How shave beard + ideas

Follow this guide and first, before you begin visualize the rows. Make sure you have the right equipment and work slowly to build a slight curve at first.

But it can be difficult to trim the beard neckline and there are plenty of scary pictures on the internet showing how stupid it might look when its done wrong. Thats why we decided to bring this guide to you on how to get the perfect beard neckline, so you can be ready for swooning in no time.

Do not forget Aftercare

Once you are happy with your beard line you can move on to trim the rest of your facial hair if needed and then apply a soothing aftershave balm to help your skin recover and replenish the moisture that is lost during shaving.


Rashing your neck is difficult to get right, but your abilities will grow once you try, so dont panic if its not flawless for the first time.
On the top row, you will shave the hair on their standard setting with the clippers and on the bottom you will use the next lowest setting. This will offer you a smooth gradient rather than a sharp end.

There is no point in lovingly tending to your beard, but ignoring the hairiness under your jaw line. When you dont have a propensity for this hair, youll have a dirty beard that looks untidy and not at all well maintained. It is important to trim the hair that grows into the neck as it defines every sexy bearded look.
You can also calculate the apple of your Adam; usually one or two fingers above it would be the line. This may vary from person to person, so try to see whats best for your head. Avoid making the line of separation too rounded; what you should shoot for is a slight curve.
You may also want a graded look where the length of the hair steadily decreases. This is easy to accomplish. It takes another minute to divide this region of the neck into two rows instead of shaving a defined line in the area above the Adams apple.
By preserving a beards neckline, it can start looking dirty and unkempt very quickly. The neckline forms and gives form to the bottom portion of the beard so it is necessary to know how to manage it correctly.
Remember to apply your pre-shave oil and moisturizing shaving gel before you start and if possible have a warm shower before you begin your shaving routine. This works to smooth the hair and make it ready to cut.
You should initially just try to get the line right and avoid the classic mistake of cutting too high and cutting in on the jaw line. Remember you can take off more hair at all times, but you cant put it back so you work slowly.

But what about the position in which the lower beard meets the face (in the jaw angle)?

Know Where to Cut

When is the hair of the neck ready to be trimmed? Once its past the end of the stubble; its about mm. If this stage has passed your hair, its definitely time to clean it up!
Ready to do that? Contents:


If youre serious about having a beard, you should invest in the right products and equipment to keep it. Before you start a maintenance routine first make sure that you have a good quality pair of clippers (and that they are cleaned and oiled) as well as pre-shaveoil, hydrated rasping cream, after-shave balm, and a wide beard peb.
To do this, imagine that there is an invisible line running under your chin and back to the other earlobe from under your earlobe. If you want a neat line of beard, youll trim everything below that line.
Stand in front of the mirror and watch your faces lines, concentrating on the ear-to-ear line we discussed earlier. If you need to see it more closely, tilt your head back.
If your beard is going to be styled, remember to use specially formulated facial hair products.
Now the trickiest part is coming (so dont rush), you have to find the line. This is the line separating the head from the neck and the edge of your beard.
Now always working from the middle outward (so beginning just above the Adams apple) start with your razor to establish the line. Go back to the middle until you hit the side and work your way to the other side.
Okay, here you have two choices; by shaving it into an angled line you can choose to make the line more masculine or you can round these lines off for a more classic look of beard.
Once you have defined this line, you need to clear all below it. To test your symmetry, use your handheld mirror. See, much great now!
Once youve finished, be sure to use products to keep your hair and skin look good as razor irritation ruins all your hard work. If you dont get it for the first time, wait until it grows up again and try it again; practice makes it perfect. All beards look better with a neat neckline unless youre trying to rock the grizzly man look so its worth the effort!

