elegant Curly Updo

effortless sexy look that’s ideal for formal occasions. Thumbs up!

Curly Messy Updo


Messy Fishtail Updo

Will you give it a try?

French Braid Ponytail Into Bun

You won’t spend too much time in front of the mirror to recreate this cute and simple updo. Perfect style for a bad hair day!

Braided Chignon Tutorial

This cute and simple updo could be just what you’re looking for. Only six easy steps separate you from it so make sure to give it a try! We know we definitely will.

Natural Hairstyle Updo

Small sparkly earrings will perfectly work with this hairstyle.

Elegant Twisted Updo

White flowers add unique touch to the look.

Fishtail Braid Side Updo

is perfect for music festivals or summer weddings.

Elegant Updo For Black Women

Keep your hair out of the way with this elegant and classy updo for black women. Pair it with soft makeup and sparkly drop earrings.

Simple Headband Updo

a headband that matches your outfit and fits your head comfortably. So stunning yet so simple!

Low Bun Long Bangs

Bring attention to your face with this beautiful low bun updo. Low bun hairstyles are great for every style of dress.

Elegant Messy Side Bun

a sweet and chic look.

Simple Sock Bun

pull it through the center of the sock doughnut. Spread your hair around it to create a flawless bun. Make sure the sock is covered with hair. Secure the bun with several bobby pins.

Elegant Braided Updo

The updo features curls and braids. The bottom part is curled and pulled up to create a cute bun. Ultra-chic formal updo!

Boho Headband Updo

as well as to the grocery store.

Cute Messy Updo

wedding date or brunch with friends. Whatever the occasion make sure to give it a try.

Curly Side Bun Fishtail Braid

bride or bridesmaid.

Fishtail Braid Into A Side Bun

Form a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Elegant Victorian Roll Updo

Pair it with red lips and pearls. The look works for medium to long hair.

Doughnut Bun

easy to do. Try it for your next formal event!

Messy French Twist Updo

is simple and timeless updo. For a beautiful finishing touch tuck in jeweled pins or fresh flowers. Accessories are everything.

Messy Low Bun French Braids

Messy low buns are the best especially if you pair them with few small French braids. This style would make a great prom updo.

Fishtail Braid Into A Bun

Fishtail braid looks great on everyone! The style will make you stand out from the crowd.

Timeless French Roll Updo

Dress up your French roll updo with a stunning hair comb. Perfect hairstyle for women who adore timeless style.

Curly Braided Mohawk

We love updos because they don’t hide your face features. This look isn’t easy to achieve but looks flawless. The updo will have you looking bold and chic for any occasion.

Elegant Classy Roll Updo

show your beautiful facial features and neckline.

Infinity Knot Bun

Sometimes the most simple updos are the most jaw-dropping. The infinity knot bun is indeed a fun twist to a regular bun. So make sure to wear it an infinite amount of time.

Bouffant Updo

The bigger bouffant the better.

Side French Braid Into A Low Bun

A big chunky French braid can make literally any hairstyle g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. If you love braids and up-dos this style is for you. Loose curly wisps make this style laid back.

Messy Bridal Side Bun

Incorporating French braids into updos is a great way to make them even more chic and stylish. The style would look gorgeous with fishtail braids too. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Headband Updo Fishtail Braids

The top portion should have enough hair for three fishtail braids. When you get them all done pull them apart to make them little messier and bigger. Bobby pin the braids up. Finish with hairspray for shine and hold.

Twisted Chignon Updo

Here’s a beautiful and elegant updo that will be perfect for proms weddings and other formal events. Whatever the event celebrate in style with this gorgeous low chignon.

French Braid Updo Tutorial


Elegant Side Bun Tutorial

for a flawless updo!

Romantic Updo With Flowers

a romantic boho-chic vibe.

Big Front Bun

right away! We don’t blame you – it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Spring Flower Updo

with flowers and rhinestones for a glamorous Bohemian twist. We love that it only take minutes to get this gorgeous look.

Messy Fishtail Braids Into Bun

add more interest to the look.

Funky Braided Updo

This funky updo is bold creative and totally unique. You’ll definitely stand out from the heads of sleek buns and perfect curls.

French Braided Updo

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous braided updo. Everything from the color to the style is absolutely stunning.

Simple Bun Side Swept Bangs

definitely an everyday look worth trying out. If you have bangs make sure to let them loose.

Double French Braid Crown

The style can also be done with fishtail or Dutch braids.

Double Side Dutch Braid Into A Bun

will perfectly hide your unwashed hair.

Big Front Bun Fishtail Braids

The look is ideal for black women who like to wear something a bit different from the crowd. If you can do a simple fishtail braid you can master this updo.

Twisted Low Bun

Who knew twisting and knotting your hair could create such a cute and elegant updo?

Messy French Braid Crown Updo

romantic and fashionable. The updo looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. This hairstyle will make heads turn anywhere you go we guarantee it!


this braided faux hawk?

Sleek Low Bun

it’s easier to achieve the look on hair that hasn’t been washed for a couple of days.