Undercut Mens hairstyles

Side Undercut

Side undercuts for young and middle-aged men are beautiful hairstyles. Using shaved designs on the sides, the side undercut can be improved and it doesnt take much grooming as all you need to do is visit your barber daily to maintain the sides designs.

Short under-cut

The shorter the under-cut, the more noticeable it will be. If you dont want a high contrast undercut, though, then you can try the short undercut with a round face for men. This style has smoothly trimmed sides and an edgy pixie that brightens up a round head. It can also be tried by men with other face shapes, but with the trimming styles they should play around.

Undercut With Tapered Sides

This style features good density, soft lines and excellent fastening, but styling can be tricky especially if you do it at home without a barbers help. If youve got really thick hair, however, and your barber knows how to make a perfect taper, youll get that look with little trouble.

Architectural style

Architectural style is a good man undercut hair style for people with dark hair as it helps anyone to see all the nuances in fashion. This style has a shaved line of parting and an angled hairline combined with the hairstyle of the head. Theres a fade on the sides as well.

Wavy Top and Fade

People who are very particular about what theyre wearing are also selecting hairstyles, but the wavy top and fade is the perfect style. This style is very detailed and trendy as well as giving them a decent and formal look. You can get a simple undercut with this style and then style your hair in wavy strands backwards.


Disconnect is one of the most widespread mens hairstyles, named for the visible contrast between the long hairs on the top and the short hairs. Its a very cool look that makes it easier to style short and medium-length hair. For a more formal look, the hair on top can be styled messy or worn forward.

Long hair undercuts

Long hairy men may look amazing by combining smoothly maintained long hair with undercuts. Most often have trouble finding a hairstyle that looks tidy and easy to maintain, but this style can help solve the problem. Besides getting the undercut, for a nicer and more detailed look, you can also sweep your hair sideways.

The Long hair Rebellion

The long hair rebellion is an enticing trend for long-haired people who would like to get undercut without cutting their hair or exposing their undercut. This style keeps the undercut concealed under the long hair locks, but when you want to show off your undercut, you can tie the hair into a knot.

Business-Casual Style

People with a day job requiring a more formal look or a straight-faced look can still have a cool undercut to look at. Generally the look of business or formal undercut includes short sections underneath that are combined with a longer top. The long upper hairs draw attention away from the short side and thus give you a formal look what can happen to you. It can also be used by men with very long locks to conceal the short sides if appropriate.

Pompadour Style With Undercuts

Any pompadour style will always give a man a touch of class and make him look trendy but things get even better when you add undercuts to the style. The undercut has high clipped parts in this style that start at the front corners. The lengths are not uniformly tapered, and thus the elongated top tends to be more distributed. You should use wax to finish the style to style your hair back as a pompadour.

Undercut back-slicked and tapered

This is a classic undercut for shorter hair. hair is cut into fine square angles in this fashion, with upper hairs sliced backwards. You will need a good styling product for this, and the best you should use is good quality gel and some semi-matt finish for the best results.

Colorful and imaginative undercuts are very flexible and you can do whatever you want to look perfect and stylish. A longer amount of hair is kept at the top in this fashion and it can be worked into a ponytail or braid for people with very long hair. In this style, the last move is to add some color to the theme. For a funkier feel, you can use a bright color or mix a few. Do not use permanent colors, however, as they are more difficult to get rid of.

Undercut Long Messy Top

This mens hairstyle can be worn with any type of hair as long as you leave it messy on the top of your head. Start with a nice undercut as this is what makes the hair of the top messy more visible. You can also have an optional side directing the top mess hair to one side of your head or skipping the part if you want to leave the same spot. The top hair should look messy long enough or should look naturally messy.

Intricate Undercut Designs

This undercut style should be tried by men looking for a fresh style showing off their creative side. This style is an enhanced natural coif with easy but very flattering undercuts. however, to get the intricate design on your sides requires a lot of creativity, so you should carefully choose your barber. Men wearing ear studs can use a good pair of studs to brighten this look.

Slicking hair Forward

It is common to slick back hair in an undercut fashion but slicing it forward is quite unusual and therefore special. Depending on how you wear it and style it, this style can be antique or new. You should split your hair and build some twirlsover on your forehead in order to get a retro look. You can use a matte product for a modern or current look and work your hair forward until the bangs fall to one side.