Now Shave

Theres a lot of discussion about whats better for seed or grain shaving. The truth is this: sure, if you go against the grain, youll get a closer and cleaner shave, but youll also do more harm, meaning frustration and in-grown hair. So the best way to shave is to go with the grain if you want to avoid angry skin.

h1 Top Best Beard Reviews 2019 – Good Guide

What Type of Beard Is It Best For

It is known that natural oils such as jojoba and argan strengthen facial hairs and make them look healthy after a few applications. Everything is natural with this balm, and it uses the actual products claimed, so in just a few days you can notice the difference. This makes this conditioner for men with a thin and weak whisker very suitable. This leave-in balm has an amazing shine that makes it perfect for men with dull and dry locks, apart from the added strength. Dry facial hairs are unattractive because they never look attractive no matter how you style them, but they will make all the difference by applying a scoop of this balm.
While this balm does all that a regular beard treatment is supposed to do and much more, its main focus is to strengthen and thicken. It is also more elastic and therefore has a wonderful grip that makes it perfect when you want your beard to be styled. Like all other Smooth Viking Beard products, it is made of fresh, natural ingredients like Argan oil, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Shea butter, Mango butter, Essential oil, and more. There are many ways to describe this product of beard care, but perfect is probably the best one, as you will never find the need to use anything else with this balm.

Besides making your beard look better, this product is also free of sodium chloride and paraben, which makes it safe for any person to use regardless of how sensitive their skin may be. Actually, it contains wheat amino acids that will always leave a man with a smile with an effect on beard health and softening. Breakages and wild beards typical of unkempt beards will also no longer be a problem because Mr. Rugged conditioner will add more power to your beard and thus allow you the freedom to maintain whatever length you want.

While it may not be as softening as the other honest Amish Balm, it still has some excellent properties that make it unique. Key to them is the increased consistency that will help you gain better control over others. It also has the same effect on conditioning as the regular version. If the facial hair is very long and wild, its conditioning property can be even better than the regular version. The balm will also last longer than the other primarily because of the improved consistency, as you will only need a small amount to work on the beard regardless of how long it may be. Although it is not a sculpting type of wax, it holds well and just by using it your beard style will remain intact for several hours, even without using any other hold material Which Type of Beard Is It Best For

All honest Amish beard care products have been developed for use on any facial hair, but there is always one type of hair that a product works best on. The heavy duty, particularly those that are very hard and dry, is best suited for use on long facial hairs. The thick consistency helps it to tame every type of hair and make it look clean, smoother and healthier. Men who also have stray problems when styling their beard must also consider this product because it will help them to solve this problem. A hair styled with this balm will never have strays if applied correctly and in the correct amount. The hair should be moist and dry in order to use this conditioner. Then you should rub between your fingers a little and apply by starting with the tips and working down your way.

honest Abes Beard Balm

honest Abes Beard Balm draws inspiration from President Abraham Lincoln, who may have had one of the greatest beards ever. his whiskers had all the features defining an excellent beard. It was moist, dense, full, and very long, and many men are always trying to replicate that perfection. This is possible with this balm, however, and very easy to achieve if you use it consistently, and the best thing is that it doesnt take much effort or product. Applying every day a few pinches of this beard balm will turn your beard in days and not weeks or months as other people claim.
What Sort of Beard Is It Best For

This balm is best suited for long facial hairs that need to be styled due to its amazing hold quality. You dont need to use anything else by using this material on your beard to give it a perfect look. This is not only its useful property, however, because it also makes the beard look more complete than usual. And that means its going to be great for thin bearded men. Through applying a small amount of this balm to a thin beard, you can make it more complete and make it possible to wear any beard style you like. You should scoop a little between your fingers before applying on the beard to use this product. The hair should be clean and dry for perfect results.
What is the best type of beard for

Beard Balm is great for beginners who develop beard, particularly those who know little about keeping their beard as it offers a solution to the loads of problems that men are facing as they start to keep a beard. With Beard Balm you should never have to think about things like itchiness, irritations, split ends, patchiness, frizz, and tangles. If you use this conditioner consistently, you wont even notice your hair growing to the length youve always wanted as its going to be a pleasant process. It is also good for people with long full beards as it makes them look more impressive than when using other conditioners, apart from the beard beginners.
Professor Fuzzworthys Beard Care Balm

Professor Fuzzworthys Balm is made in Tasmania, Australia and is in many ways an exceptional beard care product. Before you can even use it, the first thing you will notice is that the tin is thicker than similar products. It weighs oz, which means theres more balm in it than you get at the same price else. Not only are the ingredients used to make it natural, but they are also unique. One of these elements, and also the primary one, is the wax from a single flower of the Leatherwood bee. Other ingredients in the product include organic Australian olive and jojoba oils that are ideal for moustache-specific facial hair conditioning. The Leatherwood is also very advantageous when it comes to styling, so a man can always be assured of a sharp look with this product.

Making the perfect product is not only the result of a long process of research and trial and error. This product is what it is today is the result of many years of research on various products that the beard is considered to benefit. And so you dont have to experiment with your whiskers with this beard balm as you can only use a product tested by thousands of men and proven to be very effective. The ingredients are all natural, and if you add this to the fact that its handmade, you get one of the best beard conditioners in the United States and probably globally as well.

What Type of Beard Is It Best For

This is a general-purpose facial hair conditioner, but it may be more appropriate for men who want to add some length to their beard. The unrivaled ability to strengthen and soften beard hairs helps prevent fractures, helping the beard grow faster and healthier. The various types of waxes used make it a perfect hold product that even the shortest beard can be used to style. Men who also have a dandruff problem should turn to this conditioner and never think again about dandruff.
What are his advantages?

This best beard conditioner is for menwhokeeping a beard no matter how short or long it may be as it works perfectly well on all of them. Nevertheless, for people who have hot, itchy and frizzy facial hair, it will work particularly well as it will take away all these problems even with the first test. In addition, men with a terrible facial skin on the chin and along the beard line can also benefit from this products properties.
Because it is an all-natural product, it can be used on any beard or moustache and the results are amazing. If you have some facial hairs, you can use this material, and the only thing you need to do is to reduce the quantity when adding shorter beards. You should first dry the facial hairs after a shower with a towel to use it. The conditioner should be rubbed on your hands and applied to the beard. Do not add too much, though, as it will make your hair look greasy.

Wild Willies Beard Butter

Wild Willies Beard Butter is one of the few natural ingredient beard balms currently on the market. This conditioner will not only condition your beard because of its composition, but will also treat it to make it look healthier than ever before. The drug can also be used on the moustache for the same effects. And unlike some, it doesnt have a greasy feel, so when many people use it, theyll just note the elegance of their facial hair and not the apparent use of a conditioner, What makes it special

What makes this conditioner stand out is that its made of all natural ingredients. And this isnt just a marketing thing like this is the industrys common trend. Just looking at it and the effects it has on the hairs of the face will reveal that it is made of natural ingredients. Another extraordinary thing is that it does not use one natural ingredient, but a combination that includes essential oils, vitamins, and strong butter types. As if not enough of all these natural ingredients. All their conditioners, like in the good old days, are handmade. The brand does not use preservatives, colors or fragrances to ensure that it stays organic.
What type of beard is best for

It is suitable for use on any size of facial hair due to the quality of the ingredients used on this product. You only need to increase the amount to use on a very long beard, but you should be careful not to use too much because your facial hair wont look appealing. It will however be more useful to people with a growing beard as it will allow them to avoid the scratching associated with these facial hairs. You should scoop a little while when you use it and then rub it between your fingers until its warm. And apply it thoroughly to your beard or moustache beginning from the roots to the ends

honest Amish-heavy Duty Beard Balm

honest Amish is known for some of the best beard conditioners and other care products being manufactured and distributed. It is one of the most respected brands in this industry and thousands of men around the globe are depending on their services to keep their facial appearance fresh and clean. One of the items that helps them keep building their good reputation is the heavy Duty Beard Balm, which also makes their brand all inclusive as it is different from most of their other beard care products. What distinguishes it from the others is the fact that it has been developed with a thicker consistency and will give more control and softer to the facial hairs as well.
What makes this conditioner unique is that it works exactly as advertised and shows how assured the manufacturer is that it comes with a money back guarantee of days. This is a very long guarantee in the beard care industry, so when you buy this conditioner you have nothing to lose because if it doesnt work you will have your investment back without any questions. Another unique thing is that it is made of simple everyday ingredients, the benefits of which are well known, so you know what to expect before using it. Most other products are claiming to be made from special ingredients, but they are not effective. And so its easier to use a conditioner whose ingredients you know well and have an idea of what to expect from the results.
Pros of this