Curly Undercut

This style will not only look amazing but also be easier for men with naturally curly hair. have a barber then use a quality get or any other styling product you want to highlight your curls. For men with dark hair, this style works better.

Military undercut hairstyle is unique, stylish and fashionable. When paired with perfectly shaved or fading sides, this chic undercut looks manlier. Ideally, the sides should be faded with the hair left as short as you want, but more importantly, the sides will match the top hair look.

All-Round Long Undercut

For young men, this is one of the best undercut hairstyles as it goes well with the boyish look. You should get an undercut for this look, but dont make it very short and sweep the longer parts of your hair to one side or pick them up in a man bun. It looks better on voluminous hair, so some product may need to be used for volume. If you feel the need to keep the long hair in place, a styling product can also come in handy.

Side Undercut

The top section of the head is left in this mens style with longer hair that you can brush backwards or sweep sideways. The style is ideal for men with dark and thick skin, but with a few changes it can also fit well with dark blonde hair. A good idea to wear this style for men with dark blonde hair is to use a pale tone to bleach their hair.

The Side Undercut With Fade

This style blends an undercut with a common fade. A facial hairstyle and a shaved part improve it. To order to maintain this look, you should ensure that the top hair is not cut too short and that the hair is combed on the sides and some on the back to expose the part line identified.

The Double Layer Undercut

Double Layer Undercut is an elegant style with a short trimmed portion below the longer main hair segment. Theres another shaved hairline below the short trimmed segment which helps create a double layer effect. If you pair it with a nice long beard, this style will look especially fine.

Undercut For Fine hair

Because this type of hair is very easy to work with, men with thick hair have the privilege of doing whatever hair they want. With people with fine hair, the same can not be said because dealing with them is very difficult. A group of men can be fooled, however, which is specifically designed for their hair type. Except for a barbers skills, there is almost nothing else needed for this style.

Undercut Plus Beard

A beard will compliment any hairstyle and make it even more attractive to you if you work properly on it. In this style, by separating the top hair from the beard with a rasped part, you can get a simple undercut and pair it with a well-kept beard. The beards length will blend well with the top hairs size. You can also have a contrasting style with the long beard and the medium size of the top hair.

Punked Out Look

This look takes a whole new extreme to the undercut. The hair is almost exposing cut very close to the scalp and given a V shape on the back of the head. You should leave the rest of the hair longer so that if you go for more traditional events or want to play around with the style, you can cover part of the closely shaved portion.

Classy Textured haircut

Square face shapes are fine, and most people want to have one, but this shouldnt be difficult because they can easily do this with this undercut. This undercut has short sides that can emphasize the square shape or create it. The most distinctive feature of this hairstyle is its high length contrast.

Undercut With a Curvy Side Part

If youve tried undercuts in the past or if youre one of those men whore not afraid to experiment with new styles, then consider undershaves. Undercuts with a curved side work best with thick hair, and theyre known to give a man a fancy look, so if youre tired of wearing the same old styles, theyre perfect.

Afro Undercut

It is still possible for men with a well held Afro to get undercuts and retain their looks afro. On the natural side, the Afro hair is preserved and given a slight trim to make the top hairs even. Angled temples and clear-cut row will then be used in this style to bring out the charm.
The classic undercut that men used to wear decades ago has now developed into many different undercut types and grown into them. Although the concept behind the undercut remains the same, today this popular haircut is so versatile and flexible because even your specific variation can come up with it. Undercut mens hairstyles may be the prevailing hair style of an individual, or they may be part of another. Whatever you want your undercut, the options are unlimited. Below are 80 different mens undercut hairstyles you can try or use to build your unique style.

Faux Undercut

Conservative men who love the idea of being undercut but are unwilling to bring the style to life may try to undercut it. This idea works well for fine long or medium hair, and the fact that it doesnt make it so obvious that you have an undercut is what makes it special. In fact, most people are only going to notice your good look, not the undercut.

One Cut Two Styles

Try this amazing style if you have curlyhair as it allows you to wear two almost distinct styles. Its just a simple undercut, but the size of the top hair is left to tie a top knot or leave it as messy curls.