Beard Balm

Beard Balm is all you need to grow a beard that leaves people looking at you everywhere you go. The fact that it has been produced for many years by a company that manufactures beard care products the old fashion way is enough to persuade you to try it. The ingredients, smell, and consistency, however, are currently on the market unlike anything else. It is made from organic coconut oil, grape seed oil, medical grade lanolin, lemon peel essential oil and other essential oils from flowers. All the oils used are produced naturally and organically, and there is no other chemical added but lanolin, which is very helpful to your beard and also to your hair.
What makes it special

Beard balms used to be handmade in the good old days and so each tin received all the personalized attention required, but things have changed as nowadays everything is profit driven. Conditioners are now manufactured using equipment on an industrial scale, so you cant always be sure to get the right mix in the tin youre purchasing. Beard Balm is unique since Detroits makers still use the old fashion and natural methods to produce it by hand. You can rest assured with this balm conditioner that someone has taken the time to make sure you have the right combination and quantity. Maybe this explains why it was so effective in keeping mens facial hairs looking fresh and neat in different parts of the United States.

Mr. Rugged is a multi-purpose beard conditioner that can also be used in styling for

. Nonetheless, it will be ideal for men with troubled beard due to the quality of the ingredients used. When you feel itchiness and frustration, it will work better for you than any other product on the market at the moment. Men who also face problems like excessively dry facial hair after using a product will find this conditioner very beneficial as well. Because it is made of all natural ingredients, before applying it, you will need to rub it on your fingers. Scoop some balm and rub it to liquefy it on your hands for a few seconds. If you have overly dry facial hairs, you can apply thoroughly to the facial hairs and use an extra amount.

honest Amish Beard Balm-Leave-in Conditioner

It is also made from natural ingredients that makes honest Amish Beard Balm the best beard conditioner. The making of this balm begins with a mixture of natural hair reinforcing botanicals which are then infused with avocado, virgin pumpkin seeds and many other natural compounds. Essential oils are then added to finish the product, along with many other nuts and fruit butter known to promote beard health. The best part is due to the fact that it can be used by all men since the butter types used to make it are vegan-friendly.
What are his advantages?

Smooth Viking Beard Balm

Due to the effort it took to hold it to the length you desired, nothing is more irritating than a itchy beard. It can be so irritating, and you may even end up shaving the hair, but when using the Smooth Viking Balm this should never be the case. This product was designed for a man who wants to enjoy a full beard or any other size he wants without worrying about things like split ends and itchiness.
You will find men in search of the best beard conditioner, because one thing is to maintain a beard and another is to have a good one. Whether its your Movember hair you like to hold longer stubble, a quality conditioner can make them look healthier and more attractive. For most people, beards grow naturally, so theres no secret to getting them except to let your facial hair grow long. however, they look very different for men, some of whom are neat and very attractive, while others are a total mess. The explanation behind this is the product selection and grooming. And when it comes to it, the most important product is a conditioner. Being one shouldnt be an issue with the many manufacturers and distributors. But if you want your beard to stand out, you need to buy the best, and the next are the top ones on the market right now.
Pros of this

All American Gentlemen Beard Salve Balm

Its a great experience to grow a beard, but youll only enjoy it if your beard looks attractive. Getting the right size is easy as you only need patience. But it is more challenging to make it look beautiful. Problems like split ends are just a few of the items for perfect facial hair to solve. Nonetheless, a brand like the All-American Gentlemen Beard Salve Balm is a must to make things easier for you. For a better and more appealing look, this lovely product strengthens and softens the facial hair. It is made of natural ingredients that have been tested and proved beneficial to the hair and have zero adverse effects to make things better.
What makes it special

because of the ingredients used, some men usually have a problem with certain types of beard balms. For instance, vegans dont like using any merchandise with traces of animal products. having been in business for long enough, the manufacturers of this conditioner have the experience of knowing what is suitable for most men. And so all men, including vegans, are programmed to use their balms. Even those with very sensitive skins or extra thin beards will still find it to their beard not only user-friendly but also helpful. The scent is another thing that makes it exceptional because youre hardly going to find anything that smells better than it, especially if its made from natural products like this balm. The unique scent is the creative mixture of lemon grass and mild tea tree. These two ingredients, apart from just smelling nice, also have other properties that will make your facial hair look amazing.

What makes this balm one of the best beard conditioners is that it was made with ingredients that can tame the largest and most messy beards. In addition to perfecting your hair, this product will help you to style it as you like. In fact, the Smooth Viking balm works much better than most products specifically manufactured to give some hold to the beard. Also, the natural ingredients used are essential to maintain good beard health and give you the freedom to wear whatever facial hairlength and volume you want.


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What Type of Beard Is It Best For

honest Amish can be used on any length, but like most types of conditioners, it works best for short beards or those whose hair just comes out as it helps to stop any scratching that may be caused by new hair growths. Taming wild rogue hairs is also very helpful. Nonetheless, you can make sure you use it on a regular basis to get the most out of this. Even if you have a fine form of beard, this product can still be used as it has no manmade chemicals or any other substance that is believed to have adverse side effects on the skin of the stubbleor.

The most important ingredient in this brand is what makes it special

Leatherwood bees wax, and it is also what makes it a unique product. It is a rare type of wax that is more effective in moisturizing the hair than pure oils as it works by locking in moisture and thus ensuring that the beard stays hydrated throughout the day. Other ingredients such as jojoba and olive oils and rosemary and essential oils combine well besides this wax to ensure that your beard remains strong and healthy regardless of size.

These are just a few of the best beard conditioners on the market at the moment. Many others still exist, but the best way to find one that works for your facial hair is to know what you want, whether its growth, discomfort reduction, or just something to give you a shine. Also, keep in mind that what works well for another man is not necessarily going to work for you, so trying out a few is not a bad idea.
Pros of this Conditioner

Mr. Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner

As a man, you no longer have to rely on sharp razors to make a statement as there are other ways to distinguish your beard. Although the blade is good to give it some nice shapes and trim, this is not always enough to make it look appealing to your whiskers. After the trimming and shaving, using the right beard conditioner like Mr. Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner is the best way to keep your facial hair look sharp and elegant. You never have to think about how the facelooks and things like itchiness and skin blemishes are going to be a thing of the past with such a conditioner.
The honest Amish is a product of skills that have been passed down from one generation to the next since beards were an important part of the Amish culture. high-quality ingredients used decades ago are still the same, but with new research on the best ways to maintain facial hair, they have been given a modern touch. What makes this conditioner unique is that it is easy to apply as it pours smoothly unlike others. All you have to do is rub on your fingertips and then apply the dry beard gently.
What makes it special

Its enough to make it a special balm because its made from a reputable company, but apart from that several things make it an exceptional product. Key among them is the fact that the end user has developed it. Not only will it cure your hair, it will also provide you with a lot of conveniences. Its made to be rubbed in and left to make your whiskers look thicker and stronger, you dont need to wash anything out. It also makes you feel good, because your beard is always beautiful.

Pros of this Conditioner

B.I.G Company Conditioner

Several influential firms are engaged in the manufacture and distribution of beard care products. And so most people arent expecting much from new entrants. however, the B.I.G company has proven that there is a lot to be offered by new entrants, and they can also make some of the best products. Although theyve been in operation for only a few years, their beard conditioner has been receiving more positive reviews than most others that have been around for many years. Their conditioner blends common ingredients to create a product that works, such as beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil extract, soybean wax and many other natural ingredients. While these ingredients can be found in many other products, they never work as claimed by the manufacturer because they are in small quantities or are not there. You never have to worry about not working with this conditioner as it is claimed because it has a money back guarantee of days.

This beard balm conditioner contains some unique products that provide you with a solution to all the common beard problems that men face. With this conditioner, one of the most remarkable things is that it also contains silicones. Such silicones are very useful to the hairs of the face as they provide heat defense that is the leading cause of breakage of the beard. The product is still perfectly safe to use on chemically treated or colored whiskers despite having these compounds. Another of Mr. Ruggeds characteristics is that it has a unique fragrance. Although the fragrance is synthetic, in the best beard conditioner, it is the best smell that most people will ever find. Even with the addition of the fragrance, however, it still maintains a 99. percent use of natural ingredients, as there is nothing other than the scent.

While all the other honest Amish conditioners have the ability to condition your beard and make it look exceptional, the heavy Duty has unique properties that will make things even better. Using this product youd be tempted to think its been developed with all the new ingredients because of the results you get, but the only significant difference from the other honest Amish balm is the increased consistency that gives it the heavy duty name. More consistency also means it can work on the wildest or messiest hairs on the face.