Undercut With Medium Length Top

Many undercuts have either a long or short top, so this medium length top adds a special vibe to your look. Theres no specific size you should have for top hair, but just make sure its not too long and its not cut very close to the skull either. Use a receding fade to finish the sides and you have a perfect style to wear for a formal or casual look.

Natural Flow Undercut

This style allows you to flow your hair naturally and freely with the undercut used to set the stage. Just live your hair as it is or give it a curly or wavy look and get an undercut on the sides to wear this style. In this style, the natural hair flow should be the center of attraction, so you should pay more attention to making your hair as natural as possible.

Classic Undercut

Probably there is no better way to describe this undercut as the word classic describes everything. The classic undercut is what most people associate with undercuts because it is one of the most popular if not the most popular hairstyle of men. But, with a thorough side part or fade, you can add a twist to this conventional cut.

Long and Blonde Style

having long hair shouldnt prevent you from getting a trendy undercut, particularly when youre blonde. The long and blonde style features intricate shaved designs combined with conventional hair to give a man an exotic look.

Comb-Over Side Part

There are almost no restrictions on undercut hairstyles, so you can try interesting styles like the Comb-Over Side Part. With the top hair left longer, split the hair on the left or right side according to your preferences. The last step is on one side or back over the hair and you can use a styling product to hold the hair in place.
Long wavy undercut

Long wavy undercut hairstyle may be a bit challenging to pull off but the trick is to make the hair on the top of your head grow longer and better if you have curly hair. Then you should use a spray or any other beauty product you want with your curly bangs to create a punky look. You can keep the undercut well trimmed in order to finish the look and you can also get a rasped portion to differentiate the long hair from the shorter parts.

Spicy and Sour Spikes

Spikes still make a great mens hairstyle, so you can try to pair them with a sweet and spicy undercoat. A long side swept hair segment across the forehead is used in this fashion. Use a quality hair gel to keep the spikes in place and make sure that you get a quality cut as it makes keeping the style easy.

Preppy Long Quiff

This style is very similar to a college boys hairstyle. The preppy feel, however, gives it a look of the street and therefore makes it more interesting. You only need to have longer hair on top to reach this look and then as the barber to maintain this length when you get a shave. After everything has been removed, you need to pump it forward with a styling gel.

Cute asymmetric undercut

Asymmetric undercut for men with medium hair. It combines an undercut temple with a soft medium length to give an impressive look to any man. This design doesnt need any extra decorations because it doesnt have too much noise. Perhaps its simplicity makes it a daily look for men with medium-length hair.

Undercut With Close Shaven Sides

Tight shaven sides are perfect for people who want to wear a formal look but are much better when paired with undercut. Keep your hair short or medium in the top and have your barber on the sides and back of your head give you a tight shave.

Faded Undercut For Long hair

This fascinating undercut hairstyle can be tried by men with long thick hair. Use fading sides and nape undercuts, this style distinguishes a longer beard from the long hairs on top of the head. Whether you style your long hair is going to decide whether you feel, so you should be involved in this. With naturally curly hair, this style can also work well.

Edgy Undercut

This is the perfect style for you if you want to look edgy with a sleek undercut. Youve got to razor the hair up for this style because thats the only way to get that edgy look. You should style the hair upwards and add a little more gloss to make it look more impressive. To get the best volume, style it with wax and blow it dry.

Mohawk-Inspired Undercut

Mohawk influenced Mens undercut consists of a steeply angled undercut haircut. Then the longer top hair is styled into stiff feathers that look like a Mohawk. There is also a shaved line separating the undercut from the top section to give a distinct look to the wearer.

Cropped and Curly Undercut

This amazing undercut can be used by men with curly locks. This short cropped look, like burgundy and magenta, can be combined with a lovely hair color. If your hair isnt curly, just ask your hairstylist or barber to do their magic on your hair shouldnt deter you from wearing the look. There are also a lot of products you can use to curly your hair.

Braids / Dreads Undercut

Undercuts are not only appropriate for men with short hair or those with natural locks but undercut dreads and braided hair may also look exquisite. This provocative includes braiding your hair into several small braids or turning it into several dreadlocks and then shaving your sides very low or to a point that you think would look nice on you. Pull the locks or braids in a ponytail to the back so you can reveal this styles final look.

Undercut lavish